Tales of Things You Can’t Unsee at the Gym Locker Room

The gym locker room – a room segregated by gender for changing clothes and filled with lockers for storage and safe-keeping of personal belongings. Some may include amenities such as showers, saunas and bathroom stalls. This description might be similar to the one found in a gym’s membership booklet or even the dictionary. But in reality, a better use of words to describe the place would be creepy, embarrassing, awkward and sometimes horrific. In this installment of Tales from the FitCrypt, gossip is all about the OMG locker room horror stories.

On a normal day in the locker room, you’ll definitely see a few not-so-modest people walking around in nothing but their birthday suit (like you didn’t already know). What some of you, and I mean you ladies, might not know about is how men are using the hair dryers on their side of the locker room. It’s not for the hair on their heads if you couldn’t guess, but for drying the hair on their private parts. In order to make sure they’re getting the job done right, many will prop one leg up on the nearest bench, exposing everything they have to offer. While trying to dig up some locker room dirt, this story not only came up first but was also given to me by several sources. I now know what’s at the top of the men’s locker room complaints!

And then there was the day my boyfriend came home from the gym completely scarred from his incident in the sauna (another place common to wear your birthday suit). Apparently an older man decided to practice his yoga techniques in nothing but bare skin. Instead of isolating himself in the corner, he decided it was necessary to bend over and touch his toes right in front of Kyle…bottom to face.

Men aren’t the only ones practicing the naked stretch. DIR’s Lacy Jaye Hansen told me about a time she witnessed a naked woman performing stretches with legs propped up on the sink counter. If you were ever curious about the parts of a female’ss body, all questions were answered during this unique stretching session. Needless to say Lacy’s need for the counter top no longer existed.

Another friend of mine told me one of the most creepy stories of all…”One day after a workout I jumped into the showers for a quick rinse off. I was almost done when I felt like I was being watched. I looked up and saw a tall man creeping over the shower stall watching me,”  said Kevin Pham of Wichita, Kansas.

Will the no-clothes trend in the locker room ever fade out? Chances aren’t looking good. In my opinion, there’s a difference between minding your own business while changing clothes and just straight up making yourself at home. Respecting others and using proper gym etiquette shouldn’t only be used in the workout rooms but in the locker rooms as well.

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