A Look Inside Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison with CEO Peggy Crawford

It’s been more than a year since Kirstie Alley unveiled the pet project she’d been secretly working on in the years since leaving Jenny Craig. She’d eluded several times during interviews that she was working on her own weight loss program, but never gave much detail beyond that. Then, in early 2024, Kirstie announced her new brand, Organic Liaison, was finally born, thanks to a lot of hard work with a team of scientists she partnered with. It was meant to “escort you into the world of organic weight loss,” according to Kirstie in a video on the brand’s site about the first USDA organic-certified supplement program.

We recently spoke with Peggy Crawford, CEO for Organic Liaison, to learn more about the brand, Kirstie’s actual involvement (as well as her weight), and the roles organic ingredients and fitness play in helping its customers lose weight.

What is Kirstie’s involvement in the company? Is she an investor and face, or an active participant in the day-to-day?

Kirstie worked with scientists and doctors to formulate the products for the company. She also has been intimately involved in all other aspects of the creation of Organic Liaison. She is definitely actively involved in it daily and loves to interact with Organic Liaison members as well.

Can you tell us how much weight Kirstie has lost related to Organic Liaison?

Kirstie lost 60 pounds prior to doing Dancing With the Stars. She continued on Organic Liaison during DWTS, which gave her the energy to compete. Since that time she’s lost an additional 30 pounds, reaching a total of 90 pounds lost now. The additional intensive dancing regime definitely made her program move faster but she attributes her weight loss success to Organic Liaison. (See for yourself in Kirstie’s recent David Letterman appearance.)

How much weight can an average user expect to safely lose per week or in a month?

This varies dramatically on age, weight and gender. It is generally regarded safe to lose 2-3 pounds/week though at the beginning of a diet, many people lose more quickly.

There is quite a bit of confusion for consumers regarding the organic product argument. These ingredients are of higher quality because they’re organic, but just being organic doesn’t contribute to weight loss. What are these higher quality ingredients, how does OL source quality organic ingredients, and how do these make a difference compared to other supplements?

It is not only the organic component that makes the Organic Liaison products so superior, though the process of USDA organic certification does require a very high level of quality. The products are a formulation of very high quality nutrients that the body needs in order to operate in an optimal manner.

Cravings and unusual hunger are actually caused by nutrient deficiencies. Unfortunately, you often end up craving things that are not full of the nutrients you are lacking because your body is looking for a “quick fix” and driving you to want them. When your body has the nutrients it needs, it isn’t screaming at you to “shove that doughnut in your mouth right this minute” because it doesn’t need it.

The nutrients in Rescue Me are designed to solve some of the major deficiencies that cause cravings. In addition, the fiber helps you feel full longer, making it easier to cut your calories. The other nutrients in Organic Liaison assist other parts of the body so that you feel full of energy while also being able to easily relax and get a good night’s sleep. We also have products that assist in the body’s elimination process as well as products that assist to boost your metabolism.

All of our products are made with the finest natural and organic ingredients in formulations that are easily absorbed. Absorption is key in taking nutrients as they need to be in a form that your body will actually use, which means they need to be in as natural a state as possible as that is how the body was made–to consume real food to provide the nutrients it needs.

Eating organic food is more about what you’re not taking in than what you are, though there are also many studies that show that organic food has a higher nutrient density than conventional food. It has been shown that the pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics that are in a lot of conventional foods can contribute to many health issues, including obesity. We encourage people to eat organic as much as possible to avoid the effects of those things.

In order to actually lose weight a person must consume less than he/she burns. This is the basic of any real weight loss program. Any program that says otherwise isn’t really telling the truth. You can either reduce your consumption to lose weight or increase the amount of calories you burn by increasing exercise. The Organic Liaison program shows you how to do this in the most efficient method possible, tailored specifically to you, while improving your overall health and well being. We also teach you exactly how to take care of your body so that you can maintain it in an optimal way for the rest of your life.

What does the fitness component for OL look like? It doesn’t seem to be as strong a component as the supplement/diet part of the program.

Fitness is definitely an important component for Organic Liaison. We believe it is important that the fitness aspect be something you enjoy. If you are forcing yourself to do something you don’t like, it isn’t likely you will keep it up for long. At Organic Liaison, we not only want you to enjoy your food, we want you to enjoy your exercise. This is why on our program we give many different ways to add that “moving” component to your life so that you can choose one, or many, that you enjoy.

We also have tools that show you exactly how many calories you are burning with each of these activities, so that you know how to keep track. Kirstie loves to dance and has chosen that method as her way to keep her body fit. Other members have found their personal favorites as well. It is definitely true that moving your body every day is vital to long term health and fitness.

Any program or product changes in the works that our readers can look forward to seeing?

There are several new products in the works. We spend a long time on Research and Discovery to bring you the best possible nutrients, so look out for those, there’s some very exciting things on the horizon. We are also bringing in some new food items that are both delicious and nutritious. And very soon you’ll see our Organic Liaison App so that the unique tools we have created for our members on our website can be accessed anywhere!


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