Biggest Loser 6: Michelle Aguilar

UPDATED: Watch now – interview with the BIGGEST LOSER WINNER Michelle Aguilar at the Biggset Loser Season 6 Finale.

Michelle Aguilar is the daughter-half of the Pink team, with mother Renee Wilson, in Biggest Loser: Families.


michelle aguilar

Age 26

Hometown Ft. Worth, TX

Occupation Assistant Director

Biggest Loser: Families teammate Renee Wilson, Mother

Team Color Pink / Black

Trainer Jillian Michaels

Starting Weight 242

Final Weight 132

Total Loss -110

Percent Lost 45.45


  • Estranged from mother/teammate for six years prior to Biggest Loser
  • During health screening, found her real age is 26; health age is 41
  • Considered leaving game voluntarily week 5, decided to stay
  • Biggest Loser of the Week, week 5
  • Finalist!


  • “When we all just surrender to what it is we’re supposed to do, I think life happens around you and you have to go with it.” – Week 5


Other spellings: Michele, Mishelle, Micheal, Michel, Mashel, Mishel, Aguliar, Aguar, Aguillar, Aguillara, Aguear

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Congratulations Michelle, you are truly an inspiration to so many, as for all you β€œBiggest Loser” viewers be sure to tune in to Season 7 on January 6.

Listen to our Interview with Michelle Aguilar Biggest Loser Season 6 Winner below:

Check back tomorrow for our exclusive video interviews with all of the biggest loser contestants!

83 Responses to Biggest Loser 6: Michelle Aguilar

webgoddess says:

I hope that Michelle, Colleen, and Amy C end up being in the finals. I’d love to see the “Charlie’s Angels” making it to the end.

B-cute says:

I think Michelle has such a good attitude. I wish her all the luck & weight loss success. πŸ™‚

Lisa says:

I love Michelle! I’m so happy she wasn’t voted off!!! Go Michelle!!! You are such an inspiration!

Rik says:

Even before losing the weight, she is so beautiful.. She is amazing and i bet she will be even better person. I wish i knew her. She is an inspiration for anyone. I hope she wins!!

Bill says:


Way to go! I am pulling for you. I am very proud to be a friend. You need to get rid of Vicky.

JDUB says:

She was cute even BEFORE she lost the weight, so good for her! (So was her mom).

SS says:

Does anyone know what her nationality is?

emily says:

i love michelle. she is actually so pretty and i hope she wins the title. GO MICHELLE

Rik says:

I am watching the show now.. and hope she does not end up in the bottom.. she deserves to be there. Vicky is bad.. and heck, bad should not win the show. What would that show? Why not have a good person win? Michelle, Renee and Amy are the only good hearted people left.

K-C-B says:

Going to venture a “wild” guess here and say AMERICAN. Then again, why does it even matter??

Reba says:

you are right she is a beautiful young lady her mother is beautiful to i hope they continue to win i cant stand heba and vicky GO MICHELLE and RENEE

S. says:

At this point in the show/game I hope Michelle or Renee wins. They have such a good and positive attitude. It is inspiring. If Both of them are out then I think the show is not worth watching anymore. They are the positive contrast. If they are out then the show will lack balance.


I love you MIchelle< I hope you win;)


I love you Michell! Will you marry me? Pretty please!)

Denise says:

I would say that Michelle is Hispanic only becauseo f her last name “Aguilar”…

She is such an inspiration!!! Way to go Michelle!!! We are wishing you the best here in Dallas!!! :o)

Rebecca says:

Go Michelle I am behind you all the way. I am praying that a positive attitude and strong heart will win, not the greedy nastiness of the others. Good luck and God Bless

Bubba says:

We’re rooting for you, Michelle. Let’s see you win the big prize. You’ve done a great job, and win or lose the money, you’re a winner all the way. You seem to be such a wonderful young woman; God bless you.

proud to be canadian says:





Helen says:

I hope now that Michele is in the final group that she will be the winner. Vicky has been a royal pain in the butt and I certainly hope she isnt the biggest loser. Heba has done some better but she wasnt a very good team member either. Vicky and Heba seem to forget that they were all there to lose weight and support each other. Winning is the ultimate goal but making friends is far more important. Go Michele!

Jumpbk says:

My vote is Michelle to be the big winner and Coleen the winner from the ones that were voted off. Vicky is bad to the bone and Heba is right behind her. What a wimp Heba’s husband is…she defintely wears the pants in the family. Renee was real sweet and Amy was adorable. I hope she does well too. We’re proud of all of you …. you all winners.

Rik says:

YES!!! michelle blew them away at the weigh in!!!! She should win!!!!

