Biggest Loser 6: Adam Capers

Adam Capers is on the green team with his wife, Stacey Capers, on Biggest Loser: Families.

Eliminated Week One: Catch the Interview

adam capers

Age 39

Hometown Gainesville, VA

Occupation Contracts Manager

Biggest Loser: Families teammate Stacey Capers, Wife

Team Color Green

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 340

Final Loss 260

Total Loss -80

Percent Lost 23.53


  • “[The married couples] have the advantage because you don’t pick family, you pick soul mates.” – Week 1


  • Goal is to be 220 pounds at the finale

Other spellings: Adam, Atam, Adim, Adan, Caper, Kaper, Caperr, Casper

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