New Sports Bra Will Banish the Bounce

A new sports bra will be made available in October that claims to “eliminate the bounce” for women with larger chests, who are often on the look out for that very thing. The new sports bra comes from the British lingerie company Panache, who specializes in bras for cup sizes D and higher.

Finding an effective sports bra that keeps bouncing to a minimum can be very difficult. High impact exercise can be jarring and in some cases dangerous to the body if you are a woman working out without proper support.

Panache enlisted their head designer Clare Fallon to create a sports bra that encapsulates each breast separately, which creators say works as effectively as “two hands holding the breasts.” Available in sizes D through H, this new sports bra is said to reduce movement from every angle. During the research process, the amount of breast bounce was reduced by 83 percent in a model wearing a size 32E while working out on a treadmill.

You don’t have to wait until October to find a good supportive sports bra though. For those that may be looking for a good sports bra right away, there are some good options available. Two bras that have been tested and found effective when exercising are the CW-X Xtra Support Zip sports bra and the Champion 360-Degree Max Support bra. Both of these sports bras offer added support for women with larger chest sizes. You can get maximum coverage, comfort and most importantly you can stop worrying about hurting yourself when you’re working out. Ladies with large chests don’t have to avoid working out or certain activities because proper support is available.

Via DailyMail Online

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