4 Good Reasons to Have Sex Tonight

By Team Best Life

Too busy to get busy? There are some pretty impressive health benefits associated with regular rolls in the hay that make it well worth incorporating sex into your life as frequently as possible. It turns out, getting lucky can help you get healthy! We’ll explain how.

couple sex

It’s heart-healthy. A Scottish study found that couples who had sex more often over a two-week period did their heart a favor by lowering blood-pressure levels. Blood pressure was monitored during stressful situations, and those who got it on regularly showed their heart didn’t have to work extra hard to move blood around their bodies.

It’s a stress-buster. When your brain registers that you’re having an orgasm, it releases the hormone oxytocin (also called the “love hormone”), which has been shown to have a role in reducing stress. And even just physical contact, without doing the actual deed, provides benefits; A study out of Northwestern University showed that couples who kiss and hug are far less tense and have more elevated moods than those who don’t.

It staves off disease. Although it’s unclear why, studies show that for men, regular ejaculations (more than twice weekly) help lower the risk of developing prostate cancer. Also, immunoglobin, an antibody that helps fight infection, is present in higher levels in people who have sex more than once a week.

It improves your mood. When it comes to married couples, the most common disagreements are over sex and money. Well, the National Bureau of Economic Research has found that having regular sex (say, four times per month) makes couples as happy as bumping their annual income $50,000. Now that’s a reason to get busy!

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