Biggest Loser 6: Phillip Parham

Phillip Parham and his wife, Amy Parham, make up the husband-and-wife red team on Biggest Loser: Families.

Eliminated Week 7 – Hear the Interview

Phil’s and Amy’s Finale Interview

phillip parham

Age 41

Hometown Greer, SC

Occupation Real Estate Agent

Biggest Loser: Families teammate Amy Parham, Wife

Team Color Red / Black

Trainer Jillian Michaels

Starting Weight 331

Final Weight 180

Total Loss -151

Percent Lost 45.62


  • He and wife Amy split to separate teams during week 5. He is now on Jillian’s black team.


  • “I saw her pushing 450 pounds with her legs. She was making sounds I haven’t heard since she was giving birth to our children.” – about wife Amy, Week 6
  • “The next time you see me, I’ll be so hot you won’t care I don’t have any hair.” – after elimination, Week 7


Other spellings: Philip, Phillipp, Phil, Fillip, Parham, Param, Paham, Parrham

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21 Responses to Biggest Loser 6: Phillip Parham

amy says:

He’s a cutie already!! Watch out when he loses that weight!!

Joan Asher says:


I am so proud of you and so excited for you! You look fantastic!

John Asher says:


Keep up the weight loss and life changes, and sell my house!

Michele Hicks says:

Wow, Phil, you are really hitting it hard and you look great! Can’t wait till you reach your goal!

Donna Swett says:

Phillip, I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work!

Margaret Williams says:

Phillip you look awesome! I am so glad you did this because we need you around to keep us laughing. We are so proud of you becaue I know how hard it is to turn down good food. You are an inspiration to alot of people. Keep up the good work because everytime I see you I feel guility if I eat southern fried foods.

Brian & Cheryl Dobbins says:


We are so excited for you guys. We can’t wait to watch you tonight. Best of luck to you both! Brian & Cheryl

Crystal says:

HEY, it’s Crystal, Rhett’s therapist!!!!!! Remember!!! I saw him on TV tonight. GOOD LUCK!!! That is so amazing. I hope it is great!

Crystal says:

Amy and Phil, Great job. I saw Rhett on TV and was like wow!!!!!! I hope all goes good! I can’t wait to see!

Keelan Parham says:

Hey, cuz! You guys did great on last night’s show! It was so surreal seeing you on there. You know we’re rooting for the Red Team down here in Orlando!
Love you guys!

Dori says:

Phil, you are awesome. What a great surprise for Amy. You really are one of the good ones. (so is my husband) I’ve learned the editors can portray people how they choose by showing clips of people at their best or at their worst. They’ve really let you shine while others on the show look ridiculous. We’re rooting for you! We hated to see you get voted off, but what a sweet reunion you had with your family. Keep up the hard work and go for that $100k! God bless!

webgoddess says:

Phil is one of my favorite contestants. It sucks that he and Amy had to go. I’d have preferred they celebrate their anniversary on the ranch and that Heba and Vicky were gone. Anyway, I hope Phil kicks ass and wins the $100k challenge. He looks great on the after video clips (so does Amy for that matter)

B-cute says:

Don’t let all that “NOISE” (Brady,Vicki & Heba) hinder your weight loss. Keep the focus & good luck. 🙂

Jennifer says:

Go Phil! We all see what is really going on with Vicki and Brady….we are all rooting for you. God Bless!

Mary says:

Phil you rock, and its better you didnt stoop to “their” level.
They are Truly mean and evil and your wife are lovely people..your wife is as sweet as can be!

Patti says:

I’ve enjoyed watching the Biggest Loser because it is about dedicated people working hard to make positive changes to their lives. There is nothing inspirational about the “evil trio”. It was good to see Phil defend himself without going down to their level. He represents the best part of the Biggest Loser. and he should be proud. I’m hopeful that the producers didn’t realize that Vicki, Heba and Brady had these personality traits going in. If this is the future direction for the show then they’ll have to look to the Big Brother crowd for viewers. Just take a look at Vicki’s blog to see the backlash from current viewers.

Jennifer says:

you go Phil. i was so happy last night to see you back (and very sad and disappointed in the Blue team). Keep up the good work and we’ll see you at the finale!!!! (my son also has Autism)

Sereena says:


beegees74 says:

Hey Phil! I’ve watched every second of this show. You and your wife are awesome people. It drives me crazy to see “Vicky and Company” act the way they’ve acted toward you. Keep strong. Keep your chin up.

Tony says:

Hey Phil,
You are a true inspiration! Thank you.

Melissa says:

Hi… Today at lunch, the table behind me was having a very interesting conversation about a “plan in progress”… Sorry, I didn’t mean to ease drop but what they were saying peaked my intrest so being the nosey person I am, I began to listen!! I won’t divulge their conversation but bits of it were they were talking about church, loosing weight, biggest looser, american Idol, rascal flatts, writing songs etc… all of which are subjects I can relate to… one bit of the conversation one of the men said… “…we were there for season six…” I looked up and told the man I was sitting with, That’s Phil from the biggest looser! I don’t want to turn around and gawk, what does he look like??” Of course all he said was, “about my size, bald, brown go-tee”… well, that could be 30% of the american male population…LOL. Anyway, when we got up to leave, I finally had a chance to look at the man and sure ‘nough, there sat Phil at the table right behind me!! Wow, he looks great!! Phil, if you read this, good luck in your new adventure!!!

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