NEW PS1000 Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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What is it? 

PS1000 Program is a weight loss diet plan offering a liquid supplement alongside a 3 step system. This includes 21 days of maintenance and 90 days of limiting calories to a 1,000 a day limit.

The company claims that people have lost over 100 pounds when repeating these phases, and they offer a descriptive review to show the exact benefits.

The intended benefits of this plan are to burn fat without sacrificing energy and causing unwanted hunger. You’ll learn everything about PS1000 Program and see why it was a top rated diet plan in our full review. Their official website offers PS1000 Program at a great rate, click to access it.

PS1000 Program Ingredients and Side Effects 


Two different supplements are offered, though only Metabolic Burst is required. Energy Burst is not necessary, but it does add as a supplement to the diet. Here are the ingredients to both supplements:

Maca Glucomannan Beta-Alanine Glutamine Ornithine
Serine Glutamic Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate Rhodiola Arginine
African Mango Glycine Valine Tyrosine Methyl B12
Potassium Niacin Vitamin E Riboflavin Pantothenic Acid
Folic Acid Zinc Magnesium

Maca: An all-around useful herb that is rich in amino acids. This can help reduce stress, support cognition, and aid energy levels.

Glucomannan: Fiber source extracted from the konjac plant. It’s a thickener and it’s commonly used as a way to help suppress appetite and control blood sugar. This is especially useful for more satisfying meals, which can prevent the desire to eat more calories.

It can also be used to help support healthy digestion.

Glutamine: Amino acid that is created by the body. It’s claimed to help with endurance as well as being able to regulate blood sugar.  Athletes looking to preserve muscle and lose fat use Glutamine as a useful supplement.

Naturally glutamine will be reduced in the body during strenuous workouts, and it can also support the immune system. This is especially important when working out as the added strain can diminish the body’s recovery process.

Ornithine: Amino acid made by the body to help reduce ammonia. This than can improve workouts, and it may reduce fat and help build muscle.

Serine: Chemical that the body makes. It’s used to help promote many important functions in the body.

This can help regulate muscle mass and support the immune system.

Glutamic: This amino acid is naturally produced in the body. It’s essential for brain health and it can also support the nervous system.


Valine:  Known as a branch chain amino acid, this is one of three of the BCAA’s. Athletes may supplement with this as it can help provide direct energy to the muscles. It can also help support immune health, suppress appetite, aid a heathy stress response, and treat insomnia.

Tyrosine: An amino acid used by the brain to help send signals. It’s also beneficial for mental alertness and focus.

This can help with mental alertness, mood and overall health.

Methyl B12: An essential type of vitamin that is often lacking in vegan diets. This is important for mood, general health, and energy.

For a solid overview of PS1000 Program and to access it at an affordable rate, visit their official website featured here.

PS1000 Program Quality Of Ingredients

Pure Slim 1000

Many of these ingredients are especially important for anyone looking to implement a workout plan. There’s additional support for healthy recovery offered in many of these nutrients. People wanting to get rid of fatigue, increase energy, support cognition, and lose fat while building muscle can find a potential benefit here.

This supplement is meant to replace the benefits of foods while people significantly reduce calories. For people wanting to find the support needed to continue feeling good while dieting, this may be of great help.

The entire blend can be researched by examining 3rd party reviews, and it’s clear that their natural formula is wholesome. Often when losing weight it can become difficult to find the energy and willpower to continue dieting, and this brand was made to combat these difficulties.

On the official PS1000 Program website you can read the unique specifics on what makes this work for weight loss, and access it direct.

The Price and Quality of PS1000 Program 

There’s 3 different plans offered, the basic plan is 1 bottle and a program guide which sells for $109.  It claims to be effective at helping reduce from 10 to 20 pounds.

You also have to make sure to for at least 90 days to eat just 1,000 calories. It’s all fairly straightforward and it’s combined in this way to best optimize users diets. The integrated support with the added diet plan makes it easier for users to have comprehensive support. This can be then used to further enhance weight loss, as it relies on a diet the company has reviewed.

Unlike other low calorie diets which can be difficult to uphold, this version has the support from the supplement to keep energy high and appetite suppressed. The total price is very reasonable for the amount of support offered through the diet plan and the supplement itself.

For a direct link to the PS1000 Program official website, click on this link.

