Biggest Loser 6: Vicky Vilcan

UPDATED: Watch now – interview with Vicky Vilcan at the Biggest Loser Season 6 Finale.

Vicky Vilcan is on the brown team, with her husband Brady Vilcan, during Biggest Loser: Families.

vicky vilcan

Age 37

Hometown Houma, LA

Occupation Anesthetist

Biggest Loser: Families teammate Brady Vilcan, Husband

Team Color Brown

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 246

Final Weight 145

Total Loss -101

Percent Lost 41.06


  • Has four-year old daughter who outweighs seven-year old son. Wants to change her kids’ lives.
  • Initial health screening found that her real age is 37; her health age is 48
  • Won Week 4 Challenge
  • Won Week 10 Challenges
  • Season 6 Finalist


  • “My ultimate goal is for Brady and I to bring home $350,000.” – Week 6

Other spellings: Vikky, Vicki, Vickie, Viccy, Vilkan, Vilckan, Vilcen, Velcan

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454 Responses to Biggest Loser 6: Vicky Vilcan

Linda says:

Go Vicky….go Brown Team! We can’t wait until Sept. 16th. We’ll be watching and supporting you every step of the way!

Michelle says:

I’m so proud of you!!! Keep up the good work!

not her fan says:

Does anyone not see her hateful attitude on the show? I can’t wait til she gets kicked off!!! She is ugly inside and out…no amount of weightloss can help that.

Lee says:

I agree, her personality and attitude stink! Those smirky looks and her hubby throwing the weigh in… really good way to show your children how much you love them by saying talking to them isnt important after 6 weeks away… filthy.

marisa says:

Theres something going on with this one psychologically, and not good. She has the eyes and behavior of a sociopath. I pray to God she and her husband don’t win, they don’t deserve it, but I hope they do have some sort of breakthrough instead. Weight is not their biggest issue.

Erica says:

I HATE THIS WOMAN!!!!! This is one of the only shows on tv that I actually watch, and it’s unbearable with her on it. Every word out of her mouth is like nails on a chalkboard to me. It’s not your husband holding you back it’s your whiney, attitude.

Jen says:

I AGREE!!! I HATE HER!!!!! I want to smack that smirk off her face!
I can’t wait until she gets voted off! How about her comment about “I thought the prize was lame, it wasn’t worth getting hurt over”. First – You were one of the first to fall off, you’re a sore loser and are trying to cover for the fact that you suck. Second – Please explain how you think you’ll get hurt by falling 6 inches into a pool of water, from a padded beam. Third – Seriously, seeing your kids after 6 weeks is lame to you?

I can’t decide who sucks more, Vicki or Heba. I pray that somehow Philip has the deciding vote to get your sorry kicked off the show.

melissa says:

i cant stand vicky everytime i see her it makes me sick

Julie says:

OMG – I couldn’t agree more!!! We aren’t allowed to post “negative” comments on TBL web site – so I searched further just so I could vent — I find myself yelling at the TV — – Vicky you are a negative, mean and nasty person! I hope you cringe with embarassment when you watch yourself on TV!!!! Your comments and attitude are so ugly — may karma come back to bite you!!!!!

Amanda says:

I can’t believe Vicky has such a BAD ATTITUDE. How horrible. Did you see her smiling when Brady only lost 3 pounds?! I bet they did that on purpose to get rid of Amy P. That is just horrible. I think Vicky & Heba need to go; their attitudes about the game stink. I agree with Julie…”may karma come back to bite you!!!!!!”

Tom says:

I agreed with the other comments, and i hope she reads these comments. I tthink she is a pathetic waste of time and energy, imagine all of the peopl who would do anything to get on the show and there she is, only in it for the money, what a joke of a person. Ugly inside and out, pathetic, makes me feel physically sick every time i see her ugly face.

another vicky says:

I am seriously thinking of changing my name
what a piece of work this woman and her moronic husband

Sure old Heba will be another one of their victims YEAH

Janice says:

I agree that Vicky and Brady intentially sabotaged the weigh in so they could dump Amy P. And I would not be surprised if they both pull big numbers next week. Remember, it was Vicky who said “some people are here to actually lose weight, I’m here to win $350,000.” And who would NOT work to win a challenge? I hope Bob kicks their a** this week.

Carol says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t stand her and thought Brady’s weight loss was a way to get rid of Amy. They suck!

Amy says:

Ya know what? You people have NO idea what these people are going through mentally!!! They all just want to lose weight and be healthy. You judge Vicky before you even know her or her situation. I met her today at a locaL gym and she is just as humble as they come. She is really down to earth and I can’t wait to see the outcome of the show. I hope she and Brady are the last 2 left. BACK OFF and let the contestants do what they need to do to survive. You are just so judgemental before you even know who these people are. GOOD LUCK VICKY AND BRADY FROM A LOCAL LOUISIANA CAJUN !!!!!!!!!!!

Amy says:


anne says:

Vicky, Brady and Heba all suck!! Here’s hoping they go home soon and allow real players to win this thing!!! They did not even try ast the last challenge. They do not deserve to be there.

Shelley says:

I am so glad I am not the only one who can’t stand Vicky and Heba. Vicky is the worst contestant ever. She is such a brat. That comment about seeing video of her kids doesn’t mean that much to her. ARGARGH. She gets my blood going with anger. I hope she bombs!!!!

Avid Watcher says:

Hey “Amy”, you know what? You are the only person I’ve seen that is still rooting for this team – are you basing your judgment of Vicky solely on your one meeting with her at the gym? Then you really have no better basis than the rest of us – and no amount of humility in-person can undo all the horrible things she said to and about other people…she chose to say and do those things, she could have made better choices, especially considering she is on national TV.

And Amy, how do YOU know what these people are going through any better than we? Please, do tell…

And before you go criticizing other people’s ability to edit their posts, perhaps you should review the link you posted to your myspace profile…or should I say, “myspacae”?

Chelsea says:

I agree with all the posts that Vicky and Heba need to go. I can’t say that Vicky is an ugly person or judge her by anything but what I see on TV. BUT, what I am seeing is someone who is a sore loser, backstabber, liar, vindictive, selfish little witch that needs a good stiff kick in the seat of her pants! How dare she sit there and let Heba LIE to Amy P about having an alliance with them. How dare she say that seeing a video of her children from home is not a good prize (I hope her kids hold that over her head for the rest of her life). At that point in the game, I would give anything to see the people who are my support team back home! She lies, she’s snotty, the look on her face is “I am better than you” and if she does win by doing it “strictly for the money” I hope she gains EVERY POUND back and goes back to being a big fat nasty person that she started out as. Money isn’t everything…but your health is.

Kim says:

I can’t stand this woman. I bet she gains all her fatness back as soon as she is gone. She is so hateful and has her husband wraped around her little finger…. he doesn’t even think on his own. She makes me sick… I was so angry watching the show last week… I hope someone sees through her or they switch up the teams again so she can go on her marry way!

Leah says:

Wow….I have been watching the Biggest Loser for multiple seasons and I have never seen three people so annoying and selfish. Brady, Vicki and Heba are making this show awful to watch (and I always look forward to watching it but not anymore. To start with Vicky, she is so dishonest and if I were a member of her family then I would be embarrassed by her immature behavior. Week after week I am in awe of her childlike actions. I have needed a place to vent some frustrations about her and was pleased to know that others in America feel the same way. Maybe they will have a vote at the end of the season like last year and then the came and be in our hands and we can get rid of her!

Can't Stand Vicky & Heba says:

I cannot stand Vicky or Heba!! Heba talks about Phil saying things about her, but yet she does the same thing. I hope they watch this show and realize how big of they are (both physically and mentally). They are both snakes and Brady is no better. For a mother to not want any interaction with her kids, shows her mentality. Her words affect everyone and I’m sure her kids are going to suffer from her psychological abuse. I hope she has some kind of explanation when her kids ask why she didn’t want to speak to them. I CAN’T STAND HER!!!! I hope she is gone soon and takes Heba with her!

Andrew says:

Vicky and Brady have the worst attitude ever. They think that they’re sooooooo smart but if they went on Survivor or any other show where strategy actually mattered, they would get their handed to them. Oh well, I guess Vicky and Brady prove that ugly people with rotten personalities can find spouses too.

Amanda says:

Amy, you talk about Vicky being there (like the rest of them) to be healthy & lose weight. If you watch the show, you will see that it is not true. Vicky even said that it is just a game to her. She is ONLY there to win the money. She flat out said that during the show. I will not support someone who is not there to become healthy. True, the money would be great, but they are playing a dirty game. I hope they go home soon.

Jodele says:

It sure is good to know that I am not the only one who hates the new blue team.I just want to smack the smirk off of Vickys UGLY face.Losing weight will only get you so far.Her and her husband need to go to Charm school next.Phil and Amy are the ones who showed class along with the members of the Black team.Heba is so stupid too.Wait until they put the knife in her back.It seems to me that they care about the money more than their health.I also hail from LA and am ashamed to think that they come from the same state.My fellow Louisianans have never acted like Brady or Vicky.What and embarrassment on our state!I hope that they gain next week.

Susan says:

OMG!! The only ones that are rooting on here for the sucky brown team is probably their own family. Vicky sucks so bad. I have never seen anyone as lazy as her on the show and I have seen every season. She is such a sore loser. She proved last week that she is a bad mother. Who wouldn’t want to see their kids after 6 weeks? only, horrible Vicky. Eww…I have never disliked anyone more on this show. Heba and Brady…I feel exactly the same about them all equally.

shera says:

Out of all the contestants I’ve seen through the many seasons, Vicky is the most evil. There is something wrong with her. I can’t imagine that she has that many real friends. Have you noticed that Brady hardly ever speaks for himself? Bob doesn’t even like her! Heba will learn very soon that they are sooooo using her.

Angie says:

I am so happy that so many of you feel the same about Vicky! I can’t stand her either!

Steph says:

I am glad I am not the only one who thinks Vicky is awful. She should be there to change her life and lose weight, not just win the money. She is not a nice person.

TracyJ says:

Oh! A place to vent! What joy!

I used to LOVE this show so much, but I don’t think I can watch another episode. That Machiavellian witch, Vicky,
with her Joker-like smirks!!!!!! ARGH!!!!! I dislike Heba, too. She’s bossy and foolish. Brady is a hot-headed, childish oaf. Vicky, well, Bob said it best, she is Shakespearean. She seems to think she’s all that and then some. I don’t even know where to begin.

At FIRST I felt sorry for her for being married to such a hot-tempered man. After her whining about the bad prize I decided she was as bad as Heba. I mean seeing your young children is A BAD PRIZE???? WHAT??? Yeah, if you’re someone like Casey Anthony perhaps.)

After watching the latest episode, however, and how she LIED to Bob… did anyone else catch her little manipulation of Bob by commenting on Brady not eating every four hours. She gave Brady SOME FACE, like SHHHHH, don’t say a thing. *sigh*

I SO wanted Bob to have a winner this year. I love both Bob and Jillian. They’re awesome. Unless something drastically changes (on par with Sylar’s change on Heroes (the only other show I really watch)) I cannot root for Bob’s team…. heck, might quit watching until the finale.

Oh well, thanks for the space to vent!

i.cant.stand.her&heba says:

what a witch! for the first time in my history of watching this show have i ever said “i hope she doesn’t lose a pound” and mean it. I am a small framed woman and i love the show because i think it is just awesome to watch these people transform mentally and physically and i think she need mental help first and foremost. she is full of hate. what a way to present yourself on national tv. i hope her family is proud for who she showed herself to be. heba too! not as bad, but just as dumb.


I honestly can’t watch this show anymore. Seriously, this show needs to do something FAST and somehow get Brady, Vicky and Hubba Hubba off of the show. Otherwise, they’re going to lose a ton of loyal fans. This show SHOULD be about getting healthy. That’s why I used to love to watch it. I would leave each episode in a “feel good” mood. Now, I can barely get through an hour before I have to turn it off due to the constant manipulation and hatred. What happened to the Biggest Loser I used to LOVE?????

Craig H says:

I hate Vicky!! She seems evil and uncaring. She didn’t even want to see videos of her kids.

Biggest Fan says:

I cannot stand to see Vicky last one more week! I swear if the people on Biggest Loser do not make this woman and her husband leave the show in total ridicule I am going to stop watching. They have made it clear they are not there for the weight loss but for the money. They are playing Heba for a fool and it is embarrassing to watch! This woman is so hateful and mean that it is written all over her! She has a sour look on her face at all times unless she cracks an evil smile when things go her way. It is absolutely horrible to watch these two continue on when there are so many good people that deserve it more. I have never found anyone on the show in all the seasons ugly until now. She is ugly both inside and out!

Anonymous says:

Vicky is the WORST. I cannot stand to even look at her smug facial expressions, let alone hearing her stupid comments. Whomever stated she needs mental health help before physical health help was dead on.

Vicky Needs Help says:

Each week that goes by and I tune into The Biggest Loser, I find my blood pressure rise a little every time I see or hear Vicky speak. Clearly the editors of the show caught on to her antics. She comes off very self centered and as if she is deserving over anyone else. The point of the show is to teach people how to care for and about themselves. Every other season I cannot recall a contestant being so self righteous and cold to so many of the other contestants. Perhaps she will do herself in with her callous ways. I do wish her the best because I personally don’t want to see others fail.

As for Heba; she needs to grow up a little bit. And maybe she has. I liked her in the beginning but I feel that she has become the dirty doer for the brown team. Brady is just as guilty as he just goes with the flow of things. Colleen was right in asking the blue team why they couldn’t just ASK Phil questions instead of slamming him into the ground.

It is too bad that such negativity exists with a few of these contestants. I still feel quite inspired by their desire to do better with their lives, but if the money is all that is motivating Brady and Vicky, I say I’ll root for someone else and try to tolerate watching the remaining episodes of the show.

Go Black Team!!!!

shwillia says:

I’m so glad I’m not the only one that hates this woman! who doesn’t want to see videos of their kids!? she really is ugly inside and out

DG7 says:

Vicky IS the Biggest Loser…..but not for weight loss!

Anonymous says:

ITA with the majority of the comments here (the comments posted by Vicky/her family member being the exceptions). Vicki, Brady and Heba need to go. What a waste of space they are on the show. Vicki needs to be home taking care of her daughter’s health. Not a one of them deserve to win the show. I think Ed and Heba have already won (rv) way more then they deserve. Time to go buh-bye now.

webgoddess says:

Vicky just seems like a grade-A b****. Her and Heba are just there to win money vs. lose weight. Brady cheated in last week’s weigh-in, which is why he got -13 this week. Brady lets his wife manipulate him. Heba and Vicky both need to go. They both have the wrong attitude and it was just pure evil to purposefully pick a fight with Phil. I really like the Amy who is still there, as well as the Amy who went home last week.

Shocked and Awed says:

I dont think I’ve ever seen a contestant flat out say that the money was the only reason they were there. I also don’t think i’ve ever encountered a parent who would regard a chance to see their children as ‘lame’.

Happy to know that i’m not the only one who is uncomfortable watching these three.

It’s a shame because these people are given a golden opportunity, not only to lose weight but to positively influence hundreds of thousands of lives each week. It’s too bad that Vicky, Heba and Brady are too self centered and blind to see that.