Becky says:

Michelle, you are such an amazing woman! You will be such a good role model for all women especially young women. You have so much heart and class!! I am hoping you kick vicky’s !!! You and your Mom are real and amazing women. You went through a lot with your mom and you both rised above your issues and look how far you have come. You and your Mom are the one reason I continued watching biggest loser. Keep up the good work!! I hope you win!! There are soo many people that are rooting for you! I can’t wait to see you beat that nasty woman Vicky.

Rik says:

Hey i did not realize she was from here in dallas!!! Maybe that’s why i think she’s so wonderful. Nah.. its cause she just is wonderful.

TC says:

I hope she blows them all out of the water and walks away with the grand prize! She is a breath of fresh air.

Not understanding says:

Michelle – even this blog is a breath of fresh air. I hope you win!

michele says:

Watching tonight’s episode (but I have it recorded, so I’m not far into the show yet). I’m cheering for Michelle — she *deserves* to win. As for the others…well, I hope they get what they deserve. πŸ˜‰

formerfan says:

Michelle, I’m continuing to watch the show ONLY because you are still on. It’s bad enough that the finalists are also Vicky and probably Ed, but at least it’s not all three of them.You have played “the game” honorably, but that’s probably because your focus was on bettering yourself, not beating someone else up like the bullies Heba and Vicky have done.

Cynthia says:

Go, Michelle! Hated that your mom got sent home by those meanies! That Vickie is the worst! Talk about mean and spiteful! You look great, Michelle and hope you take it all. You deserve it!

Smcguire says:

YES!!!! Michelle you HAVE to win this!!!! Biggest Loser just could not be a good show anymore if any of those “evil” people win!

Alicia says:

Yes Michelle you and Renee “MUST” win. You must win the Biggest Loser and Renee must take home the additional prize. Renee and you were a great team. What I liked was you were people of integrity, which will take you far in life. I am praying for you both. Michelle I am so proud of your accomplishments at the camp. Continue to allow your relationship with your mother to grow and flourish and you will be blessed. Let no one stand in the way of your relationship with your mother, you are so much like her. She is a fighter and so are you. I tried not to say this but I must, I did not want Heba or Ed in the finals but since they are I chose Ed, I don’t think he can do it. I think they are two of the worst people that I have ever seen on TV; Amy is/was just as bad. Now they are at the β€œMERCY” of the people. Last night it was so funny when Heba said that if you fall below the yellow line they are going to vote you off. They did not get the chance and you were the biggest loser. As I watch the show I wondered what you would do, would you have sent Heba or Ed home. Once again continue the fight and you and Renee are in my prayers.
Be Blessed my Sisters.

dayna says:

Great job, Michelle! I am rooting for you all the way! Kick some blue team butt!

alysia says:

michelle win too

Jodele says:

Michelle Please Please Please win!!!!America is behind you all the way!!!!My one question is this.How did you put up with all of the other mean players when you seem so nice!???Go Michelle!!!!WIN!

LINDA says:

Michelle you and your mom are truly amazing. I hope you win it all Michelle, you deserve it.

Vickie is the worst, I hope she reads all her negative emails and changes. But I doubt it, she thinks she is this wonderful person, NOT.

susan says:

Hi to everyone who lives near Michelle. I’m jealous because I live in the same town as Icky Vicky. We were excited to have someone from here be on the show but those feelings have changed significantly over the course of the show. She has some supporters who defend her but her behavior speaks for itself. We are behind Michelle 100% and even if she doesn’t win the big money, she has won American. Money gets spent and weight gets gained back but Michelle and her Mom have made a lasting impression on all of us. I did see Vicky one week ago walking on crutches. She is slimmer than last night’s show. But I’m praying that Michelle is doing her best (as always) and will blow all of them out of the water.

TC says:

Susan … I was wondering what kind of support Vicky was getting from her home town. People have posted here that she is quite nice and it was the editing that made her look bad. I felt editing or not, the words came out of HER mouth, not the producers. And it was HER body language, facial expressions and actions that turned a lot of people off. The blue team turned me off and I wanted to see Michelle, and her Mom, go to the finals. I’m so happy for Michelle.

bigloserfaninla says:

I am pulling for Michelle to win the big prize. She was the model of good sportsmanship, grace and respect. SHE deserves this win, not the two bratty, whiny, manipulative, mean-spirited witches who tormented everyone at the ranch and tortured the viewers with their game playing and hate. It sickens me that Heba and Vicki made it this far and not someone more deserving like Renee, or Amy C.

GO MICHELLE!!! You’re our Biggest Loser!!!

