Popchips Alternative to Fried Potato Chips

Potato chips are one of the most popular American snack foods. They come in more flavors and variations than one could ever dream. From the fried (which are totally unhealthy), to the baked versions (which can sometimes lack flavor), a new chip is on the block.

Popchips are made through the “popping” process of adding heat and pressure to keep only half the fat of fried potato chips. Not a bad start to making these chips easier on the waist line.

What really caught our attention when trying out these chips is the ingredient list. For their original flavor, there was no more than 10 ingredients listed, so we could totally see that there are no fake colors, flavors etc. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for the flavored varieties that definitely took on longer ingredient lists with such items as “natural flavors.”

For 120 calories per individual bag and 0 trans fat, this is certainly a snack that has made many improvements on the original potato chip. We will warn you that they do have relatively high sodium levels, so definitely beware of your daily sodium intake with other foods you eat throughout the day. That doesn’t seem to bother Ashton Kutcher, who on June 21st was named the companies’ “President of Pop Culture” and proclaimed that Popchips are his favorite snack. He was also recently in the news for starting a Master Cleanse with wife Demi Moore.

For more information on their flavors, nutritional info and where to find Popchips, you can visit their website here.

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