Suzanne says:

Vicky is absolutely horrible. Brady is an idiot and Heba is one of those people that loves to here herself talk. I just feel that Vicky completely controls Brady and plays Heba. Vicky and Heba are like the girls in high school that always felt slighted so when they get a hint of being “in control” they run with it and try to hurt others. Like all the mean girls in high school, 10 to 1 both of them don’t keep the weight off for a year. Either way, if NBC had a brain they would dump all three – this is not about money,it is to inspire people to make a change in their lives. I think everyone should contact NBC and voice outrage and let them know that they have lost viewers. Personally, I can’t watch anymore.

I’ve been reading all of these post and I do realize everyone has a right to their own personal opinion. I DO disagree with the way the blue team approached Phil at dinner time. That was totally wrong. Heba needed to confront Phil alone outside of that area. It was basically between Phil and her and everyone else should not have even been there. You could tell by the look on Phil’s face that he was CAUGHT WITH HIS HAND IN THE COOKIE JAR. It was obvious, to me anyway, that he did say those things about Heba. Anyway, it’s clear that I am rooting for Brady and Vicky because they are from my home state and I am friend’s with Brady’s sister. Despite what you all think, they are two really nice people who care and love their kids, just like everyone else at the ranch.

Jennifer says:

It’s hysterical to see that Vicki’s friend Amy is the only one that tried to defend her. I wonder what it feels like to know that someone only has to google “I hate Vicki” or “I hate Heba” and have actual websites pop up!

I have watched BL every season, and while there have been contestants I’m not crazy about, NEVER have I felt rage by watching the show. I want to jump through the tv every week for being so ignorant.

Heba said she was embarassed for Phil….hhheelllooooo Heba…. Hi pot..I’m the kettle, You’re black!!!

Google_I_hate_Vicki says:

Wow. That was easy. Wanted to find others that couldn’t stand this woman. From her smirks to her arrogance….by far the most undeserving contestant this show has ever had. Not only is she single handily ruining the show for millions, she’s enjoying it.

Go have a donut and a soda Vicki……… deserve it !

No Name says:

ya know what? Nevermind. I was gonna complain just like all of you are doing, but, y’all do a good job without me adding to the bull !!!! GET A LIFE AND DON’T WATCH ANYMORE IF YOU HATE THE PEOPLE SO MUCH!!
It is pretty funny, isn’t it Jennifer? The fact that you google vicki and heba says alot about you?!?!?

Jodele says:

I love reading these blogs!!!!I think all of us Vicky haters need to write NBC and ask them to kick both of them out!!!!Oh, and Heba too!
I think I could make a cartoon out of Vicky and Brady!With Vicky being Vicky the evil villan and Brady being Frady (Frady Cat) the pussy whipped husband!!YES DEAR!! Whatever you say my evil wife!
Anyone have a suggestion for Heba???LOL!!!!

vilcan says:


moose says:

What a pathetic excuse for a human being. The way she, Brady, and Heba spout themselves to be so righteous and kind…..pathetic!

Holly Desmore says:

You people are all so lifeless!!! Don’t you all realize that when you watch a reality tv show they use editing to make it worth the watch. I mean come on. They HAVE to make it interesting and create a hero and a villian. Think about it. To me the real villians are the parents who left their own autistic child at home to persue their own selfish wants. Don’t you realize that autistic children focus on routine and stability. It disgusts me that they would leave him. I don’t look at Brady and Vicky as the bad guys…I think they are there to lose weight AND play a game…that is what the whole show is about…GO VICKY!!!

redbull says:

Hey Jennifer, Amanda and Avid Watcher – Y’all crack me up. NO, I’M NOT A FAMILY MEMBER AND DONT EVEN LIVE IN LOUISIANA. They are just playing the game the best and JUST KEEP WATCHING…………JUST KEEP WATCHING…………..JUST KEEP WATCHING…………… They all may be voted off within the next week and ya know what, OH WELL!! At least they are on the show are YOU’RE NOT…….BY THE WAY……..HOW MUCH DO YOU ALL WEIGH??? JUST CURIOUS……DO YOU EXERCISE????

Daph says:

I have watched Biggest Loser since the beginning! I usually love each contestant because I feel for them and what they are going through. HOWEVER, Brady, Heba, and especially VICKY get on my very last nerve!!!! Vicky seems so evil and conniving! She disgusts me every week I watch the show!! I see that I am not the only one……..PHEW!

Avid Watcher says:

redbull, Holly, and No Name – even if Vicky and Brady win the whole thing, it won’t make me (or any of the other 99.9% of viewers that are disgusted by their current behavior) like or respect them…if they were really likeable people, the producers would have made them the heroes, not the villains, right? They could lose all the weight and they’ll be just as unlikeable. And, just as Heba and Vicky and Brady are all entitled to like or dislike anybody they want to with or without reason, so are the viewers. Bottom line – all three of them are liars, and I don’t care for liars. If they win, they’ll only be rich liars. And, if my predictions are correct, in a year or so they’ll be fat rich liars. Go Colleen!

Avid Watcher says:

Dear “redbull” – thanks for your question and your interest. I weigh about as much as your swollen ego and I exercise enough to know that it doesn’t matter how much weight you lose if you don’t change your outlook on life.

I appreciate your interest…keep those brilliant questions coming. Have a great day!

jennifer says:

Hey Redbull….
I’m not sure why my weight matters, but for what it’s worth I’m 32 years old, 5’2, and I’m a competitive Figure model. I compete on stage with the best athlete’s in the area. I used to struggle with my weight in my mid 20’s, but have made some serious changes in my life.

Diet, excercise and health are what my life revolves around, which is why I find Vicki and Heba so disgusting. I help people every day achieve fitness goals. My goal in life is to help as many people as I can fight obesity and raise self awareness about the dangers of being overweight.

I understand reality television and the edits, but as I’m not the only one who’s stated, biggest loser wasn’t always about that. This is the reason we’re all so disappointed with the choices of the contestants. They’ve taken good hearted, deserving people out of the mix and but in your ‘Big Brother’ type of personalities. I don’t watch Big Brother because I think the drama is lame. I was excited that Biggest Loser was different, and people were learning and changing.

Vicki and Heba have totally tarnished what Biggest Loser has always stood for.

Andrew says:

redbull and vicky –

Just a tip – typing in all caps makes you look stupid. And when you call other contestants sleazebucks and openly celebrate their demise, that just shows how much of a rotten apple you are no matter how heavy or how skinny you are. You may have worked on the outside Vicky, but the inside Vicky still needs lots of work.

Stephanie says:

I cannot even keep watching this and it is my favorite show. Vicky, Heba and Brady act like 4 year olds. Theyre such bullies it is sickening!!

lmg says:

Vicky is mean, mean, mean. She thinks she is so cool! I do not like her and I do not like her husband. i feel bad that their little girl is so overweight! For shame!

susan says:

I am ashamed to be from the same town that Vicky and Brady live in. They are the epitome of rude!!! I understand they are all there to lose weight and it is a game but common courtesy should have a role in a normal person’s life. Vicky just isn’t normal. She’s rude, undeserving, and most of all ugly – inside and out. A “sleazebag” as she called Phil – well she ought to know!!!!

Sarah says:

Vicky has ruined this show. she is a hateful, manipulative scumbag. if she wins this show I will never watch again. I hope she watches these episodes and realizes how much of an evil person she is.

Amanda says:

Omg!! I am so glad I found all of you fellow vicki haters. I can’t stand her, Brady, or Heba. If they either of them win I will never watch again.

grandslam says:

oK the 3 blue slim bags need to go! Slim like them gives the show a bad name.

hefa & vicky need to die! says:

i can’t stand vicky or hefa!!!
they are so ugly on the inside… no matter how much weight they lose nothing will change that. they need help and they disgust me!
i feel so bad for bob this year!!!
brady and his lisp irk me too!!!!

Vicky Sucks! says:

Vicky is evil!!!! she needs a lot of help! who does she think shes is to attack phil. She is one of the worst people I have ever seen on this show. She deserves nothing, and she is hated by everyone I know.

Jodele says:

Regarding the November 11, 2008 episode:It really shows the true colors of the Hated Houma couple and and their stupid sidekick!I have never seen such a classless mean such as VV, and I am in politics!!She calls the guy named Phil a sleazeball.Look at her she is the sleazeball.Trying to win a game is one thing.Laughing when he falls,openly mocking him, those are the makings of not a gameplayer but a scared, mean, and ugly person.Inside and out.I would actually like to see her in the “early coffin” that she would so obviously like to see poor Phil in.Maybe her fat will have a heart attack on the show and spare us all.Thank God I am thin and do not have to put up with someone like her in that situation.Oh and by the way her child is very obese just like her.How good of a mother is that who lets her child get like that?Hello DSS anyone??!!!I may not watch the show after this episode and will convey my thoughts to the casting crew at NBC but I truly wish good to all of the other players who played the game with dignity, respect, and care.They are the true winners in the game of life.

Kami says:

There has never been a contestant on the Biggest Loser that has been more mean, hateful and wishes nothing but the worst for everyone. My husband, family and neighbors do get a good laugh each week at the fact that she is TOTALLY projecting how she feels about herself and her husband onto Phil…hahaha…If anyone in the world wants to know what “white trash” is just watch Vicki on the Biggest Loser Tuesday nights at 7pm on NBC…..

Boo Vicky says:

My husband and I almost had to turn off the TV tonight because of Vicky and her fellow haters (Heba and Ed). All three are very ugly people. Unfortunately for Vicky, losing weight won’t help her looks, she’s hopeless. Please, let Vicki get voted off. I hope she watches the show now and sees how pathetic she is!

Bex says:

Oh. Dear. Jesus. Vicky, you are coming off as a horrible, nasty, mean, disgusting person. You and your husband are telling lies to get rid of your competition. Maybe you just care about material things in life. It’s evident you do based on the health of your children. I feel so sorry for you and your family. May the best person win. And by “best” I mean anyone who wasn’t on the blue team before they put you in singles. Tsk tsk. What a “role” model you are.

Angela says:

I will say, that Vicki is the only one on the show that seems to get uglier and uglier, as opposed to more beautiful. And Im talking about inside and out. She is a hateful person. She is not there to learn how to lose wieght and live a healthy lifestyle. She is there to win and she doesnt care who she hurts or LIES about to do it. There are things that are more important than money. Like your soul, Vicki’s soul is black. I agree with Andrew, the inside of Vicki is in serious trouble, no matter how skinny or healthy she is that part of her needs a lot of work.

Kami says:

One more thing….Red Bull…I race in Triathlons and I have NEVER been overweight like I am sure you have been!! I do find it interesting that when most of the contestants on the Biggest Loser lose their weight their true beauty that has been trapped inside starts to come out. However for Vicki all I see is UGLY!! She seems to get more ugly as the weeks go on. I think she looked better being 60lbs heavier!! I agree that editing plays a part in how she is perceived. If I had to guess they are only using her “mild” film and cutting the real evil and mean stuff…

Susan Thompson says:

For the past year, I have focused on myself, worked hard and lost over 50 lbs being motivated by the Biggest Loser…until this year. I have been disappointed with Vicky ‘s performance and find her to lack class and am suprised The Biggest Loser selected her to be on the show. The Biggest Loser is usually filled with inspiration and encouragement. I am no longer watching the show as I feel the people who remain are no longer worthy of viewers. Such a shame.

Vicky Sucks says:

Oh please, please, please let Vicky and Heba lose soon.

janelle says:

Vicky is a bad person! She will get what she deserves in good time, karma is a witch!

Kerry says:

I cannot believe that Vicki and her husband are allowed to remain on the show. I think they are both hateful, immature beings. I hope that the network is a little better at screening who they let on the show in the future.

Can't Stand Vicky & Heba says:

I can’t stand them!!!!!! In the beginning I liked Heba, but the more I’ve watched, the more I can’t stand her. Did anyone see or hear Phil say nasty remarks to Brady about her. Maybe Brady is just as evil as his wife. Maybe they’re both playing Heba. I hope all three of them go down!! And Vicky I would love to be the one that smacks that freakin smirk off your face. You are definitely as ugly on the inside as you are on the outside. All the weight loss in the world can’t help you. I feel for your children! How embarrassed they must be.

Erik says:

Vicki and her husband represent all that is wrong with todays society.They are Evil and manipulative .And as always some one from Jills team will win.Hope thay both get what is coming to them

viki and heba hater says:

HA! I love you shellays daughter. I can’t think of her name. I don’t see a smirk on that vikis face now!!!

Finally says:

That smirk finally got wiped off her nasty little face tonight. I yelled so loud I didn’t even care if it woke my kids!

Kathy G. says:

I just saw the scenes from next weeks show.A revenge sign for poor Amy?Whoever left that has major issues.Don’t they screen the contestants for psychiatric issues before they are allowed to be on The Biggest Loser?Amy, stick with the black team if you can.They will be good to you.Unlike the blue they seem to act normal.Anyone who sticks up for these blue team bullies are either family members, bullies themselves, or plain idiots.

Aimee says:

I used to love TBL! After each show I had a renewed sense of well being, health and the need to work out! But this year I am just angry – the blue team has been very mean spirited and evil! We’ve seen it before – weightloss has caused lots of emotions, but never ones filled with such malice. I will be happy when they go. They need more help then the biggest loser can provide.

Oh and way to go Amy! I have never been prouder of anyone on a tv reality show!!!

Anonymous says:

Amy!!!!You are my new hero!!!!!!You made the right choice!!!

Mary says:

I totally agree I thought the Phillies won the World Series again!!! I was screaming…..Vicki…..even if you have already lost

Ladij says:

I agree with you Finally. She got what she deserves -walking around the ranch like she’s the queen bee. I hope she leaves next week.

Stephy says:

Yes! Now with Brady gone Vickie has nobody to carry the load for her.! Vicki….you are a horrible disgrace to the health care community that you work in….I would not ever want to be one of your patients. How do you treat them if you laugh at people the way you laughed at Phil when he fell in the step challenge? I have a hard time believing you are as old as you look considering you act like you are still in high school!! You have taken a show that is doing a good thing and ruined it!! You hurt so many people and just go on with your smirks like its no big deal. Phil is a way better person then you could ever hope to be!!! What a bad role model you are for your children! And Bob doesn’t even trust you. If you win I will never watch TBL again!

EMT says:

Bless you Shellay for having a lil talk with Amy at Subway!!!! Vicky gives all nurses a bad name!!!!

JJ says:

Hey I just figured out why the Vilcans were originally given the color Brown to represent them!!!
I did see the preview for next week and there is already a threatening revenge sign for poor Amy.Do they not screen the contestants for psychiatric issues?Amy is my new hero and she did the right thing!!!Go Amy!!The look on VVs ugly face was priceless!And I agree with the Eriks blog!Peope like that make the world not such a nice place!I know at my gym if people acted like that they would be kicked out!!!

cindylu says:

I love watching the Biggest Loser show but I am so very disappointed in this season. I cannot believe that the people of this show is not doing something about the nasty and evil doings that are going on with Vicky, Brady(now lets see how big she is with him gone) and Heba. Poor Bob, he knows they are up to no good but guess his hands are tied too….
This show is for people who are trying to improve themselves for the better. The prize is nice but when it makes you evil then you no longer need to be around. Vicky, Brady and Heba talk so openly about their feelings and plans it makes me sick to think that this show would allow such goings on.
Vicky, Brady, Heba and Ed really need an attitude adjustment and hope they realize it before it is too late. But they are so full of themselves it makes them very ugly people from the inside and out…no matter how much weight they lose.
I just feel sorry for the only blue member that voted Brady out tonight….

PJ says:

Poor, poor Vicki . . . to have so many people hate you . . . NOT!

