San Francisco 49ers Offer the Most Vegan-Friendly Stadium Food

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Fans of the San Francisco 49ers won’t only have a brand-new stadium to visit, but will also experience a stadium menu unlike any other in sports. You’ll still find the pigskin on the field, but you won’t have to eat it from concessions.

“We are going to be the most vegan-friendly stadium in the entire sports industry,” manager of Centerplate, Zach Hensely, told the San Francisco Chronicle. With a statement like that, you really have to deliver, and that’s exactly what the stadium’s catering company has done.

Unlike some stadiums with an entire stand devoted to vegan or other specialized fare, the new home of the 49ers will have at least one vegan option at every permanent stand.

In total, Levi’s Stadium will offer more than 30 vegan options to football fans, including choices that sound more like a foodie’s dream than stadium food. Though the full vegan menu hasn’t been revealed, here are some of the most talked about options:

  • Vegan franks
  • Fresh herb and chili marinated olives
  • Pickled radishes
  • Piri piri lupini beans
  • Portobello mushrooms on steamed buns
  • BBQ jackfruit sandwiches

Vegan offerings are not the only differences to be found on the Levi’s Stadium menus. Fans will also find locally-grown and naturally-raised foods at the new stadium, and a wide variety of options.

Levi’s Stadium chef Ryan Stone told the ABC station KGO, “We have Asian foods. We have Indian food, Mexican, BBQ, sausages.” The stadium staples like traditional hot dogs will still be available, but even they have been upgraded.

“It’s antibiotic, hormone-free meats. It’s a natural casing. They’re actually hung and smoked which is something that’s unusual for a hot dog at a stadium,” Stone said.

San Francisco may be doing healthier stadium food the biggest, but they definitely weren’t the first. Back in 2024, Coors Field in Denver became the first stadium to have an entire stand devoted to gluten-free food.

vegan dogs

Other stadiums offer healthier alternatives so that health-conscious fans can enjoy the game without overindulging or putting their diets in harm’s way. Some foods to look for at your team’s stadium:

  • Pistachios instead of peanuts
  • Veggie burgers and dogs
  • Gluten-free buns
  • Low-fat soft serve
  • Gluten-free beer
  • Multi-grain breads
  • Fresh fruit
  • Organic salads
  • Chicken and vegetable wraps

With all the changes to stadium food, whether it’s the addition of a few healthier items or an entire menu overhaul, it seems the idea of eating healthfully no matter where you are is taking hold. People want good and good-for-them food, whether staying at home, dining in a restaurant, or down at the ‘ole ball game.

Image by: Paolo Lucchesi/The Chronicle

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