Anna Wright: Biggest Loser 10 Contestant

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Biggest Loser 10 ContestantAge 39

Hometown Atlanta, GA

Occupation Administrative assistant

Starting Weight 330

Final Weight 221

Total Loss -109 / 33.03 %

Mini Bio

Originally hailing from Detroit, Anna Wright is a professional song writer, whose tunes have been sung by the likes of Ginuwine, Toni Braxton and Dru Hill. Now living in Atlanta, she’s a mother and also works as an administrative assistant. Anna’s weight gain started after the devastating losses of her 3-year-old son, followed by the death of her father. She tried to cope by eating, but now she’s ready to turn that unhealthy habit around.

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Other Spellings

Ana, Anne, Ann, Right

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Barbara says:

Anna what a pleasuare to meet you today. I read about you a little on the internet today. I knew I would meet someone today that would make my day I had the flu for 13days not to mention had to have my gladdbladder removed two days before christmas even not mention that I have been diagnostics with a cancer called Multiple Myloma maybe I can share this with you over lunch and other plans I have with United Way in regards to my diagnostics
Again great meeting you today

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