What did Phil C. ever do to you?

melissa says:

so happy to see this website. i am so glad vicki’s husband was voted off. just to have that smug wiped off her face. she has definately taken the inspirational quality out of the show. we one of her followers down.

Dawn says:

This is great, I thought I was the only one who almost can’t stand watching the show because of Vicky. I screamed for joy when Brady went home tonight only because I absolutely can NOT stand Vicky. She is just so darn smug. And did you see that revenge note for next week? She is psychotic and the show needs to remove her and set an example for future seasons or it will go down the tubes. Hopefully Heba and Ed can see through her soon.

Kristina says:

I have been watching The Biggest Loser since it first started airing. There will always be game play and tactics to give oneself better odds of winning the game. Yes, that is a good thing. However, I have never been more disgusted with someone until tonight. Vicky may lose a good amount of weight and works hard to do so, but she is a pathetic exuse for a member of this show. For a mother of two children, she sure acts like she is back in high school. She is rude, immature, and a disgrace to woman. I do hope she succeeds in becoming healthy. I just do not want her winning this game. She is undeserving and has no back bone. People have the right to vote for whom they want…Who even makes revenge lists…? Brady was the only fair thing that went tonight.

Even if she makes it to the finals. Vicky will never be the biggest loser. Ally defines and shines what is means to be the Biggest Loser. Somone to look up to.

Tina says:

Glad to see Ali on tonights show. What a wonderful inspiration she has been to me this year. Vicky and Heba needs to see how a real lady acts. Shame on the producers, Bob, Jillian, and all others who are letting these two women be so mean.

hefa & vicky need to die! says:

wheeeeee……… brady is gone!!! it was great seeing vicky’s face when he got eliminated!!! i hope she’s next!!

Vicky/HEBA Hater says:

Thank You AMY for sending BRADY HOME> he has more class than his wife does. He atleast has moments where he is human compared to Vicky who appears fake all the time. Just watch her during weigh ins when she says good job to others after they are weighed in. So fake. Which is sorry statement for a grown woman.

jennifer says:

THIS WAS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!! I can not wait to see how stupid and immature Vicky is next week. That revenge note?!?!?! “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. I will not rest until that lying is out of this house”

OH VICKY, PLEASE!!!!! She’s totally ruined the integrity that Biggest Loser carried. I only thank god for small miracles with tonights show.
Vicky….’We’re 5 strong, I believe in numbers” I love that queen bee just got squashed.

Go Amy!!! You did the right thing!!!!!

Vicky and her disugusting husband are the biggest low lifes we’ve ever seen on biggest loser. The trailer park called and want their trash back. Have some class. Act like adults. Or just go back to Jersey!! If you’re reading this, you might say to yourself, who cares what they say, we know who we are, we’re good people….WRONG, you’re fat, mean, yankee people, who need to learn manners!! and yes we know where you’re from…and you’re a disgrace to the south. You talk about Phil not deserving to be there, at least he’s there to loose weight and have a better life….YOU’RE THERE FOR THE MONEY, three words for you my dear…TRASH TRASH TRASH…

Really? says:

Really? Do people like Vicky really exist?!!! She is worried about Phil not being a good roll model, but she should worry about herself not being a good roll model for her children and stop being so awful. Vicky, you need to think about the legacy you are leaving on national TV for your children, as they will see and know about this later. Brady, wake up!

Nina says:

I think Vicki is a horrible person, not only does her fat ugly body fit her inside character, her personality is enough to make me sick. She is honestly a person that I would like to see remain fat and miserable forever!

at says:

I can not believe they even allow Vicky to be on the show- she is the most evil coniving i have ever seen- even her face looks like the cheshire cat. She has absolutely no feelings- i feel sorry for her kids- after that show where she stated that to hear home from family was a “worthless prize” i couldnt help but think I want to scoop her poor kids up and give them to someone who will treat them right- someone who will love and care for them. Also I think i may stop watching the biggest loser because she is so hateful and awful- phil gets sent home and she is calling him mean names and laughing at the black teams sadness for his departure- I think everyone should be able to vote her out- as i can see from all these other comments no one likes her- i will write to nbc also.- Heba isnt a very nice, positive person either and I hope she leaves the show also but Vicky is just pure evil and i wish her away like an evil stepmother in the disney movies!

Vicky needs a new personality says:

Vicky and her little “team” needs a new personality. I’m not sure but I think she might be crazy. I am hopeful that everyone there will see right thru her now that her husband is gone and VOTE HER OFF. Thank you soooooooo much Amy. I was sooooooo happy to see Brady leave. To Vicky. You can lose a bunch of weight, but want you need to do is to change your UGLY PERSONALITY, that is where the REAL WORK needs to be done………

donna says:

Where are the people in charge? I understand the need for money but posting a revenge list is unacceptable and totally against the goal of TBL. I love to see people’s inner strength and their personalities blossoming. What is happening now is a bitter, ugly woman is running amok and trying to have her 15 minutes of fame. It is time for the show to part ways with this evil person.

Vicky is a VILLIAN says:

Vicky and her husband should be ASHAMED of their behavior! I feel sorry for their children and what kind of role models they have. They are the meanest jerks I’ve ever seen on this show and I’ve watched all seven seasons. I hope they read all these nasty comments about them and decide to change their ways. Evil, malicious couple and Huba Huba is their clone! Her and Ed are Villians in the making.

Angela says:

She’s the most hateful, ungreatful person I have seen on this show. She DOES NOT deserve this experience! With that attitude she will not get far in life… forget the show! when the shows over she has to go back to real life and face the world after she’s shown everyone her true colors!

Anonymous says:

Vicki….I have never seen such a mean person on TV. You don’t deserve this experience, and if you win anything, I am sure it will only bring bad things to your life. You may think that everything is fine now, but karma will catch up with you!

! says:

Vicky and Heba need to be kicked off the show! They are immature and when i look at them i see the little girls on the playground picking on anyone they can. They are bringing the show down- and i will tell you right now….those are the kind of people that will NEVER keep weight off because they have too poor of an attitude about life and no respect for anyone- ugh im so disgusted i want to confront them both in representation of all those that they have brought down that felt like they couldnt stand up for themselves!!! I have so much to say to them both- i am probably almost 20 years younger than them and cant believe they are so ugly inside- I hope someone teaches them a lesson about respect they should have learned YEARS ago and I feel sorry for their children because with those attitudes they are going to bring up the same type of people- and their children never have a chance:(

carol says:

I have never seen a more nasty, hateful woman than this vickie… she needs to be kicked off the show … simply because she is not what the biggest loser was ever about before this…How can you let her mouth run loose and hurt everyone around her…

I am very sad that the over weight people of america now have to be represented by someone as nasty as this woman…

I am going to quit watching this venom and crap….

Vicky Sucks says:

She prolly has to be the biggest piece of along with her husband! They could both win that!

Amy Rocks!!! says:

Woo Hoo! Thank goodness Brady is gone!! Amy you make the right decision! We are behind you!!! My husband and I screamed so loud with joy!! We can’t stand Vicky, she has poisoned the entire blue team. We’re are so glad that Amy took the opportunity to get rid of Brady!! Vicky is so hateful and has ruined the whole spirit of the show. This show is about inspiration, hope and personal change. She is only in it for the money. Vicky is out for herself! She is a PSYCHO!! She needs to go! She will not win this game…karma baby! Vicky you suck! You are a total white trash ugly hick!! Ugh!! Go home!!

MGrim says:

I am with all of you…..I thought it was only me that couldn’t stand all three of them (Brady, Heba, and ESPECIALLY Vicky) until I went on line the find some way I could complain to NBC (I’m not joking either) and found all of this stuff on them. I was sitting watching the show screaming at the TV….I said to my husband…I don’t think I will be able to watch the rest of this season….these 3 people are mean, evil, and SERIOUSLY immature….I truly believe they should be thrown OFF the show….they DO NOT deserve to be there AT ALL. Vicky should be very humiliated and ASHAMED of herself…..her poor children and family to have to admit they are related to her…UGHH….she comes across like a nasty who cares only for herself (and not even her husband)….no matter how much weight she loses she will NEVER be attractive, because of how ugly she is inside. Vicky is supposed to be a professional? If I was her employer, when she came back…I would FIRE her….she is a disgrace to the human race….I used to LOVE this show…..but I will not watch the rest of this season…NBC better seriously do a better job screening next season….or they will lose A LOT of viewers. I pray that when Vicky, Brady, and Heba get home and watch themselves on TV they see how childish and unbelievably mean they were on this show…REMEMBER…what goes around comes around!!!!

One of many Vicky Haters! says:

Yes!!! Brady is gone. I hope Vicki and Heba fall below the yellow line next week. I hope they watch this season and see how ridiculous and immature they are. Vicki sucks more than anyone I’ve ever met. Now that Brady is gone she will actually have to participate. Hope she finds time in between her whining! Great job Amy C!! America lover you!!!

Dustin says:

I agree with everyone on here, Vicky is absolutely disgusting. Her partner in crime Heba isn’t too far behind. The show should do or say something by the end of the season to distance themselves from this Witch. My hopes are that Bob or Jillian call her out for her behavior. Did you see the note she posted on the wall in the upcoming episode saying “Revenge” and she would get that “lying out of this house”? That is riduculous, I hope her stupid gets the boot next week, and then it’s on to Heba next. If I was married to Vicky, or even Heba, I’d certainly be OVERWEIGHT TOO!!!!! I love this show for it’s inspiration, but this season has me angry every week.

Dave says:

I almost went nuts when Vicky said that Phil would be a ‘bad role model for America.’ Give me a break. Man, I can’t stand this woman, and I’m happy to see that I’m not alone. In fact, when they interview him, you can tell that Bob doesn’t really like her either. Vicky is ugly on the inside and out, and even if she ends up losing a lot of weight, she’ll still be a disgusting person.

Monica says:

Vicky is the biggest ! She doesn’t deserve to be on the show. There are so many people that would be better examples to the whole country. I hope that by watching herself on the show, she will see what a horrible person she is and what she is teaching her children by example.

Monica says:

P. S. What the hell is her husband doing with her? Maybe his eyes will be opened when he sees her on TV. He must be so embarrassed!

Vicky & Heba Hater says:

vicky and heba:

C U Next Tuesday

Kelly says:

I also have watched Biggest Loser since the 1st season and I have never truly despised a team more than this seasons blue team. How sad a pathetic are these people… really white trash. I’m embarrassed for them and I wish they could see how the world is seeing their awful attitudes.

Rox says:

Even Bob doesn’t like Vicky, and Bob likes everyone! She’s the kind of person I would never want to befriend…….yuck.

Sonata says:

Here’s how it worked: Vicky got her husband, Brady, to make up a story about Phil. Since Heba was already nuts and angry at him. So Heba bought it and launched a full-fledged assault on Phil. That week, vicky got her husband to not lose weight, so that their team could lose and they could vote off Amy. This has been a CALCULATED plot. At this point, I fear for the other Amy’s safety. That woman might put salt in her food or literally do something harmful or evil. I sure hope the BIGGEST LOSER and NBC Psycholgists know what they are dealing with, and have the police involved with her. Watch that vicky like a hawk and make sure you folks are protecting the person who voted her husband off. She knows how to play Heba and the men like a violin. Even Bob harper sees it and is warning everyone, but I hope to God the people on the other team are cared for and watched out for on the show. And thankfully someone had the guts to vote one of the bad seed couple off the show. The cocky gloating is just bad sportsmanship, insensitivity, selfishness and uncaring. I feel sorry for their kids. If Brady had stayed tonight, there would be nothing about weight loss having to do with who might win BL. It would be all a popularity contenst.

Vicky Hater says:

Amy is the woman! Stay strong, I am sure they will give you a hellish week. I love TBL and completely HATE huge, ugly Heba, Ed, Brady the big jerk husband AND especially evil Vicky. Do they know how many people watch this, how embarrassing for them. Their poor kids. What a shame to waste the spots of all these undeserving people!

so sick of vicky says:

I really hope Vicky and Brady read all of these comments online… they are not only in need of a full body makeover, but an internal makeover as well. Vicky makes me hate the TBL show. It’s one thing to be honest and another thing to be intentionally . I hope NBC realizes that Vicky needs some serious psychotherapy and maybe even some drugs for her mental instabilities.

Vicky Hater says:

Another thing, I LOVED red team. Now I think Amy is a wimp for not sticking up for her husband. Poor Phil, not even his wife will take his side!



JH says:

Do ya think it’s a bad sign when her own trainer calls her “maniacal”? Yeah…that is to say….bat sh*t crazy! This woman makes me ashamed to be of the same species. Go home to the child that you have royally screwed over…probably for life. Oh wait a minute, I forgot…the kids don’t mean that much to her. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little…

Sky says:

I was so happy to see some people on this show have class!. Wat to go Amy C! It shows that you are a smart independent woman and cannot be ruled by piggish rude white trash. I feel sad because I have been to auditions for this show and have met so many wonderful people that need to be there for the help! The Blue team pieces of garbage (except Amy) should never have been The majority of the show is over so these people I am assuming are home. So Vickie and Heba if you are out in public hide your faces in shame! You didn’t deserve this opportunity. Hey and producers of TBL be a little more selective in casting next time and pay attention to those that take this seriously!

Cindy says:

It’s a shame that Vicky has such a low self esteem and horrible personality. She certainly fits the stereotype of trailer park trash out of Louisiana. Absolutely no class at all. It’s horrifying. Karma will come back around to her for her actions. Oh that lovely Karma!

Maybelle says:

Regardless of all the game play that goes on, there has NEVER been anyone more EVIL than Vicky. No matter how much weight she loses, she will always be ugly inside & out. In the beginning I thought Brady was blinded by his wife and now more than ever, I think she has a voodoo doll stashed somewhere so she can control him so fully. I hope with Brady going home, she’ll snap out of it…yeah right, that’s impossible! Can’t wait for Vicky & Heba to both go home!

Michele says:

Vicky’s behavior towards others on this show is a disgrace. She should be ashamed of herself and the way she has treated others. I can’t believe that she is an Anesthetist – that someone so evil and out for herself would be allowed anywhere near a sick peron is beyond belief. I hope if she is in a professional organization that they review her credentials – the woman obviously has mental health issues and needs to work on them immediately.

Lori says:

I used to love this show until this season…Vicky and Heba have been terrible contestants. As for Brady, it seems like he had a little heart and knew the comments were not needed, but I still don’t like him. I am glad Brady is gone, go Amy! I can’t believe the preview for next week! Poor Amy, I knew she put a target on her back as soon as she made her vote. This show was suppose to be inspiring, I hope NBC will do a better casting job for the next season.

Candy says:

OMG. I do hope Vicki joins her husband back at home next week so that we can all enjoy the last month of the show. I too have watched this show every season. But this season, it is filled with hate thanks to Vicki. She would have been a much better contestant for Trading Spouses or maybe just a guest on Jerry Springer would have been a better fit for her.

MB says:

I’m so disappointed in what the show has turned into. I absolutely dislike how Vicky, Brady and Heba are “playing the game”. They’re nasty and full of hate. Vicky is sooo malicious!!! I can’t believe the preview they just showed where Vicky posts a “Revenge” note for Amy because she voted for Brady instead of Michelle. This show is supposed to motivate people!!! It’s supposed to be positive!!! Not a soap opera full of drama and deceit.

