5 Healthy After-School Snacks for Your Kids

By Kiera S. Campbell, author of “Yummy Healthy Tummy”

You finished survived your back-to-school shopping for your kids. Now that they’re completely school-bound, why not plan on nutritious and easy-to-make snacks when they get home from school?

The temptation to serve packaged snacks can be overpowering when your youngsters beg for sugary treats with their pleading eyes, but do not succumb. Here are five healthy after-school snacks that your kids will love.

Frozen Bananas. No kid can resist the sight of a Popsicle-skewered frozen banana (pre-rolled in yogurt and rice cereal or any crunchy cereal). Have these awesome treats ready for your tot to satisfy his sweet tooth. The idea of sweet treats at the end of his kiddie-sized version of a “grueling school day” may look appealing to him. Serve frozen bananas instead of the traditional processed chocolate chip cookies.

Also Try: One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

Peanut Butter. This protein-rich and yummy spread can be served on a sandwich with thin slices of ripe banana. Peanut butter is high in fiber, so it is filling enough to tide your kid over until dinner time.

Also Try: Fresh Strawberry and PB Sandwich

Yogurt and Fruit Treats. In lieu of ice cream, you can hastily scramble yogurt in a cup and top it off with fruit. Have frozen blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries handy as they make delicious and colorful toppers for your kid’s yogurt-and-fruit after-school snack.

Also Try: Fruit Kabobs with Yogurt Dip

Nuts, Ready-to-Eat Cereal, and Seeds. Kids love finger foods, and dipping their hands in a bowl of a crunchy mix of seeds, nuts, and dried cereal sounds like a party. Peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and rice cereal sound heavenly when eaten right off the bowl.

Also Try: Sweet and Nutty Trail Mix

Good Old Fruit. You’ve heard it time and time again that fruit makes a healthy snack and pre-dinner appetizer. It still does, no matter what era we’re in. Any type of fruit – an apple, a banana, a bowl of strawberries, etc. – is convenient to snack on. Plus, there’s no cooking required.

Also Try:

Melon Ball Soup

Monk Fruit in the Raw

No Bake Cookie Chia Bars


Kiera S. Campbell is the author of “Yummy Healthy Tummy: The Secrets of Raising Healthy Kids Every Parent Needs to Know!” To read more about raising healthy kids and preparing nutritious meals for them, visit KidsFoodSecrets.com. To check out Kiera S. Campbell’s book go to HealthyYummyTummy.com.

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