Trader Joe’s Gets Juiced and Jumps on Board the Cold Pressed Juice Trend

trader joe juice

Trader Joe’s has always been a wonderful grocery option for people who like to eat healthy and eclectic foods. Quirky and honest, Trader Joe’s has always offered a quality range of new and exciting choices.

Recently, Trader Joe’s joined the pack of grocers and coffee stops offering green cold pressed juice. Cold pressed juice extracts juice from fruits and veggies by crushing the produce without using heat, causing the juice to be thicker with far more nutrients than regular juice. Green juice is growing in popularity because it is the easiest way to consume your servings of fresh produce every day.

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Trader Joe’s will carry a line of cold pressed juices that are the same colors as traffic lights.

  • The red juice contains beets, cucumber, apples, celery, and carrots.
  • The yellow juice contains apple, pineapple, yellow pepper, cucumber, lime, and mint.
  • The green juice contains kale, spinach, apple, lemon, and ginger.

The juice is simply called “Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Juice.”

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Cold pressed juices have certainly been all the rage lately. There have been numerous celebrities that we adore who have participated in cold juice cleanses and diets. Olivia Wilde and Blake Lively have tried the Gateway Cleanse, which focuses on ridding the body of impurities by drinking fresh pressed juice instead of meals. Sofia Vergara has tried the Reset Cleanse, which releases toxins and resets your body with juice that is vegetable and fruit focused. Salma Hayek has tested out the Cooler Cleanse, which is a 24-hour cleanse in which the participant consumes six cold-pressed juices throughout the day.

Though we love these celebrities, partaking in an all-juice diet requires as much research as it does caution. Research the cold-pressed juice diets and trends before you commit to a lifestyle. In the meantime, Trader Joe’s has you covered for some flavor options to complement your healthy diet!

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