Unfortunate Season says:

Vicky has no dignity. I’ve always loved the show but if they put someone on like Vicky next season, I will not watch it. I’ve never boycotted a show in this manner. Vicky is that minuscule percentage of society that’s cruel and has NO HEART. Heba just has a big mouth and does’t edit before she speaks. Brady is just a follower. But Vicky, she’s dangerous. I also have always liked everyone on the show, if fact – some whom I didn’t care for right away won their place in my heart. But not Vicky – she is one angry woman. I’ve never seen anything like her on any reality show.

please join ur hubby at home says:

you see… now she knows how it feels to go at this on her own. she didn’t feel bad at all when she sent amy p. home and phil was all alone. she just threw salt in the wound. now what? she’s threatening amy? amy did the smartest thing she could have!! ding-dong-the-witch-is-(almost)-gone!!!

Nicole says:

I thought for a moment that I was over reacting to Vicky (especially Vicky), Heba and Brady…but seeing that others feel the same way makes me realize that I’m not alone. These people are very sad excuses for human beings. For the first time in Biggest Loser history, I have–like a few others–wished that these people would gain weight.
Even with the game play from past seasons, the show has always been such an inspiration–this season, just leaves me feeling bitter at the end of the episode.
Thank God Amy voted for Brady! Next week, if karma has anything to do with the results, we will all be singing “ding dong the witch is dead!”

Lori says:

Congrats to Vicky for being the biggest loser……with her attitude !!! Job well done !!!

viki and heba hater says:

When i woke up this morning the first thing on my mind was Brady is GONE and Slicky Viki is in mourning! (also that how sad it is that this site is the first one i came onto today) TEEHEE

Vicky is Icky!! says:

I truely feel this is the meanest, ugliest (both inside and out), contestant the show has ever had. I’m so happy her “puppet” of a husband got voted off. KARMA!! When she said America will see her as a role model, I realized she must have serious mental health issues. I can only hope she and her dear friend Heba follow soon.

Vicky is horrible says:

I can’t believe Vicky is still on the show. I wish someone would slap the smug little smile off of her face next week. She has the coldest heart is the world – which I guess is why she still has all the fat around it – to keep it beating! I hope for her sake it’s the producers making her do it, but the look on her face makes me think she is just an evil. I wish Bob would stop training her. I can tell he doesn’t like her. And who would? I think Brady would be a nice person if Vicky would let him.


Vicky is one of the ugliest people I have ever seen, inside and out…just rotten evil, and the now famous smrk really DOES look just like the grinch in the cartoon.

Heba is just as bad, she loves to keep the argument going. Brady is a bully, Ed seems OK, I feel sorry for him, and the kids they want to have, to have Heba as a mother, what a child she is…

Vicky is EVIL says:

Vicky you need to work on your head before working on your body. You are an evil person filled with hate. Thanks for being a great example for our family to use when discussing life.

You are truly sick and NBC needs not to continue your contract.

Please dont come back at the final weigh in and say, The cameras got it all wrong, im not really this way……………YES YOU ARE.

Vicky is EVIL says:

Phil, You did not deserve the treatment you got! Let little minded people just go away.

Vicky will gain all her weight back I’m sure as this is just a game to her.

Awful says:

I cannot stand watching Vicky on the show — she is very hateful. I can’t watch her sometimes — it makes a very warm and uplifting show awful to watch. They really need to get rid of her!!!

Cheryl says:

Vicky is by far the nastiest, most hateful woman I’ve seen on TBL and possibly on any other reality show! Brady isn’t much better. When Amy C. voted out Brady and jumped out of my chair and screamed!! That moved up to my favorite biggest loser moment. Hopefully Amy will help the black team pick off the rest of the losers from the blue team!!

I detest Vicky with all my heart. Her inner ugliness parallels her outer ugliness. She has turned this usually uplifting show into trash. I couldn’t be prouder of Amy C for voting off Brady, though! I’m so glad she stood up for herself. She is the LAST person I’d want to represent America as the Biggest Loser, as I can see not one positive quality about this vapid wench.

Boycott Sponsors says:

Everyone needs to email the main sponsors like Jello, Wrigley’s, Brita…let them know we won’t stand for NBC promoting the show by promoting profanity and revenge. They need to edit out the note and start making the show family friendly again. It’s one thing to show Vicky’s anger but its uncalled for when they show the note. On live TV people that use a profanity get bleeped out…why wasn’t the note blurred out?

Skip says:

I am still laughing….Glad to see Brady go and with any luck Vicky will go next week. Hopefully after Jillian takes her out back and beats the crap out of her!!

April says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one that was yelling at the TV last night. Have you ever noticed how much Vicki resembles the Grinch? I’m wondering if TBL wanted to have someone so awful on the show to boost ratings. That’s the only thing I can think of that makes having someone so lacking in any redeemable qualities on the show make any sense. Since everything’s pretty much been said about this woman already, I will just say, WAY TO GO AMY C! The poor kid. Vicki’s probably going to poison her food. What makes Heba so sure Vicki won’t do something evil to her too?

deb says:

My 3 sisters and our best friend joined biggest loser club to lose weight together. Our favorite show inspired us. Last night, no kidding, I wanted to eat a whole box of ice cream. I am really upset – I hate Vicky but before I hated her and Brady I hated Heba – she is worse than Vicky ever thought of being. I want to push her down the stairs – or at least off her treadmill. I hope if AmyC. doesn’t win – all the Biggest Loser fans send her a dollar for what she did last night – then she’ll know how valuable it is to stand up to evil. I hope she wears a cape next week and defeats the enemy – Vicky and Heba – How did they get on the show and do the producers seriously think they need to have fighting and scheming to attract viewers – I watch because “I wanna be Ali” – I can watch Survivor if I want to see scum – (I do watch it too) – Hey maybe BL could send Vicky Vulcan and Heffer to exile island PERMANENTLY – Well gotta go exercise and eat some Kelly Mac Snack – GO AMY and the Black Team – I hope they absorb her and protect her – and Brady you suck too!!!

Carol says:

Vicky – kharma – I can’t wait until this all comes back to bite you in your big fat, ugly , MEAN

carynbrit says:

` First off.. kudos to anyone who gets on that show..sticks with the program and looses all that weight..its great.. HOWEVER Im also just plain sick of the childish attitudes from Vicki and her ‘friends’ . I was so glad Amy cast her vote against them even though we all know that her life is probably going to be make very difficult at the ranch by the ‘gang’ as i now call them. I hope the show takes notice that people are really having a problem with the direction its going (although im sure the ratings havent dropped)..i for one though will have NO interest in the results and follow up’s if vicki (god forbid) does win.

Suzanne says:

I have an idea…. since Vicky and Brady, Heba and Ed are so obsessed with money – and since they all have jobs in the real world – isn’t Ed a chef, Brady and Pharmacist, Vicky a psychotic nurse and lord knows what Heba does – hit them where it will really hurt – boycot their businesses – even if they don’t own them, if business goes down – they will be out. Everyone from around their home towns – unite and get them out of work. That will show them what it is like to really suffer.

These four are horrible people that do not deserve this opportunity. Do you know how many people out there would jump at the chance to be on tbl to better themselves – not to make money.

Vickyhater says:


You are the biggest heffer I have ever seen in my life. You should be ashamed yourself. You are by far the nastiest person who has ever been on the Biggest Loser. You are the epitomy of Evil. I hope your kids do not sit and watch.

TK says:

Can anyone say “white trash”???

Brady making physical threats to other players and his disgusting wife posting the trailer park threat on her door.

I feel sorry that their young children will have to watch their mother and father’s disgusting actions.

They turned a good show into Jerry Springer; probably the show they wished they were on.

Vickyhater says:


I hope you read all these comments and know just how much America hates you. You are the evil one!!!!

H says:

Vick you are a bad person and a bad mother!! Now the world can see it!!

Kimber says:

Oh my Gosh! How excited am I that I found people who are disgusted with Vicky as much as I am!

That Vicky and Heba SUCK!!!

Biggest Loser is the show I watch religously and not sure who did the casting but come on. We as viewers can always find compassion in the people (real down to earth people) who love themselves enough to lose weight and become healthy. This season – oh my gosh – could there be more disgusting people – Heba, Vicky, Ed and Brady – and now Ed is back. UGH – I could vomit.
Truly the integrity of the show has gone down the tubs – when it becomes all about the money and not your well being – that is truly disgusting.
Gosh I would love to smack the smirk of Vickys face – there is really something wrong with her.
My final words – GO AMY!!!! Your Mom’s talk did you good – don’t follow those love budget “white trash” folks to negetivity land!!

Amy rocks! Vicky & Heba SUCK! says:

I too have been watching this show from the beginning, although after this season, I’m not so sure I will watch again. ESPECIALLY if either Vicky or Heba win. NO WAY. I cannot BELIEVE how hateful and selfish these people are. THANK GOD Amy had the good sense to vote Brady off. I can only hope these two are the next two to go.

Jera says:

This show used to motivate me before my work outs. Now all the ridiculous low blows and child like ridicule dished out by Vicky and Heba is taking over the point of this show. Send those two manipulitive crazy women back to hell and give someone who’s human a chance to win. Keep your head up Phill, we all see through blue.

cindy says:

I cant believe that the show I sit down and watch with my family(children) is like trash. Vicky shame on you Dont you have children? Cant wait to see u go…. Bye BYE

Lizzy says:

I can’t believe that revenge note–What is the point of it? To let Amy know she’s a target (like she hasn’t already figure that out?) Vicky, sometimes you have to keep things your thinking inside your head…Seeing me kids aren’t worth it; Everyone deserves a chance to win except Phil; my husbands holding me back; I’m in it for the money. These comments and all that smirking and manipulation make you out to be an ugly, hateful person. If it’s just game play, why can’t you accept Amy’s vote as just that, and not “backstabbing and lying?” Everyone, including Amy, could see that even if all five blue made it, she would be the first one picked off.

And Heba, saying it loud, doesn’t make it true. Calm down. In the future, if you ask someone a question, give them an opportunity to give an answer.

I’m sure you feel that were justified in being angry, no arguement there, but how you react to it shows your true character. Even if you believe your speaking the truth, there is something to be said about tact.

MBECK says:

I can’t stop thinking about the show from last night. My husband and I were cheering out loud for Amy at the end. What she did was fantastic. I agree with pretty much everyone on here who has posted comments. Heba disgusts me. The fact that she is beeped out for dropping f bombs while yelling at another contestant’s wife on national television is HIDEOUS. Is there really anything else I can say about Vicky that hasn’t already been said by so many others? She is SO gross. Can those girls not see how Bob feels about Amy & Phil? Bob is probably sickened that he has to try and play it off at last chance work out like he cares about Heba & Vicky when he clearly can’t stand them. It’s just kind of sad that NBC has people like them on the show this season. They don’t deserve to be there! Ed & Brady, get a hold of your wives! WAY TO GO AMY!

Get rid of Vicki says:

Here is the link to contact NBC regarding the Biggest Loser. I suggest everyone writes to them to tell them how inappropriate it is to continue to allow Vicki on the show. I would not be surprised if she injured or otherwise physically hurt Amy as well as mentally tortured her.

Can't Stand Vicky & Heba says:

Ok, No Name…. what did you do? Google someone elses name and end up here by accident?

Lol says:

It is so funny…I thought I was the only one who hated those three. Thank God at least I know I am not crazy. They are indeed horrible people.

Vicky is the greediest, most disgusting human being I’ve ever seen on TV (Okay, not the worst, but she’s up there). She’s certainly the worst contestant EVER on the Biggest Loser and brings the show down in some serious ways. I just can’t believe how fake both Heba and Vicky are, I danced around my living room when Brady left the show. What a big, dumb idiot. He deserved to be kicked off. He was borderline violent too, threatening Phil made me just want to see Brady taken down. I feel bad for the children of Vicky and Brady, because they have evil, greedy parents. The Biggest Loser is a life-changing show, and unfortunately, it won’t change either Vicky or Brady. They’ll still be the money-hungry gluttons they always were after the show. It’s sad. It really is.

Marlene says:

If you could see the Biggest Loser message boards…you, your whipped husband and Heba are the most hated contestants ever! Your behavior disgusts all of America. Thank god for Amy!!!

Craig hates vicky says:

you know, she could lose as much weight as anatomically possible and yet she would still be the ugliest person i’ve ever seen. it’s people like herself and brady that make me wish even more that it would be harder to have children than to adopt a dog. since she is a waste of space, hopefully she reads through all of these and realizes she is a bad person. so know this you too… no matter the outcome of the show, you’ll always be our biggest losers.

Cole says:

i just have to say that i used to love watching this show, i thought it was so inspiring but now that vicky and heba and their husbands have been on the show it just me off. these people are just so low in life and so imature. what kind of example are they putting out there for their kids? there are so many other contests that should be there, and not only for the money but for the glory. i can only hope that they lose on the show and at home because people like them dont deserve a thing in life. the producers chose the wrong couples for this season and seriously if they keep showing these cruel hearted people im not going to watch the show anymore becuase they are just butchering the show. and even if any of them happen to win, i know theyre just gonna put the weight on right after the final weigh in.

Anne says:

I really believe Vicki needs serious HELP!! She only knew Phil for
“7 weeks!” How can you have that much anger and resentment for somebody you barely know?

I hope the show will get her into counselling or provide some sort of assistance. She is an emotional time bomb waiting to go off and I just hope it is not at her kids.

shera says:

Hey no name (aka vicky), you went looking for this blog as well. Sorry that the entire US sees Vicky for what she is, and you don’t like it. She (or you) has done that to herself. In the attempt to make Phil look bad, she only proved what a bad human being she is. What a goat! It goes to show you, the producers of this show really need to have these people examined by a shrink! Vicky may end up in the finale, but there are some things that are more important than winning a reality show. How about the example you set for your family. What a waste of breath!

Jodele says:

Hey all you Vicky haters!!!Have any of you seen the permanent ugly smirk on her face???Well guess who it looks like??The smirk reminds me of Dr. Suess The Grinch-when he stole Christmas!!!That smirk on the grinches face is just like Vickys!!!!The frown with the turned up corners!!!(No insult intended Mr. Grinch)!Heck if she doesn’t win her precious money she may try to steal Christmas next.She is that evil!!!LOL!!!!!

Vicki is NASTY says:

WOW amazing that I am not the only one who finds VICKI completely dispicable. What a disgusting human being if you can call her that. I was so so proud of Amy. I love the black team and have since the beginning. I think when Huba and her minions started ruling the roost I was done with them. Where is the compassion and human loving nature. YUCK.. Be gone Vitch your days are numbered and now that your pully is gone it is just you baby.

irishgirl says:

SO GLAD lots of folks feel the same way I do about the whole Vicky/Heba thing! I used to LOVE Biggest Loser and I was always so inspired by the contestants, but Vicky and Heba have made the show a complete mess. NBC has lost a Biggest Loser viewer – those two women are manipulative and evil – even trainer Bob said something to that effect about Vicky. It’s a shame these two awful women have ruined the show for me.

webgoddess says:

I was a little at Neal over his gameplay last season, but at least he admitted to throwing his weigh in and had actual guilt over cheating, and he asked for forgiveness and changed his attitude. So he redeemed himself and he looked fantastic at the finale.

Unfortunately, Vicky is just pure evil…saying Phil isn’t a role model? Is she nuts? The only person on BL history that ISN’T a role model is Vicky!

Jimmy says:

Ya Vicky is a complete poopsock. I can’t believe she is even allowed on this show.

Lindsey says:

Oh no. Vicky is so misunderstood how can you say these terrible things about her?