CC says:


I am SO HAPPY you are in the finals. You are my #1 pick. Your Mom looks great as well. I am so extremely happy we got to see your story this season. I love your dedication and perserveance to all the challenges. You Go Get Em Girl. Make America proud cause we are CHEERING for YOU. I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE ALL YOU’VE ACCOMPLISHED. What an impression you made on all of us watching. Bless you…..You Deserve The Title this SEASON. So many knowing you can do this!!! Our prayers are with you!

Anthony says:

Michelle, I watched the season and by far you are the #1 pick. You look great. So many people will achieve because of your presence on the show. Thanks again for being a champ. We’ll all pulling for you to win this one!

Anthony says:

Look at YOU πŸ˜‰ GREAT job this season! YOU’RE OUR PICK FOR WINNING THE CHALLENGE OF BIGGEST LOSER. Keep up the hard work, can’t wait to see you walk on that stage and pick up your reward. CHEERING FOR YOU IN TEXAS.

I am so rooting for Michelle! Shes smoking hot, gorgeous, determined, beautiful, smart and has integrity and shes also a TEXAN TOO! Which doesnt hurt!
I know she can win this and there is no doubt in my mind that she will! She DESERVES IT BIG TIME! Dont let Vicky or Heba or that guy take it, they dont really deserve it like you do Michelle!
Cant wait till the finale!
This is the best year for the Biggest Looser without Michelle and Renee, it wouldnt be as good as it was! Im so proud of them both!
Hugs! Dixie Dobbins and the rest of the great Lone Star State of Texas!

webgoddess says:

I’m rooting for you Michelle. I want you to win the $250k…you deserve it!

Thanks so much for reconsidering your stay on the ranch and not leaving voluntarily due to the stress. Look at you now; you’re in the finals! You have a real shot of winning this thing!

Remember YOU are worth it! Divorce can be messy and sucks but it is not the end…my mom divorced my dad and married my ex-boyfriend and so I feel your pain, I really do…at least your mom really loves you and believes in you…the emotions of the past can be overcome and you are proving it…you’re such an inspiration and you deserve to win!

<3 Michelle, you go girl!

CG says:

I am so praying for Michelle to come away the biggest loser this season but she already is in my eyes! She has come so far in her health and healing.
She is so beautiful!
Going through a divorce with three daughters of my own I know it is hard and most of the time our children get the worse end of it. And weight was the one thing and still is sometimes the only thing I think I have control of and that is not always a good thing.
I pray that this time with your mom will heal and start a new beginning for you both you both deserve it!
Hope to see you both when you get back to Texas.
Good Luck and God bless you,
Fellow Texan..
Princeton, Texas

AlohaState says:

Michelle & Renee has been my fave from the start. If Michelle doesn’t win BL she is still a winner to me. Michelle has showed PONO (righteous,goodness,proper) and HA’AHA’A (humility, humbleness,modesty). It touched me to be able to watch a mother & daughter reconnect and share an awesome life changing journey together. Go PINK!

kim saylor says:

michelle i like you win biggest loser . help los er weight kim

Rik says:

she won
she deserves it..
sooooo much..

Mitch (NY) says:

DYN-O-MITE. Thats the way to show’em. You did a marvelous job….an inspiriation to all! Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

kayone says:

Heba looked so shocked, why did america vote for her husband not her, ummmm just a guess but maybe when you had about 8 episodes showing what a witch you were to other contestants…. that may be it…

Duke says:

Michelle won !!! And she did it without going overboard. She always was a beauty, but good God, now she looks like a Goddess.

Congrats on the victory. I wish I had your strength Michelle.

vicki says:

yea!! she won? michelle cool im so happy………not even a game player she was sincere wonderful yippie!!

Brenna says:

What an amazing night – Michelle proves that you can be competitive without being obnoxious!! She will be a great role model for those who follow her!!

cathy says:

go Michelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous says:

I’m so pleased that Michelle Aguilar won. She is my favorite. she deserved it. My prayers were for her and her mother. They are beautifulll πŸ™‚

uca says:

Michelle you did it!!! I’m so pleased, you deserved it. You and your mom are my favorite. My prayers were for you and your mom. You both are BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT!!!

Julie says:

wooohooo! Congratulations Michelle! you are such an inspiration and a sweet person. I am so glad you won!! i was rooting for you and your mom since the beginning

charles says:

am so very glad you won michelle you very much deserved it and am pray that you and your mother will stay close

Julie says:

whoever goes on the biggest loser should hope to get the pink shirt. Pink winners two seasons in a row!!

