The Mike Tyson Workout

mike tyson workoutSo, I was out and about last week and ran into Mike Tyson at one of the local Hollywood hangouts. I got to visit with him for a bit and did a little research as well. Below is an example of what Mike’s day typically looks like. He is very dedicated, loves to work hard, and enjoys living life as well.

The Mike Tyson Workout

  • 5 AM: 3 mile jog
  • 6 AM: Shower and back to bed
  • 10AM: Wake up and eat breakfast (oatmeal)
  • 12 PM: Ring work (10 rounds of sparring)
  • 2 PM: Eat (Steak or pasta)
  • 4 PM: 60 minutes on exercise bike
  • 5 PM: Exercise: 2000 sit-ups (abdominals), 600 dips (triceps), 500 press/push-ups (chest), 500 shrugs (trapezius)
  • 7 PM: Eat (Steak or chicken)
  • 8 PM: 30 minutes on exercise bike
  • 9 PM Watch television and bed time

Also see the Muhammad Ali workout.

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