Conner says:

Are you guys crazy I think Vickey is smokin hot

jimmy says:

She is a complete poopsock if you ask me

Kris says:

This show is supposed to be a positive experience, not only for the contestants, but for the viewers as well. As most people know, “reality” TV is always scripted to a point. So, do Vicky and Heba act this way because they are prompted to do so by the producers or are they really as evil as they seem? Yes, this is a game and game play is often necessary, but they have gone over the top.

To Vicky and Heba:
If the behavior we saw from you was in fact real, then I feel very sorry for you. As you can tell by all of the other comments, other people feel sorry for you too and others just plain hate you. You can say all that you want about Phil, but you are the ones that exhibited very ugly and hateful behavior.

To the producers of The Biggest Loser:
If the behavior we saw from Vicky and Heba was in fact part of your “script”, then you have taken it too far. I know you want ratings, but you have given an otherwise positive show a VERY negative vibe.

Vanessa says:

To Vicky: YOU RUIN THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vanessa says:

Brady was just voted off and in his parting speech he was talking about how important it is to lose weight because your kids learn from watching you. Hmm… I wonder what else their kids are going to learn from watching them… maybe how to be very unkind to other people?

Monica says:

Wow, Vicky is one of the nastiest people I have ever seen. I feel sorry for her husband and she is a terrible example for her children. I guess she wasn’t raised to be a respectful, kind human being.

Libby says:

Vicky is the biggest loser in every way except weight.

I really hope they can find contestants who care about the benefits of living on the ranch in the future. Game players can be found in every business in the world. Biggest Loser should be for people who actually have enough brains to realize the opportunity that is being offered to them rather than going off the reservation into game playing mode.

Vicky, probably a game player all of her life and this show is revealing a very nasty person underneath all of that fat. Heba and Vicky should be tossed over to Survivor. Then they Might get a reality check. Doubtful, but one can hope.

Heba is a Heifer says:

From Day One I have loathed Heba, the way she kept her big fat heifer mouth hanging open with food it in when they told her she was chosen for the show to how she attacked Phil last night has made me sick. How anyone could act like Heba, and her evil twin Vicki and Vicki’s loser husband and even sleep at night amazes me. We all get paid back for the evil we do. Phil and Amy will triumph and Heba, Vicki and Brady will pay for their evil attitudes. If I were one of the these 3 evil trolls I would read every post on this page and take immediate action to change my wicked ways.

You are 3 very sick and twisted individuals. May God show you the mercy you did NOT show Phil and Amy!

Hate Vicky says:

Hope you go home really soon!!

Tina says:

Vicky really has got to go. This has been the most disappointing season ever. These hateful attitutudes toward other players have got to stop..or people should be asked to leave. It really distracts from the overall goal of losing weight not making everyone cry! The show is really getting to be disappointing. I was inspired last year and lost 40 lbs from watching the show..i don’t even want to watch this gets me too upset!

Please send Vicky home! says:

OMG! I almost couldn’t finish watching the show. When Ed won, I thought oh no more of the same and FFed through everything until I saw Amy’s paper with Brady on it. Then I went back and watched it. I CHEERED when his name was on the paper and not so much because of him but because it gave me hope that Vicky will be going home soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I disliked Heba more than Vicky but now I’m starting to think she’s getting played too. She even told Vicky to apologize to Amy but NO… she didn’t do anything to her… PLEASE, please get this woman off the show so I can enjoy it again.

Jodele says:

Like I say the people who stick up for VV are either family members, friends,bullies/meanies themselves, or just plain idiots.By the way Conner if you think Vicky is smoking hot I am thinking you are smoking something yourself!Who was your last girlfriend Aileen Wournos???!!!She kind of has the same mean streak as your buddy Vicky!

Bad Form says:

I was pretty upset at Vicky and Heba for the last three episodes. I suspected, as did others, that Phil’s statements about Heba were either false or exagerated or blown out proportion. Sure, Phil may have said something, they probably all do to some extent, but I was frustrated that Heba didn’t consider that she might be being played. Not surprised that they lost the weigh-in ( we’ve seen this game-play before…remember the water logging a few episodes ago where the contestant actually gained weight). But I was taken aback at the comments about the prize where she could have seen her kids. Sure immunity or extra pounds off would have been helpful, but most people would have been grateful (not Miss Vicky). The confrontations, the poor sportsmanship, the manipulation and, oh ya the anger issues, they indicate a true lack of character. Unfortunatly, the show has already been taped–the final contestants are probably at home at this moment trying to lose those last pounds on their own. Otherwise the outrage might have kicked that seemingly bitter, bad-mannered individual off the show.

tanya says:

Vicky Villain is nnnnnaaaasssstttttyyyyy!

Kelsie says:

I can’t believe that Vicky and Brady are on national T.V. acting like little kids. Never in my life I thought I would see a family of bullys, I wounder, How their kids treat others! People like that, especially icky vicky make me sick!!!!!!!!! YOU 2 Hebba I hope I never walk across you nasty people

cnelee says:

I agree with all you Vicky haters out there. She is a very mean spirited, hateful, evil,vindictive woman. I have always watched TBL because it wasso inspiring. However this season I have turned the channel because it is no longer a show on health and weight loss, it has turned into another back stabbing reality show. Shame on NBC for picking these nasty people to be on the show. I adore Bob and I feel sorry for him because he has to deal with these white trash slimeballs. I believe in Karma and it is a , I hope it teaches Vicky, Heba, Brady and Ed a good lesson.

zara says:

vicky is so mean-spirited. i must comment that i was shocked when i saw vicky laugh at phil when he fell down. so IMMATURE and vile! phil has only earned respect in my book while vicky, brady, heba, and ed have lost all my respect!

maty says:

I don’t know if anyone was able to see the preview for next week, but Vicky is going to go after Amy. If you pause the part on the note she left on her door, it is absolutely unbelieveable that this woman is still in the game. I am so upset that she has been given an opportunity to better her life when there are so many of us that could use it towards good. I can honestly say that I hate this woman and I refuse to watch the show if this is what will continue. BOB- if you read this I thought you did this show to improve people’s lives not ruin them!!!!!

Linda says:

I used to love this show but not anymore with Heba and Vicky on there. Vicky is one of the worst human beings I’ve ever seen. Why would she be kept on the show? She’s a self-centered, evil, nasty person. Heba is almost as bad and needs to go too. It’s hard to watch the show with these bullies on there. I wish Phil and Amy were still on, they’re a nice couple who truly deserve to be on the ranch.

hate the three says:

i told my husband last night, that I could not watch the show anymore if Vicki and Hebba are on it. He will have to tell me who wins, becuase i cannot watch the 2 of them. They make me sick. i think the comment of seeing your kids is not worth the reward is the most horrible comment made on any game show. She is a pure white trash.

i love vicky and brady says:

This is for all of you vicky and brady haters. go ahead, hate them , but do not bring their children into this. Their children are very sweet and innocent. You dont know what all of this is doing to their family. Ever thought nbc is portraying them this way to cause all you to watch the show more. Apparently it is working because even though you are all complaining, you are still watching the show, aren’t you? How dare you all say things about people you don’t even know. They are really not like that in real life. They are people just like us, but they had the guts to go on tv. I don’t see anyone of you willing to give up all you have to deal with stuff like this just to lose weight. I’m sure vicky is probably questioning was losing this weight worth fighting for her family. I know vicky and brady are grown ups and they can take this, but what about their young kids? Anyone of you who are putting them down, take a look at yourself. Would you do something do better yourself for your children? I’m sure you would, because I know I would. No, I am not a family member, but I do see these people as being real, something some of us can’t do. If they bother you that much, STOP WATCHING THE SHOW!!

Lorann says:

I agree with you Amy fans!! She definitely did the right thing!! It was time that she stood up for herself and realized what was right!
I can NOT stand Vicky!!!! Does she not know what she looks like on national TV? Doesn’t she think about what her kids will think when they watch this in years to come? And now we see in the previews that Vicky has a REVENGE list of some sort! She can NOT win it all!!!

nick says:

i think that you are a really a hateful person and have no respect

Sofia says:

We all know they are going to delete this message because they are against free speech, unless or course it’s for their ratings. So to start I would just like to say NBC has gone way beyond their reach to touch people and **** on their feelings of love and happiness. Instead they would rather show hate, backstabbing and how to lie to someone’s face while giving those with true beliefs of doing good things with their lives a way to suffer from being bullied. I have never seen a show that had so much good things going for it to watch it go rolling down hill at a speed this fast. NBC should be ashamed of themselves for allowing and even promoting this kind of behavior. The team or Heba, Vicki, and Brady, have done nothing but belittle and trash talk everyone. I am shocked to see grown adults talking like this about others, good job to all three of you for showing the world your true colors. I will be watching only to hope you all get kicked off for being such a poor example of how to treat people. I wonder if this is the normal things you teach your kids and others around you? How does it feel to make someone feel like crap when standing in front of millions to change their life and have the courage to see their weakness on live TV being flushed down the toliet, thanks to your comments? I hope you all believe in karma like I do and I wish it to come back on you soon!!!! May you feel the hurt that you have not only caused these contestants and their family but all of us. United we stand to put hate in this country out of service. I wish you all the luck in trying to better yourselves after this show when people meet you on the street to tell you their feelings and the discracement you have caused all of us to think of. The rest of the Biggest Loser Players good luck and great job on your goals don’t let these people bring you down. Fight for what you believe in and always hold true to yourself.

Houma, LA says:

I live in Vicky’s hometown and I think she is disgusting and an evil person- I am embarresed to say we live in the same town!
She is horrible and hateful!!
I love the Biggest Loser and I am so upset about this season. I’ve almost stopped watching a few times.
I am hoping she goes soon!
Thank you Amy for voting Brady off!

Not understanding says:

Why did they feel Phil didn’t deserve to be back on the show? I realize Phil did something during one of the challenges but was it so aweful that they had to have it in for him? I truly don’t understand why they had it in for him.

And for the person that said she is humble; are you kidding me? If the smirk only happened once, I would think okay she had a bad attitude that DAY. But her nastiness has really come out and unless you are on another planet, it is quite clear and plain to see. I haven’t seen any comments from her side so obviously, they are finally seeing the light and are just as embarrassed for her as people said they would be or at least should be. Poor children to have that for a mother. And great, they are probably going to be two more bullies in this world.

Amy C. I’m so proud of you — you did the bravest thing!

Stacy says:

There is nothing more to say, it has all been said. I am so glad that I am not the only one that wants to smack Vicky. No matter if she is nice in person or not, her actions are uncalled for and I think she is an awful person! I would have went off but you all did it for me, thanks. I LOVE The Biggest Loser but now it takes everything I have to watch it because that group of 3 make me sick. I really will have to stop watching soon if those two girls are not voted off. I will be wishing for this! TWO THUMBS DOWN TO THIS THREESOME!

Marilyn says:

I cannot believe any adult woman who supposedly is there for her children acts like such an immature . And her husband is her puppet even Bob sees it. Brady you need to ditch that manipulator and start your new life without her and see what she has made you look like and how you come off because of her. And Heba and Ed art in the same boat, it is obvious who wears the pants in their relationships. Vicky is a witch and she plays it like she thought she was always covered. Congrats to Amy for showing them they were not going to intimidate and manipulate everyone. Go Amy! I would love to see Colleen and Michelle and Amy all model after this because they not only have outer beauty they have inner beauty and not nasty dirty attitudes.

m says:

This woman is a manipulative sociopath. Who takes pleasure in other people’s pain? That’s actually a sign of serious mental illness.

I wait for the day they come after her with a tranquilizer and straight jacket.

thank you says:

Thank goodness there are people as upset as I am about this show and these people- namely Vicky and Huge Heba. Thank goodness Brady got voted off with his stupid hillbilly ways and braces!

Laura says:

Vicky- No matter how much weight you lose, you’ll ALWAYS be …you are such a nasty individual…lose weight-gain a heart

Vicky Sucks! says:

Vicky is a horrible human being. No one needs to be rooting for her since she isn’t even concerned with losing weight. She’s just in it for the money and I guess greed just makes you nasty. Well greed and being gifted with the worst personality ever.

Melissa says:

Vicki is evil. I have no problem with game playing but she has an evil, hateful mentality and the fact that heba is friends with her says something about her too. Vicki sounds so ignorant when she speaks. $350,000 won’t give her an education or any class.

jo says:

Wow. What an unhappy woman! Even if she wins the money, she will still be miserable. I’m not jealous, not overweight, in a happy marriage, and president of a company. I am not being spiteful when I say this: Brady needs to leave her and be with someone who is a nice person. Seriously Brady, did you marry her because she you got her pregnant out of wedlock? Wow…good luck with the rest of your life with that trainwreck.

Anonymous says:

How in the world can anybody pass judgement on two people that you see on television for 30 minutes a week. I can personally attest that Brady and Vicky are some of the most sincere good hearted people you will meet. As friends of mine in college I got to know both of them as somebody who would give you the shirts off of their backs. So dont be so narrow minded and post negative comments on people that dont even know. Brady and Vicky I wish you the best and hope to see you in the finals. Signed..Another Louisiana Cajun!

Mon says:

I think NBC needs to kick Vicky off. She seems to be very unstable and she did mention she was “in it for the money” only. The blue team didn’t even clap when they weighed Phil among the rest of the contestants. If you ask me the “twist” should have been ALL eliminated players should come back and the team with the most amount of players (the blue team in this case) should be booted.
In a perfect world of course.
I forsee all of the “w”itches weight coming back on…….

Biggest Loser Fan says:

Even though NBC may be using some of the comments to create more drama in the show, there is NO question that Vicky and her pal Heba made the comments. Their behavior has been consistent and they have made continual hateful statements. Congratulations Amy C. for standing up for yourself, listening to your mom and breaking up that hateful, spiteful group of people who thought they were so safe. It is clear that Vicky is a terrible human being, she acted like seeing video of her kids was no big thing!!! What mother wouldn’t want to see her children after all that time. She has a continual smug look on her ugly face. Vicky will continue to be a regardless of how much weight she loses.

TC says:

I too have watched this show from the beginning and I have to admit this year has been the toughest for me. I don’t personally know any of the contestants and yes, we see an edited version of the show. I am not trying to judge Vicky, Brady or Heba, but it’s what they SAY along with their actions, facial expressions and body language that speak volumes. Editing cannot hide that and unfortunately they are not coming across in a good light. Just my thoughts.

Lori says:

Thank you “Get rid of Vicki” for your link to NBC’s email. I did email them to let them know that I am disappointed in this season. The website is

Oh, and “Anonymous,” they are on TV for 120 minutes a week, and they have decided to show the world their ugliness…how can you tell me that posting a revenge note is sincere and good hearted?

TBL FAN (also VICKI HATER!) says:

I”m so thankful I finally found a place where I can leave my comments along with other Vicky haters! I do agree with the fact that NBC are losing viewers just because of Vicky and Heba. They are running this show like they’re going to win it. They’re not going win, in fact, I don’t even see either one of them (including Ed) being in the Biggest Loser finale! They’re still too big and full of . The Black team and Amy C are going to make it all the way with their positive attitude. Millions of people watch this show looking for people to inspire them to lose weight. Vicky and Heba, you are nothing but scumbags who thinks bringing other people down like that is going to get your to the finals. When you’re watching yourself on TV, you are going to realize how ugly you guys really are! INSIDE AND OUT!

