6 Ways to Stay Healthy at the Airport

airplaneI thought travel season was pretty much over, now that school is back in session, but as we drove behind school buses on our way to the airport this morning, the friend who is driving my car home said that he was taking three other friends to the airport this week. My friends that travel for business seem to be booked for weeks. Even those with children in school have Labor Day weekend, fall break, and Thanksgiving for which they can plan. As I write this from above 10,000 feet, I thought it would be a great time to share some healthy airline travel tips.

  • Walk instead of taking the moving sidewalk. Or for a really great workout, cut your time short and sprint to your gate with all your luggage. Trust me, that is a workout!
  • Pack your own healthy snacks and pass on the salted peanuts and spiced cookies. A small baggie of trail mix can easily fit in a carry on. The airline will provide water (or coffee if you had to get up as early as I did). Do not give in to the bright colors and temptations of McDonald’s, Cinnabon, or Starbucks at every gate.
  • Avoid a stiff neck by lightly stretching and maintaining good posture. The better you feel, the more likely you are to make healthy choices. Move around as much as you can without disturbing your neighbors.
  • Even while seated, you can work your muscles by flexing or doing light exercises. Belly dancing can provide many abdominal exercises that can be done under the discretion of a comfortable shirt. It’s also a good time to lightly work your glutes.
  • Use the time in flight for some healthy reading and writing. Catch up on podcasts by Jillian Michaels or your favorite health expert. Read a new motivational or diet book, or learn more about the food industry.
  • If you have a layover, utilize the time to walk through the concourses or do light exercises. Many airports have interesting sights and shopping; all have interesting people to watch. You can read your paper when you are stuck in your seat.

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