Jude says:

I’m very proud Michelle Aguilar took the stand. It was a relief after the weigh in. she beat Ed. I just love Michelle & Renee’s attitude ever since the start of the game. They are humble person which really inspire me to continue watching the show. Now show is over
Michelle keep up the good work and attitude you showed to the people. A lot of the people were happy to see you won this Biggest Loser title.I’m one of them.

So for the next contestants attitude is the best just do your thing and focus not to get viewers annoyed. yes, its a competition but its better to do in a good attitude.

Judy says:



Judy says:

CONGRATULATIONS MICHELLE!!!!! I was cheering for you ever since I started to watch this session. I don’t usually watch it, but I thought the blue team were so rude in a lot of this, and you seemed to keep your determination going. You are one beautiful person on the inside and out and it so nice to see you reconnect with your mother as I think she is a beautiful person also. All the best and keep going!!!!!!

Benny says:

you are amazing! I thought you were beautiful at the beginning. Words don’t even describe how amazing you were at the finale. I loved watching this season of the Biggest Loser even more because I got to see you each week. Your eyes and that smile melt my heart each and every time I see them. Even though I have never met you, I am so proud of you for your accomplishment.

sister osb says:

You were such a good sport thru all this. Vicki amd Ed and Heba were downright vindictive and they would have never won with their type of language and backstabbing! At any rate, we were cheering and praying for you!! you go girl!!!

Best wishes to you and your family.


Lily says:

Congratulations, Michelle! I was thrilled that you won. You look marvelous. Your smile has just gotten bigger and bigger during the season. I admire your good sportsmanship and your refusal to get down in the mud with the others. Your poise and composure are great assets. I hope you enjoy the money, too. Buy your mother an extra purse.

Rosie says:

Michelle, Congradulations! You might be the Biggest Loser WINNER! But I think that you are the Biggest Winner! You are the only one of the four finalists that worked out your inner issues and now I believe you can go through the rest of your life a “WINNER”! Honey, you are model material, I said that to my husband the first night of this season. You are a truly beautiful person inside and out. “MICHELLE IS THE WINNER”

Craig says:

You are a beautiful lady. Your smile could light up the world. I am so proud of you!!

dean says:

michelle,congratulations. you did such a fantastic job, i as well as everyone watching the show are so very proud of you. first of all,you were beautiful regardless of the weight loss. now your body and soul and that beautiful smile that could light a room are one. you can tell that you are just absolutely radiant. whomever this boyfriend is he is a lucky lucky guy. God bless you and your family and again congrats gorgeous!!!!! i too live in texas and i would drive to fort worth from duncanville to meet you. i think that you are amazing,only from what i have seen of you and your personallity on the biggest loser,but i would give anything to be with a spectacular woman like you. driven, passionate,heartful,and absolutely beautiful inside and out. congratulations on rebuilding your relationshhip with your mother also,that in itself is a blessing…..if God willing there is a chance there is someone in texas that is waiting. money shmoney who cares,i never knew that you existed until i saw you when the show started. some things in life you just gotta do,this is mine….GOD bless and have a Merry Christmas, love ya…..pas, d-.

michele says:

Congratulations Michelle!!! I am ecstatic that you won! You definitely got what you deserved!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Best wishes to you, your mom, your dad, and the rest of your family and friends. Sincerity, kindness and, of course, hard work, paid off — you look absolutely radiant! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Thank you for being YOU! πŸ™‚

Yolis/Houston says:

OMG!!! U did it! Congrats! U look so Beautiful!! i want to be just like u!!!

Ray says:

Michelle..any man would be honered to be with you…you have great…and your beautiful..I hope your future is filled with smiles…luv ya

Maria says:

Congrats! We are were praying for you and your mother, I’ve watched you lose weight week by week. You look amazing, my daughters and I watched you faithfully from the begining and words can’t express when we saw you win it was like the men watching super bowl we jumped and shouted and we hi-fived one another!
Good Job, You are my inspration and I want to lose weight NOW!

dudeness says:

did she said she is black?

Anonymous says:


Army ParaTrooper says:

I have to admit that I have a crush on Michelle ever since the season started I fell for her..She is a beautiful and amazing soul..

Bob Cloud says:

I must confess that I didn’t watch the show. I didn’t even realize that anybody had won it until I saw your photo on my homepage. Now I a desperately trying to figure out how we could meet. Oh well. I guess it’s just one more fantasy that I’ll have to swallow and forget. All I can say is you sure are beautiful. Congratulations!!

Bob Cloud

Vicki D. says:

Michelle, I am so glad that you won. You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.

Kel says:

I always get mistaken for this Michelle girl, hope my weightloss goes just as well as hers

kim saylor says:

michelle help weight kim

kim saylor says:

i lose 9 pond kim

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