Tammy says:

I am so proud of Amy C. for taking the initiative to stand up for herself in this process!!! Vicky needs to be on Dr. Phil after this is all over–she has got some SERIOUS ISSUES! I have been a HUGE fan of this show since the beginning and have all the books. If there is any indication next season of another “Vicky-type” I will absolutely ban the show from that point on. I will finish this season only to see the young girl who SO DESERVES to win–Amy C. You can tell from the interactions with her mother that they are an outstanding family! I actually leave the room when Vicky comes on because she is ruining this show. This show is supposed to make us feel better about ourselves and feel motivated to take care of ourselves. I am being left with a bad taste in my mouth. Shame on NBC for not doing a psychiatric profile before this loony was allowed to be on this show! Brady should be on Dr. Phil too because I can’t believe anybody in their “right mind” would be married to someone so evil, so self-absorbed, and so selfish. Go AMY C!!!!

Lara says:

We are ashamed of you Vicki, you are heartless and evil. And a disgrace to your family and Heba is a close second. You hate-filled self absorbed people have no idea what “playing the game” really means. Playing the game is losing weight not throwing your fellow man under the bus or loving self above all others. Please NBC be more careful before you allow the likes of Vicki (or Heba) back on such a usually inspirational show.

Sunshine says:

I cannot believe how horrible Vicky is!! I would never take the time to comment on a tv show but I just cant believe her childish behavior!! She needs mental help!! I feel like I am watching a high school show with the way that she behaves!! Too bad her handsome husband has fallen into her trap. EWWWW!! Even if she loses all the weight that she wants it wont change her scrunched up hateful face. Heba is so immature!! So what if you dont like Phil!! Get over it! The hate in this show disgusts me!!

Cassandra says:

I believe that TBL is allowing its viewers to see certain things for a reason. I think everyone is fighting for themselves, and to do this you have to know how to play the game. It’s not enough to be Ms. Nice and let everyone see just that. I agree that Vicky has an unpleasant look on her face at times. She doesn’t smile much, but when I’m exhausted and being worked to a pulp I don’t smile much either. Now, don’t get me wrong- I would have been really angry if Brady had not been voted off and I also will be very upset if Vicky wins. Now Heba is an outspoken person and I believe that she is digging her grave by confronting people she has issues with as well as Vicky and Brady have been by plotting against people in such a deceitful way. It’s making them look bad, but we don’t know everything. It IS a TV show and ratings are affected by negative scenes as well as positive ones.

Another Former TBL Fan says:

Vicky, Brady and Heba have indeed ruined the show for me. I’m embarrassed that I’m from the same state as Vicky and Brady. Some have mentioned trailer trash from Louisiana. I hope people realize that not all of us from Louisiana are like that. Actually, very few are, thank God.

I’m disappointed that Ed is back on the show. But I am so proud of Amy C.

I used to look forward to watching the show on Tuesday evenings. Not anymore.

Lynda says:

Vicky is absolutely hideous. She is hateful, obnoxious, rude and mean. I have never disliked anyone in a reality show so much…..although Heba is almost as bad. I feel bad for Bob, such a kind, spirited man is stuck with the a group of people that ARE the biggest losers… mind and spirit. TBL needs to cast much better next season, or they have lost this devoted fan.



Mary says:

Lori thanks for the link to NBC I emailed them and shared my embarrassement for having recommended this show. Last week was not why I tune in…I have struggeld with my weight for years and the past 2 1/2 seasons of BL has helped me get on track. It is a slow process for me but it is working, but one of the things that has helped is this show…but in recent weeks I find myself getting disgusted more than anything….Amy C what guts girl….yes she should switch to Black like AMy in season 4 did, she did not want to work with Kim so she went to Jillian…AMY C is going to be in danger on so many levels now…she needs safety with Jillian. Any way….I want to enjoy the show for all the good things in it, and instead I worry for those that are real people, kind people. I love Ali Vincent, Bill ( can’t spell his last name) so many of the contestants have been so likeable…there are always some tough personalities..Mark was rough at times last season, as was Roger, Neil in season 4…but in the end you know they did not wish bad on any individual, they were playing the game…this season it is beyond playing the game….really not entertaining, just mean spirited. IMO

LA Cajun says:

To Amy, I to am a Louisiana Cajun and have to say I am very much ashamed of the way they are treating fellow teammates. As one person posted they are mean and ugly on the inside and out, and not setting a good example for there children. I to hope that she is embarrassed when she watching the show. She may have been nice and friendly and down to earth at the gym when you met her that time, but sometimes action can be deceiving, really watch her on the show cause, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS.

Former Fan says:

I agree that the show edits for “drama’s sake.” But come on, one can only show so many clips of someone’s nasty side. Vicki and Brady are according to their occupations, “professionals,” which I’m embarrassed to say, because I’m a professional. Their motivation isn’t health, it’s money. Yes, they’ve been judged harshly but in due course. I can’t let my 6 year old watch the show for an hour because of their behavior and language. Vicki, Brady and Heba represent adult bullying. If they win, I will never watch the show again. It’s supposed to be inspirational not upsetting to watch.


Vickie had said that if Phil came back on the show that she would need a psych doctor and was prepared to walk off the ranch. Well, the truth is Vicki, you are way over due for your appointment with the psych doctor….and I was hoping to see Phil come back just so you would leave….!!!!

Kevin says:

Vicki – you are the worst – what a sludge attitude – lighten up & be a human.

You were the biggest loser before during & after this show – and not measurable by weight!

Nat says:

For the few that are sticking up for Vicky…her nastiness comes WAY to easy for this not to be her regular attitude. I would like to think that it is all an act but I don’t think so. She has lost touch with reality. I bet the ones supporting Vicky are just as bad as she is.

viki and heba hater says:

ok so it’s only a couple of seconds into the show and i hate vickie even more. I saw her picture in the prevention magazine and she still looks like a cow!

viki and heba hater says:

i can’t believe she just said that she can’t talk to Amy because she will be mean and nasty to her. OMG is she that stupid. Every thing out of her mouth is mean and nasty!!!!

Viki stinks says:

Just to go along with what everyone is saying I wanted to express my feelings for Vicky. I hate her very much. She has taken it from a game and made it personal. Her attitude is immoral and self righteous. I just hope she reads all these things being said about her and seriously looks at herself in the mirror. No matter how much weight she losses she will still be an ugly person on the inside.

Phil says:

Vicky is just plain she doesn’t have a chance to win. So what would happen to Amy if it was 5 blue and all the black are gone?? Of course, Amy’s the first to go.

I can’t stop watching this show, but it’s disappointing how it’s not uplifting anymore. It’s become cut-throat survivor.

AJ says:

Vicky is the most unlikeable person I have ever seen on Television – and she’s not faking it! She is vengeful, hateful and downright dispiseable!! She deserves to be miserable and ugly on the outside because that is what she is on the inside. I have a favorite on this show and that is whoever beats Vicky! Brady, I feel sorry for you brother. You seem like a decent guy who could do soooo much better than her!!

AJ says:

Good for Amy for voting off Brady. When all is said and done, this game is about winning – and everyone who is watching this show knows that Vicky would NEVER put anyone else before herself. Vicky can stick it. She deserves to lose.

beegees74 says:

Go Vicky! Go Vicky! We totally support you here in Florida….NOT!

Phil says:

I hate to say this, but I think it’s fair to say that she is white trash. She’s ONLY about the money. I get it that it’s a lot of money, but all her scheming is getting her nowhere.

Craig Hates Vicki says:

viki, thanks to you, whenever a female is being “less than nice” i no longer have to disgrace a female dog by slandering their name. instead, i can now call them viki’s.

Susan says:

I can’t believe Amy just apologized to Vicky. It should have been the other way around unless she has an angle. No way is she back with the blue team – NO WAY!

Phil says:

Beegees….Nice post. Had me going there for a second.

Phil says:

Susan, she’s not back. She just has the class that Vicky and trash wish they had.

Phil says:

Has anyone noticed how much Heba has eased up on her smacktalk this week? She must realize how evil Vicky is…

Susan says:

You’re right Phil. I’ve been watching too much of Vicky that Amy’s class was overshadowed.

PH says:

I was shocked at tonights episode, Heba is not jumping on vickys train!

Phil says:

Hey Susan. How about Michelle giving Vicky that extra pound. Hopefully that plays into it.

Susan says:

Yea, but after just seeing Vicky’s reaction to her weight, it was a look of “ha ha, I lost enough weight anyway” I hope Amy doesn’t vote for Colleen.

Susan says:

Oh God, please let Amy vote for Vicky. It’s time!!!

Phil says:

Well it’s back to Amy again. She HAS to vote Vicky off!!!

Phil says:

What an insensitive person…she’s better than colleen because she has kids that she doesn’t want to see on video….unbelievable!

its says:

Vicki has the WORST attitude! She dirves me crazy.

Susan says:

If Vicky doesn’t go home tonight, I’m not watching anymore. She is a disgrace to nurses, a disgrace to women and a bigger disgrace to humans.

Renee says:

THANK THE LORD!!! I don’t think I can watch next week if Vicky remains!!!! WHAT A !!!

Phil says:

I’d keep watching just hoping and praying that she gets kicked off….Come on Amy!!!! Do the right thing.

Renee says:

Sorry about the last…I’m so happy to finally have found a place that not only sees Vicky as she portrays herself on this show. Hateful hateful spiteful person! “reality is that I work 60 hours a week and have 2 kids, when am I going ot find time to work out?” How about when you take your kids to the park and SHOW them what it means to be healthy!

Renee says:


Susan says:

Oh well, all I can say now is we know who’s gonna win. Amy will be gone the second she is below that line. Vicky will see to it.

Phil says:

I want to throw up

Anti-Vicki says:

Maybe next week the viewers could vote off the next contestant. We all know who would be going home by a landslide…..Vicki!!

Teddi says:

I would just like to say that Vicky is the most hateful person I have ever see! I think that she is a total and she does not deserve to be on the show!
Vicky, go home and stay there!!!! I would never, ever let my child watch this season and only because of Vick!!!!
Thank you to Vicky for actually making me second guess if I want to keep watching this season as well….

TC says:

Oh Amy Amy Amy … Vicky will throw you under the bus if she gets the chance. You played her game last week and it didn’t sit well with her.

Shermie says:

wow. I watched Vicky complain and moan about how she got betrayed and she only mentioned ONCE how she’d miss Brady. She doesn’t give a flying crap about missing her kids and her husband. Talk about the greediest loser!! I mean, she’s a blackhearted woman, and I am astonished that Amy didn’t send her packing.

b.c says:

lookin at vicki want makes me wanna puke! im scared to know what her kids are gonna be like!

Faithful Watcher says:

Oh Amy, Amy, Amy is right! Vicky will throw you under the bus WHEN she gets the chance! She’ll forget all about you saving her this week – but won’t forget that “you” broke up “her” blue team. By the way, doesn’t Heba & Ed get it …… Vicky will vote the two of them off too, because she wants to WIN!!! There is only room for one winner.

I Hate Vicky says:

Canada Hates Vicky Vilcan!

Anonymous says:

I hope she get fatter then ever

Another Former TBL Fan says:

I’m now convinced that this is all staged for the November sweeps. I cannot believe that Amy C. didn’t vote Vicky off the show when she had the chance. NBC is loving the publicity, albeit bad. They couldn’t afford to have Vicky off the show. What a crock. I will never watch this show again. It has lost its purpose. I will be contacting the sponsors.

Tired of Vicki says:

I hate Vicki, it makes me sick that she ets to stay and Colleen, a genuinely good person is voted off. Amy was bullied. There is no way Vicki is going to keep her around, why didn’t she realize that? All we can hope is that next week Vicki and Heba will both be below the yellow line…talk about drama, and that would be the greatest thing because I HATE THEM BOTH! I agree with other posters: Vicki’s bullying/backstabbing/high schoolish tactics have RUINED the show for me.


This show has me off for the last time… What happened to Amy??? She’s gone now… and I almost hope she goes home next week for making such a dumb decision!!!!! That’s it… I’m not watching anymore.

Anonymous says:

If i were to see vicky in the streets i’d have to boo her, or worse. i’m sorry, but i hope anyone who encounters her in real life gives her a hard time, she deserves to get bullied for once instead of picking on others

Vicky is the root of all Evil says:

i can’t stand this cow!!!! and you know she’s probably raising her children to be just as mean as she is!!! I hope people in real life are as nasty to her as she is to others on the show. she deserves to be the one getting bullied for a change

Cant stand Vicki says:

This lady makes me really dislike watching this show for the first time ever. What a! She is so mean and hurtful and needs to get over herself thinking she is going to win. What happen to team work? She seems to be running the show and no one stands up to her. This use to be a great show with everyone helping each other and encouraging each other, I feel like im watching survivor! Things have turned ugly in this season and im not enjoying it. I yell at the tv the whole time wanting her gone. Glad im not the only one!

Josiane says:

Viki and Hefa are the biggest I have ever seen and I’m a woman saying that. They totally ruined the show!! those miserable. Amy did such a stupid thing, because the first chance that vicki gets, she will throw her under the bus. Viki and Hefa are so pittifull, that If a was actually their friend, that after the show, I would stop being their friends. First of all, I would never be friends with hateful people like them. I hope they get fatter and fatter.

Megan says:

Vicky is EVIL!

Skullee says:

You are one mean woman. I hope they kick you off the show next week. You and your husband don’t deserve any prizes. You two are just a bunch of shallow immature backstabbing people.

CMK says:

I feel sorry for Amy. The poor girl is so young and is not much of “gameplayer”. She just didn’t want to be bullied for another week. Unfortunately, she will probably be the next blue team member kicked off because of her mistake. I Loved Colleen-i was rooting for her to win it! As for Vicky, what goes around comes around…she’ll get what she deserves. Hopefully Michelle and Renee can get rid of her and her fat can go back to stuffing her face.

Lorann says:

I was so sorry to see Coleen leave!! But to see her now in a Size 10 – wow! She just didn’t have the confidence to do it without Jillian, but I guess she found out she COULD do it on her own!
I don’t know what Amy was thinking! I guess like someone said, she really was bullied by Vicky. I can’t stand that woman!!! I saw that Prevention magazine picture, too. She is NO ROLE MODEL!!!

GRRR says:


Go Home Vicky!! says:

Vicky, I would have done cartwheels if Amy had voted your sorry, outta there this week. You should be thanking your lucky stars that you are still there. I pray you WILL NOT make it to the finals..or your stupid puppet husband. Oh, Dude, you can do MUCH better than that , by the way. Go Renee, Michelle and Amy! Kick some sorry Vilcan!!!!!

Zone Therapist says:

would LOVE to give them all a face zone!

sherry says:

Vicky, you could get down to a size 2 (you won’t), and you would still be ugly.YOU ARE UGLY FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

Look at her Myspace says:

i can’t believe her my space page. she thinks she has done nothing wrong and she apologizes—such a fake apology on her blog. she is so not sorry and she is a PUNK!

Throw up on Vicky says:

I tried emailing NBC about possibilities of kicking Vicky off the show, but I received a return email saying they get too many emails and will not be able to respond.

Does anyone know if there is another way to get NBC’s attention about sick vicky’s behavior and possibilities of kicking her out?

I’m so grossed out by her. Before I loved watching the show to see the contestants change their lives and encourage one another. Now I don’t even want to hear about it. Vicky has totally tainted the show.

