Will Coffee Make Me Fat?

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Nowadays there seems to be a coffee shop on every street corner! That’s because coffee drinkers are everywhere and most of us need a little boost. For so many people, there’s nothing better than that morning wake-up call in the form of a piping hot cup of Joe.

That jolt of caffeine in a warm, tasty beverage often does the trick. But the problem is today’s cup of coffee is not actually a cup of coffee, it’s a 12-ounce White Chocolate Mocha or a 16-ounce blended frappuccino – both about 300 calories a pop!
These types of coffee drinks are where the excess calories sneak in. The full fat dairy, added sugar and syrups work against your weight-loss goals. They can even contribute to weight gain.

The good news is most coffee shops have lower-calorie variations of their popular drinks available. So, if you just can’t give up your favorite drink, I recommend the following:

  • Order the smallest size available to drop 80-100 calories.
  • Request nonfat milk over whole or reduced fat to knock off 50-80 calories.
  • Pass on the added sugar and syrup or request sweetener in its place.
  • No whip! (whipped cream, that is) This saves you 70 calories.

And let’s not forget how much better an actual cup of coffee is. A regular eight-ounce cup of coffee has only five calories! Not bad at all in terms of calorie consumption.

Calories are important in terms of weight management for sure, but we also need to be aware of caffeine intake. Caffeine is a stimulant that can keep you alert and prevent fatigue, which is mainly why people drink it, right? For those of you who are not coffee drinkers, caffeine occurs naturally in all tea (including green tea) and is added to some soda, bottled drinks and over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin (read the labels).

Caffeine is a diuretic and excessive amounts are known to cause insomnia, irritability and may increase your blood pressure. Therefore, as hard as it may be, try to limit your coffee, tea and caffeinated-soft drink consumption to two cups daily. Or try this simple trick: a cup of half and half (half caf, half de-caf)!

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