6 Booty Lifting Yoga Poses to Get a Kim Kardashian Butt

Kim Kardashian yoga

Although the butt of many jokes, Kim Kardashian’s booty is something many women would love to have. The obsession with having a bigger back end in this country isn’t really new. However, it may be new to think that you could get that Kardashian rump from yoga. Yes, that’s right, there are select yoga poses that concentrate on the glutes and will have you well on your way to a rounder derriere.

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Add these six poses to your regular yoga routine to define and shape your own booty.

Chair Pose (utkatasna) – Although you should mostly feel this in your thighs, your booty should be doing a great deal of the work. This is another secret pose that quickly tones your legs, thus giving you a more shapely appearance. Remember to keep your pelvic bone tucked.

Bridge Pose ( setu bandha sarvangasana) – This will surely fire up your glutes, as well as provide more toning for the hamstrings. Try adding a block in between your knees for better alignment and an increased squeeze!

Locust Pose (salabhasana) – An isometric hold from your hips all the way to the toes. Use your glutes to lift your whole lower half. Try to hold it for about 30 seconds and then release.

Three Legged Dog — Lifting one leg straight up at a time will allow you to isolate to get the firmness you’re looking for. No need to focus on how high the leg is going, just try to keep it straight as you lift it.

Forward Fold (uttanasana) — Seemingly not focused on your rear, this pose has been proven to help reduce the development of stretch marks. You may need to bend your knees slightly to keep your back flat.

BONUS: Yogi Squat (malasana) — A great stretch to give you a little relief in all the areas you just worked. Stretching helps you avoid injury and allows muscle growth.

These are just a few options to get you going. Keep in mind there are all sorts of ways to enhance your yoga practice, no matter what your end goal may be. For some poses, you can even try adding a small dumbbell. Do not fear weights. Just remember, muscle and fat can’t be in the same place. I can guarantee that Kim K’s booty came along with the help of a little strength training.

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