Sonata says:

1. You really need to see how you look, Vicki — NBC’s best makeup artists cant make that stuff inside you not come out.
2. Why be mean? Why gloat when other people fail and fall from your mean malicious intent…. then get offended when someone just trying to ‘survive’ on the show votes your husband off. You are whacked!
3. NBC should let the viewers vote. You’d have been gone week #3. We are all considering NOT watching this show anymore because of how you have basically just ruined every week with your mean-ness. It’s sickening to watch. You should personally apologize to EVERYONE on the show. And you really need an attitude ajustment. Sad, sad, sad. You are a sad, lonely miserable woman. Your poort kids, seeing your nasty mean way of being.

Ollie says:

For all of you wanting to have Vicky dismissed- the show stopped taping in August. It’s done. They are currently filming season 7, which starts in January. So you can wish her to be voted off all you want, nothing anyone can do about it.

Amanda says:

Vicky is U-G-L-Y. Her appearance will not improve regardless of weight loss. Her face makes me want to vomit. Maybe if she were actually a worthwhile person, I could look at her. I hope her kids aren’t allowed to watch the show. bleck.

why do people have to be so difficult? Vicki should relize this is a game and people are going to do what ever they have to do to win. Did she think it would be smooth sailing all the way? NOT! I’ll bet if the tables had been turned Amy would have wanted to get revenge on her!

Barbara says:

What should be positive and supportive people, The Biggest Loser brought in Vicky. How incredibly disappointing to see someone so hateful. Yes, it’s a game, but there is something ugly inside her. She has that fake “Nice To Your Face” routine down. For us who have weight to lose, I hope they screen better next time.

Jeanie says:

Vicky will continue to be ugly no matter how much weight she loses, because of her spiteful, hateful personality. I can’t believe that sweet Colleen is gone and that horrible Vicky is still there. Surely with so many people across the nation who applied to be on the program, TBL could have picked someone more deserving than this witch.

Avid Watcher says:

Dear Vicky – I’ll bet you had high hopes of your experience on TBLF, sharing this life experience with your children and looking back fondly on your 15 minutes of fame…well too bad you ruined it for yourself and your children and your friends/family…you blame everyone but yourself for your failures and it’s really you that’s the loser.

Here’s hoping you get what’s coming to you, you sour old hag.

suzy says:

I can’t stant her! She’s so gross, rude, ugly, gross, nasty, childish, trouble maker, sore loser and did I already say gross. Also, I can’t stand Heba or her husband. Amy’s an idiot for not getting rid of
vicki last week. What’s with Bob not putting his nasty blue team in check with their horrible attitudes. THey truly make me sick! i’ve never disliked the biggest loser ever before until this season. Yuck Yuck Yuck : (

susan says:

I know the show has finished taping. Vicky lives in the same city as me and I know where she works. I knew she won some type of money reward because it was donated to her child’s school. I still can’t stand her, don’t think harm should come to her or her family but would hate to see her or Brady win anything, but if they do, it won’t get them far. How can an anesthetist and a pharmacist be in a position to need so much money anyway? Anesthestist make at least 125K a year and pharmacist aren’t too far behind. One answer – greed. And we all know what happens when you are greedy. It won’t bring them any good if they win it this way. They are not deserving.

suzy says:

Why does Vicki get mad at everyone else for “Playing the Game”? She’s so loud about her being the Queen of the game but, no one else has the right to play the game, only her fat butt can play it. She’s such a mean Bully or Bull whatever. She makes the mean in me come out! This show is suppose to be positive and helpful not mean and nasty like it has been. THe show should kick her off for unsportsmanlike conduct. Ok. enough for now I’m going to go throw up now.

Crystal says:

Vicky will always be the BIGGEST LOSER….in life. I have watched this show the last few seasons and NEVER have I ever seen anybody so evil on the inside it makes my stomach turn even that mention of her name. This show is about getting healthy, not being manipulating, and just a plain awful person. Go ahead Vicky, you win that $250K, but everyone, EVERYONE will know you won it dirty. Your a disgrace to this show and everybody who is even associated with you, lucky for me, Im not one of those people, I would be awfully embarrased.

TC says:

I am watching the show now and keep changing the station because Vicky is making me crazy. Amy will be thrown under the bus if she falls below the yellow line.

susan says:

The whole blue team doesn’t get it. Too bad. They are going to help Vicky win. She is not a stupid person. She knows how to play people and situations. Scary when you think about it since her job involves people’s lives.

TB says:

There is no question, Vicky is satan herself. That woman has major evil problems; and greedy is the least that one can call her. Her little “homesick cry” is so fake!

SLRP says:

My husband and I can barely stand to watch this Grinch looking woman anymore. She seems to have serious emotional problems and is the greediest person I have ever seen. All I know is the other blue players better get their heads out of their butts and take her down. If she wins, I will be so upset! I hope this show can provide her with some type of therapy to act like a normal human being, and not this uncaring slimeball.

susan says:

I’m thinking that NBC edited as much as they could this week not to make Vicky look so mean. The “cry”, if that’s what you call it, was far fetched, really not convincing to me. The video from home wasn’t to inspiring as well so she really didn’t have much to cry about. I think she looks a little softer this week. Maybe not?

JKL says:


Sara says:

How in the world do you look at yourself in the mirror or how do you even think your attitude and behavior is acceptable? You are not a nice person at all!! Amy should have voted you off when she had the chance. Do you bully everyone in your life? You have succeeded in making yourself out to be a ruthless, uncaring, vindictive bully. This show in the past has been an inspiration to all who watch. You my dear are no inspiration. No matter how much weight you lose you will never be a winner with your attitude. This show in the past has been about support and you have manged to make it about you and money and what you want. And you don’t give a flying flip about anyone but yourself. I do hope you get the emotional and mental help you need to come to grips with whatever in your life has made you such an uncaring person.

mm says:

OMG! I hate Vicky more and more every week. Please, please send her home!

ss says:

I really like this show and think that it truly changes peoples lives. I am just incredibly disappointed that vicki is still on the show. She is the most manipulative, vendictive, horrible person. I don’t care how many of her “friends” post that she & her husband are “genuine” – a person like her doesn’t know what genuine is & would happily stab anyone in the back.
I can’t wait until she gets kicked off – she is an ugly person and it doesn’t matter how much weight she loses.
Hope you are proud….

susan says:

I can’t wait to see the end. I am so thrilled that Renee and Michelle kicked blue butt. I had to do a little dance when I saw 10# for Michelle!!

cnelee says:

Vicky has ruined this show for me and I hope NBC is proud of the fact that they took waht was an inspiring show and turned it into another back stabbing,hateful, reality show.

TC says:

If anyone is interested in reading Vicky’s blogs on She writes after each show.

She voted Amy off because of Brady and still feels she was “betrayed” by Amy. I’m hoping her plan backfires with Heba and Ed teaming up against her.

Dee says:

I cannot stand Vicky. She’s the most evil contestant ever. I thought the show was supposed to be inspiring and positive, and all it is now is a show about hatred. I am completely disappointed in NBC and I have no desire to keep watching the show.

mn says:

man this show was great until Vicky ruined it. Thats a lot of negative energy coming your way Vicky…

she will get what’s coming to her soon i hope. the money is great, but if i could go on there and get Jillian as a trainer I could lose this ugly weight and wouldn’t be vindictive like Vicki is. Good luck to Renee and Michelle!

how do i access Vicki’s MySpace page?

Jen Johnson says:

Has anyone notice all the other contestants, as they lose weight are becoming so much more attractive. Except Vicki, who is just plain FUGLY! I hope the makeup artist in New York has a bunch of spray paint. Or else her makeover consists of putting a bag on her head…that might be the only thing to improve it!!

Sue says:

Vicky, I’m sure you read the comments written about you. I truly hope you have the capacity to learn from your mistakes and become a better person. Your behavior has been unbecoming, to say the least.

Evil Picture of VV says:

If anyone wants to see the scariest picture yet of this woman, google her name under “Vicky Vilcan” and click on the Images tab.There’s a picture of her as a New Orleans Saints fan (facepaint and all)that will send a shiver up your spine

Evil Picture of VV says:

Vicky’s myspace page link is

Cruise Lady says:

I sure hope that I never find myself in the Operating Room in the hospital where Vicky works. I’d rather have Dracula giving me anesthesia……….. Amy missed a huge opportunity to eliminate this vindictive woman and it did her in. Very sad. Hoping that the Black team end up in the finale!

Bigstloserfan says:

Check out Vicky’s blog of excuses

TC says:

To find Vicky on my space, go to and up at the top click on “Find People” then type Vicky Vilcan in the find friends space. Scroll down and you’ll see “Biggest Loser Vicky” and click on that. That will bring you to her page and on the right are her blogs. Click on “View All Blog Entries” and you’ll see all her posts. The last line on her entry dated 11/25 is about Amy C: “I know without a shadow of doubt in my mind that you will win the $100,000 at home prize. I would bet money on it and I’m telling you that I’ve predicted nearly every single winner on the previous episodes. You are an amazing woman, beautiful singer and I loved the way you kept me in stitches. I am 100% counting on you to win this for BOB and for BLUE. You can and WILL win this. I can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks.” Watching Vicky on TV I wonder if she is playing with Amy’s head because she originally said her plan for the show was to win it all. $250,000.00 + $100,000.00. Can’t trust that woman!

Marisa says:

If you’re on facebook, please check out the group “I pledge to stop watching Biggest Loser if Vicky wins” We need to send a message back!

Rie says:

Hey folks- Amy and the I love Vicky brady bunch told us we better back of so I think we better ba…..BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!

Whoooo! that was good- I almost got through that with a straight face. Vicky is the biggest waste of flabby skin I’ve ever seen.

TC says:

Hey Rie … how did you find that out?

Judy says:

Knew it!!!! I just knew I wasn’t the only person who could not stand Vicky and the game and people she is playing!!! I have loved this show since it started!! From the inspiring song that swells at the beginning until the last chance workout–wonderful show! But I have NEVER seen anyone so utterly dislikeable as that Vicky–she’s like a bulldozer and all these sweet people keep getting dozed under!! I really wanted Colleen to win, or Amy C–(Amy, Amy…why didn’t you get rid of her when you had the chance, girl?????? What were you THINKING??!!)

I can only hope Renee or Michelle win–it’s so not fair that Vicky might actually win this, when the whole theme of the show is losing weight and changing lives and the theme song asks: “what have you done today to make you feel proud?” No soup for you, Vicky!!

susan says:

yeah I totally agree with every comment on here about vicky being completely detestable oh and ugly face too not a fan of the blue team at all now that amy’s gone I seriously am disgusted by the leftovers eeewwwweeeewwww yuck GO BLACK TEAM I LOVE YOU BOTH

Candace says:

Vicky and Heba has ruined the biggest loser for me this time…I have trouble watching the show because they are just nasty and EVIl. I like when people root for others, not stab them in the back. I quit watching the show 3 weeks ago because I could not stand those 2 .

webgoddess says:

It all makes sense now! She is an anesthetist! She loves the power trip of putting people to sleep with drugs…perfect for a total sociopath!

Marisa says:

Good call on the anesthetist/sociopath connection!!!

Enough of Vicky says:

Heard Vicky has gotten so much hate mail that she is moving. People must have found her address and phone on Yahoo whitepages. Yikes!! Anyway, if she is a anesthetist and he is a pharmacist, they make a bundle already…maybe as much as the prize money. So why so mean and competative…can’t be for the money right? Hey Vicky..hope it is worth it!!

Stop and Think for a second says:

Ok, lets break it down. I have known Vicky for 2 years now. Vicky is one of the sweetest people you could meet. However, she is a strong willed person. She sets her goals and goes for it. All the talk about “I wouldn’t act like that just to win $200,000.” Oh stuff it!! Her goal is to win. Now I think editing has created her to appear as a monster. They get a week or so of film to create a personna for each person that will only make up less than 10 minutes of the show. I would like to film one of you guys for a day. But wait, how about I starve you, work you to death. And on top of that make it competitive, so that everyone you are in contact with is your rival. You do realize that no one signed up to BIGGEST LOSER for friendship. This is a game of weight loss and money. a Competition!!! Everyone was so excited for Vicki when she found out she actually made the show. We all thought…..”It couldn’t happen to a better person” And I stand by that. I feel sorry that they were portrayed the way they are being portrayed. And for the correlation of an anesthetist and a sociopath. That’s just stupid. You guys must have never worked with one. GO VICKY!!!!!!!

Not understanding says:

Stop and think and other Vicki fans. Well, if what you all say and that she is not like this in person than I’m very disappointed in NBC. I didn’t watch it the first 2 seasons b/c I don’t really care for these “reallity” shows. I guess I was fooled. If they truly edited to make her look evil then they succeeded. Heba just looks stupid. Just about everyone appears to be like contestants on previous shows — inspiring, gracious, joyful. If what you say is true than she is a very good actress and NBC should be ashamed o themselves b/c the show just isn’t the same as the last 2 or 3 seasons that I have watched it. I was so excited for Ali to win last season. It was so inspiring. Now it just annoys me that somone who appears greedy and apparently makes a lot of money already gets to have more money.

marisa says:

Stop and think for a second i think you’re the one with some serious thinking to do. Sociopaths are known for taking pleasure in other people’s pain. They are manipulative, controlling, and are sometimes hard to spot. The snarky little smiles when people fail (and are hurt!), leaving threatening notes titled “Revenge”, not to mention her manipulation amoungst other players all blaintly point to psychological problems, not a person who simply has a goal and goes for it. The fact that she is an anesthetist is truly alarming to the rest of us watching this show. The fact that she works in the medical world (where she literally puts people out) is bone chilling.

The one, and probably only think I do agree with you that she is probably more on edge because she’s been dieting and working out so much- but (and here’s where you need to stop and think)so has everyone else on that show. We see the best come out of the other players and look up to them, why is Vicky so different? It’s not because of editing. Editing is only highlighting what is really there in the first place, it is not forcing Vicky to make these faces or say these alarming things. Vicky is different because there is something much more serious going on here than weight loss. If you know this woman (or maybe if you are this woman?) this should be an eye opener to people in her life that she needs some help. Plain and simple.

funny stuff goin on here... says:

stop and think for a second i think you’re a hired publiscist by the vilcans to fan the flames. no one in real life would think this woman is deserving of anything

Not understanding says:

Stop and think for a second — I just thought of something else. The purpose of this show is to change people’s lives so they shouldn’t be starving as you mentioned because that would not be healthy. Marisa you made a very good point about no one else saying horrible things or laughing at people getting hurt. And her smirks were the first thing that I noticed about her. Is her fan club saying NBC told her to make those smirks so it would be caught on camera and she would be the “bad” guy. Is this the first season they told one of the contestants to do that? Are ratings so bad that they need to stoop to this? Isn’t this going down the same lines of fooling their audience that 21 did many years ago making people look smarter than they actually were? Just wondering. It’s really hard to not think of her as just plain mean and being a bully. If I were in her position, I wouldn’t want a tv show portraying me like that, and I don’t care how much hush money they were to offer me, and I could use the money but it just wouldn’t be worth it.

TC says:

Her own husband told her “that’s enough” in one of the episodes. SHE is making the faces. The words that come out of her mouth are HERS. The body language is HERS. She is not being starved or worked to death. SHE is the one who made the decision to get up in the middle of the night, while everyone else was sleeping, to exercise. SHE made the statement at the beginning of the season that the goal was to win it all. SHE is playing the game and all she can see is the money. All $350,000.00 of it. SHE is the one making herself look ugly. Not NBC.