Business of PS1000 Program 

They are operated by Trust Safe Pay LLC, and their customer service contact information:

Phone Number: (866) 599-4240 

Address: 967 W. Parkcenter Blvd. # 361

Boise, Idaho 83706

Email: [email protected]

The company offers a full 180 day money back guarantee.

Their official website goes over what a traditional meal plan may look like, and they offer an informative overview on what’s to be expected. They’ve also gained consumer compare awards consecutively since 2024.

The full returns processed are clearly explained and they make it easy to contact them. Hours of operation are provided with customer support being offered Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, MST.

A useful tool is on their website where those interested in learning about how fast they can lose weight, can go ahead an input their data to learn about what may result.

Review their official website for a look at what PS1000 Program can offer for weight loss.

Customer Opinions of PS1000 Program 

Here are some reviews featured from their page:

“I’ve used it for just a few weeks and already I was able to lose some unwanted weight”

“Really had a much greater control over my appetite, I ate enough where I felt satisfied but without overdoing it”

“You’re really able to redevelop better eating habits, super effective for people who have struggled with their weight”

“In combination with exercise and the diet plan it’s really useful at providing the support I was looking for.

It’s clear that many who tried it found it incredibly effective for lasting weight loss. This was especially true in users that made sure to start dieting properly. There was a noticeable boost in mood, more energy, reduced hunger, and sudden weight loss.

People also said that they were able to learn how to eat just enough, without feeling bloated or as though they overate. This is particularly important for people who are obese and may eat far too much than what’s necessary for energy and health.

Users also commented on how it improved their exercise and diet:

“Was better able to hit the gym day in and day out, my workouts were far better”

“Didn’t feel fatigued as much after going hard in the gym”

“Never quite liked exercising hard, but with this I felt reenergized”

Overall there was a noticeable improvement in weight and total well-being according to customers.  

You can also read consumer testimonials on their official website, click here to redirect to the PS1000 Program site.

Conclusion – Does PS1000 Program Work?

This diet plan offers an optimized supplement which can make it easier to lose weight. It’s especially targeted for users who want to change their eating habits, and who have had trouble with dieting in the past. The blend of many important amino acids can also help provide the nourishment the body needs to support muscle growth, aid fat loss, boost cognition, and help with appetite control. There were many who said that it was more than enough for them to enjoy lasting weight loss results.

Unlike a fad diet that may require extreme dieting or odd food combinations, it relies on the simple idea of eating natural whole foods. Sensible suggestions are made such as avoiding alcohol, sugar, and processed carbohydrates. Instead it suggests eating a diet varied in quality protein, nutrient dense vegetables, and healthy fats.

Customers who are concerned with a crash diet that only serves to support short-term weight loss can benefit from this. It can help teach people how to develop more sensible eating habits, all while feeling satisfied with sustained energy. With added exercise it can also help the body recover quicker, while improving overall body health. It’s no doubt that this blend of a supplement and diet plan can help provide optimized support.

The best source to access PS1000 Program is through their official website where they offer it direct, click to see what it can offer.

5 Responses to NEW PS1000 Program Review

Tasha says:

I only missed the administration of PS 1000 a couple of times. Maybe its dosage plan is one that doesn’t forgive errors. All I know is that I have not noticed any major decrease in my weight. I have at least been very consistent with its usage in the last 3 weeks. Money wasted 🙁

James T says:

Worst experience ever! I did my best to follow through with the plan. Gave me severe heartburn and nausea. I initially couldn’t figure out why I was always having these headaches and fatigues; only to find out, weeks later, that I was reacting to one of its constituents. You should do your research properly before making any purchase.

Deborah L. Mitchell says:

I followed the program for 180 days and lost 33 pounds. I never had a problem with fatigue, hunger, headaches or GI upset. In fact, my energy increased and I felt fantastic! I did their weight loss challenge and received a check from the company for $200. This is a program that worked for me!

michael r says:

Best diet plan/lifestyle plan I’ve ever tried if you follow it TO THE LETTER it works I lost 60 lbs in 90 days one of the most important things is your water intake . If you are not losing weight you are doing it wrong! You will feel sick for awhile because your body is detoxing and getting used to not having refined sugars and junk put into it. It works if done properly.

Shari says:

I’ve been on the program for 7 days and have lost 7 lbs. it’s all about getting back to healthy eating. There is nothing magic about this. It’s all about mindset to stick to the phases and healthy eating.

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