Salma Hayek’s Bug Diet

In yet another edition of “almost too disgusting to be believed,” Salma Hayek has confirmed that she enjoys eating bugs. While appearing on an episode of the David Letterman Show, Hayek confesses that she often dines on ants, worms and grasshoppers. The Mexican native said, “…the eggs of these little ants, fried, are amazing, with a little guacamole. And the worms… there are many, many different recipes for these.”

Adding that worms, ant eggs and grasshoppers are excellent sources of protein, she continued, “The little grasshoppers, they have a smoky flavor to them. I think it’s the way they cook them, and it’s really good.”

Could this be the key to her slim figure? I think I’d rather have a protein shake. Or even a steak.

In general, Hayek doesn’t have a “diet,” instead, she watches what she eats and minds her portion sizes. In the past she’s been connected with Diet Designs meal delivery program.

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