Stop and Think for a second says:

It’s a shame that you don’t know the real Vicki. She’s really a sweetie, and a great anesthetist. We love Vicki, and her patients do too. It’s a shame that she is portrayed the way she is portrayed. I don’t believe that she was acting at all. But I do believe that they pieced together Vicki at her worse and crankiest for ratings. and i’m sure that some of the facial expressions were shown out of context with what was happening on the show. You do realize that she sacrificed alot to be on the show. I can see why it’s so competitive for her. She isn’t just competing against herself. She’s competing against everyone else. Why does everyone act like 350,000 is chump change?? Have you guys ever watched Real World Reunions on MTV? I’ve seen on a few occasions where the editors edited the scenes to make fights/arguments seem over the top, when in fact the people of the shows say it wasn’t as it seemed. That it was a 5 minute fight that ended in a hug, and they were friends again later that day. Please don’t talk bad about my friend. she’s a great person!!! She really is!!! and by the way……..she looks amazing!!!

Stop and Think for a second says:

oh and you say that it isn’t starving yourself? try to lower your calorie intakes the way they had to. Just go ahead and try it tomorrow. Try eating half of the calories you normally eat? and also eat different foods than you are accostumed to eating. Plus, I don’t see how it could be healthy to lose that much weight in such a short time. and I’ve heard doctors say the same. and I am sure they were under care of doctors during the show, but I still don’t think it can be healthy. that’s my opinion. GO VICKIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!

nonna says:

There is no reason for us to get all over Vicky. I mean look at her, she is a miserable person. No matter how much weight she looses and even if she wins the money (please no) she won’t be happy. I bet her husband can’t stand her and we all saw how much enjoyment she gets out of her kids. My kids mean the world to me, after 6 weeks I would be so miserable for them and to see a video of their sweet faces would bring me such joy. I am just sad for her that she doesn’t even have that. Evil may prevail for now but good will win through in the end (hopefully). Oh and you people defending her like you are going to change our minds..are you crazy? Anyone with sense about them can detect the evil a mile away. The way she talks, walks, her head nods, just her overall smugness gives her away. You can talk all the roses you want but her evil shines through. Those poor people who get her as a nurse, YIKES..that is what makes hospitals scary.

TB says:

Awww, poor vicki . . . everyone’s picking on her . . . maybe if she reads how much we all hate her she’ll stop being such a!

think people says:

Remember this is a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is playing a Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I believe there is alot of editing in the show. They have to always have a bad person to pick on and I guess they chose her. I think she showed how much she missed her kids when she saw their video. She is HUMAN. I hope she does well.

Nala says:

Vicky is a horrible, EVIL witch of a woman and she doesn’t remotely deserve to win this. Remember the challenge where she said she didn’t care if they won because the prize wasn’t worth it? The prize was videos from home. Videos of her KIDS. How could any mother say that’s not worth it?!! How immature do you have to be to put a “revenge” sign on your bedroom door? I get that she was distraught that Brady was kicked off, but come on she’s not in high school. Amy didn’t “backstab” her either. She was playing the game. Somehow it’s okay for Vicky to be a horrid evil b*tch and do what she has to do to play the game, but anyone else that plays for themselves is a backstabber? That’s ridiculous. She has damaged the show. Heba isn’t much better. At least in Heba’s defense, she’s too stupid to realize how badly she’s getting played by Vicky.

Get the smirk off your face says:

I dislike Vicky

Get the smirk off your face says:

She is so stupid she should of kept Amy and voted off Michelle. Even though I want Michelle or Renee to win. She wanted revenge. Now if she falls beyond the yellow line do you think Heba and Ed are going to save her? She just screwed herself!

Get the smirk off your face says:

She always claims how hard she worked that week. She feels she has worked harder than anyone else. I am so sick and tired of hearing how she feels she is better than everyone else. I mean she should of voted for Heba because that would of broken up a team and teammates always vote for the same person. IF her head was in the game her vote would of been for Heba not Michelle, my fault, I forgot who was up for elimination. Heba should of been gone last week but vicky played the friendship card and carma will come back to get her. She promised Amy safety and Vicky will not win. I can’t wait to see how they make over her ugly face tonight on the show because she needs it!

Get the smirk off your face says:

I am so tired of the Biggest Loser having couples or family on the show. I think they should find some people who are single and overweight. I auditioned for the show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but no one was picked. I would love to go on the show but I don’t have a significant other to go with. Hey NBC mix it up next season and have all new people on the show who don’t know each other. It is to predictable who they are going to vote for. I would love to have Bob kick my and get me into shape. He is eye candy and has a great body. so mix it up and get some single not families on the next season.

rob says:

i think i have figured out why lsu sucks this year….. brady and his fat wife arent in the stands yelling scaring the players to win or be eaten

TB says:

Hahaha, Vicki’s sister is just as fat as she is . . . hahaha!!!

Myrna says:

Hey, doesn’t Vicky look alot like Feona’s win off of Shriek. The fat round face and the ugly red hair. I definite twin. Her personality is about the same a .

susan says:

Every contestant has sacrificied alot to be on the show, not just Vicky. Every contestant has changed their eating habits and are exercising, not just Vicky. But not every contestant has enough “ugly” moments (like Vicky) for the producers to edit in that would make us feel otherwise about them. And usually patients don’t get to know the anesthetist enough to “like” them. As long as she watches them while they are under sedation and doesn’t let them die, of course she’ll be liked. As far as starving them, well, they eat better than all of us. And someone who works out where she does, says she is skinny and that she does “seem nice” (whatever that means)

if everyone saw the preview for next week, America gets to decide who gets voted off. Well dah! VICKY! she was lying when she said she had a tough decision to make. I knew for a fact that she was going to vote off Renee. I hope Michelle or Ed win the whole thing. They didn’t hold grudges against anyone!

cnelee says:

LOL America gets to vote who is the third player in the final 3 well if Vicki is below the yellow line she will not be in the final 3. I think America is tired off her ugliness. And as far as NBC goes I thought TBL was a family show? There is an aweful lot of cussing for it to be a family show.

Not understanding says:

Get the smirk off your face — I agree it’s time they went back to singles.

missed the show says:

Who got the ax tonight, I missed the show?

I’m also hoping that Shalee will go off on Vicky for the way she treated Amy. Maybe Michelle will get the best revenge by winning the whole thing. I know that if I ever got the honor of being on this show I wouldn’t act that way. I would just be happy that I got to spend some time with my husband. Vicky has to relize that she gets to spend her whole life with Brady. Yes I would be sad to see my husband go, but at least I know he will home when I get there or vice versa. Plus if she wanted to win all the money then either her or Brady would have to go home to win the at home prize! Do you remember the Twins who won in season 4!

zara says:

what scares me is that vicky actually laughed when phil fell down the step in that challenge with eliminated players coming back…that sent a shiver up my spine cuz no one else laughed while vicky snickered. i felt so bad for phil. remember even her own husband had to stop her from saying something bad about phil. she gets fixated on one thing and can’t let go. phil seems to be the best man of all of them. another thing is that she never talked about getting her health back and did not even hear any positive note coming out her. every action, word, and behavior throughout this show has shown her to be mean-spirited. i seriously doubt NBC edited that much like vicky says in her myspace blog. i’m just embarrassed for the children in my family to see her bullying and even her little kids, say “kick butt”…such bullies!

Another Former TBL Fan says:

Vicky put on quite a show during the challenge last night. She knew she couldn’t win so she staged being afraid to jump in the water, just to put all the attention on herself and off the true winner of the challenge, Michelle. What a crock. She even admitted she’s not afraid of heights. It was all staged. What an evil person.

Jen says:

It looks like we get to vote next week – here’s our opportunity to send Vicky packing. It’s time she learns to BE NICE or go home!!! This woman really changed the dynamics of this show for the worse; there’s nothing inspiring about Vicky:(

Not understanding says:

Isn’t it only if she falls below the yellow line?

Jodele says:

Damm that makeover did not help the evil bitch Vicky look better at all.Her face looked like a dead persons.To her buddy who is blogging on her behalf it will not do you any good most of america hates her because of how she ruined the show this season.If this is how she acts on tv I would hate to see her not on tv.She will carry a noteriety that she did not want because of her mean actions.People hate her.Most good people hate bullies and assholes.If you are her buddy you probably are one too.

John says:

My wife made me start watching this show, and I liked it at first. Then Heffer, ur I mean Hebba started her crap and I hated her. That was until Vicky started showing her true colors. I will not watch another single episode. I will find something to do while my wife watches it.I hope this show goes down. I can’t believe the producers let the biggest loser turn into a fat version of Survivor. I hope everyone quits watching and the show can’t continue. It is disgusting what this once good program has turned into. Die biggest loser. Fade into obscurity.

bummed says:

Wow! What a season this has been. In TV history when a show is no longer doing well, the producers will add a lot of drama, or innapropriate script lines to bring ratings. We have seen it over and over again: Arsenio Hall, day time talk shows, Dr. Phil, and now The Biggest Loser. Its sad but true. I hate to think that TBL is doing bad with ratings, but one of two things has to be happening, either Vicki truly is the “not so nice” person that we all are seeing, or the producers are making more drama than is really happening on the show. I would love to meet different people from the show and find out there thoughts on the entire thing. Im thinking that once the show ends there will be a burst of blogs and interviews with the contestants to tell us what really went on.
Until then, I will continue watching this season to the end and i’ll start next season but if its anything like this season, i’ll be done. What about you?

TC says:

I have to admit I did not feel compelled to change the station while watching the show on 12/2. It might be because Vicky did not say anything that got under my skin, as she has in the past. As far as the makeovers go I like Vicky’s hair color better lighter and they did not do a great job with her makeup. Just my opinion tho. I also think she was frightened to jump into the water and was not trying to take away Michelle’s thunder. She was the first one to drop out and had no idea who was going to eventually win. I know there is a lot of editing going on and here is a quote from Vicky’s blog for the reason why she writes her blogs before the show airs and doesn’t watch the show: “I really can’t bear to see any more of my words being taken out of context and twisted around”. That being said, she has made some terrible comments and even if they are taken out of context, they are terrible just the same. I’d really like to know how they are being twisted around. She is coming across to America as an ugly person and I would love to know how much is Vicky and how much is the editing. If she falls below the yellow line next week and America gets the chance to vote she doesn’t stand much of a chance. I’d love to see Michelle win it all!

susan says:

I would love to see Michelle win too. I was pulling for her or Colleen. They emulate what the show is about. I was told Vicky was at the gym on crutches. She wasn’t able to walk but hopped to a stationary bike. I don’t know how that will affect her work out or how long she will be out. My friend said she has slimmed down a bit but her arms are still flabby in the tricep area. She didn’t talk to her but said she didn’t seem unpleasant.

proud to be canadian says:

Vicky your personality and attitude stink!

Those smirky looks and her hubby throwing the weigh in… really good way to show your children how much you love them and by saying talking to them isnt important after 6 weeks away… filthy.

and for her to say: My ultimate goal is for Brady and I to bring home $350,000……………. money is the root of all evil remember that!!!!

Vicky, Heba & Brady need to go; their attitudes about the game stink. ”may karma come back to bite you all !!!!!!” you three are making this show awful to watch .

Michelle will get the best revenge by winning the whole thing.
*******GOD BLESS YOU******.

you and your mom deserve it all!!!
to push out big numbers week after week after week ,






you guys are funnier, and much more evil than they even portray the contestants. You guys are horrible. I know Vicky personally and she is a wonderful caring happy person. I got to see Vicky after she filmed the show and wow, she will blow your minds. Now that was a good six weeks ago. I saw her again a few days ago, and I can safely say if she made it to the top 3 she will win. I hope you all get to see how the other contestants defend her, because, I know they will, because they all got to know her. Try to tone down the evil comments. I think it’s so funny that you all criticize people for criticizing people. Hypocrites. I know you all don’t want to hurt people, but I know she’s read some of this garbage and it does hurt her, and there is nothing she can do to show what really went on. the editors did their damage already. wait until you see vicky live. Vicky is hot!!!

Jillian Rocks - go Black says:

Vicki dug her own grave, do not blame the producers. She is the one who made all the comments that made her look bad.

I love the biggest loser and I do not think I have ever disliked a contestant in the past.

The way she treated Phil and the revenge sign – seriously – how can you defend her.

I will be extremely disappointed if Vicki wins. Even if she is 1/10 as evil as portrayed on the show, she is a very bad person.

If I were Vicki, I would be embarrassed to show my face.

susan says:

Well GO VICKY from THIBODAUX LA, I hope on the live show Vicky shows us the side you know (whether she makes the top three or not). That may be her chance to show America what you are talking about.

TC says:

I too hope the Vicky that shows up at the finale, whether she’s in it or not, is the Vicky “GO VICKY from THIBODAUX LA” is talking about!

Scarpia says:

I can’t beliave that Vicky’s behavior has somehow been manipulated by producers. Did anyone tell her to say the nasty stuff she actually said on the show? Did a producer give her a revenge sign and tell her to put it on Amy’s door? I damn well hope Vicky does read these blogs. I hope she reads what I’ve written. The Biggest Loser is different from other T.V. reality shows because the big payoff is not the $250,000.00. At the end of the season, the contestants end up much healthier than they were when they entered the Biggest Loser House. Ally is a wonderful representative of this. Kay, who didn’t win any prize money (I don’t think) is also a terrific example. Last season I genuinally liked everyone on the show.

Vicky could lose every ounce she would like to lose but she’d still be mean, nasty, unkind, manipulative, hurtful and cruel. If she really needs the money that badly, she can sell drugs or rob a bank. Morally, that wouldn’t be any worse than what she is doing to other contestants. I’d rather be 600 lbs. overweight and be a decent, kind human being than be perfectly fit with the twisted, filthy soul that she has inside of her. What a poor example of how someone should cunduct their life and overcome personal problems!

I just checked out Michelle’s site like this and what a drastic difference. Nothing but praise and well wishes and God blesses. I wonder why?

Leslie says:

This is not just for $5 or $10, but for 1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! In my book, Viki knows how to play the game. She knows what she wants and goes after it. After all, do you think that politicians care about the feelings of their opponents? Heck no!!!! Viki is a true competitor and DEFINITELY DESERVES TO WIN, WHATEVER METHOD SHE USES!!!! THERE IS NO ROOM FOR MINIMOUSE SENSITIVE IDIOTS IN THIS TYPE OF COMPETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmmm says:

Looks Like Vicky must have taken home some $$$- she’s obviously hired some ghetto PR

Sick and Tire of Fiona says:

yep. The Vilcan family has joined this group. Because no one in their right mind would ever willingly defend that beast. Her poor family is probably terrified of her- I would be

To Leslie: the prize is not 1 million, it’s $250,000. And that’s just if she wins the big prize. The other prize is only $100,000. Where did you get 1 million from? And besides, Michelle is still on the show and she hasn’t acted the way Vicky has. There goes your reasoning! And if she isn’t one of the top two this week, you know she’ll be gone if America gets to vote. I haven’t read any good things about her, even from the show itself. You must be a family member or close friend of the family or heck, maybe Vicky herself to even think what she is doing is deserving.

To Leslie says:

You read my mind “fan of the black.” Not $1 million.

Scarpia says:

To Leslie –
Yes, we have morals. Yes, we believe there is a right and wrong way to behave, whether there is $250,000.00 (not one million) at stake or not; whether she is participating in a competition or not. Vicky has no sense of right and wrong and apparently you don’t either! If I didn’t have morals I would wish for Vicky to use her professional skills as an anathesiologist and administer a lethal injection to you and all others like you, then to herself, and rid the world of amoral, animals like yourself. But because I do have morals, I’ll just live and let live. However, I have to say that Vicky may win the money but unless she does a total makeover on her soul, she will never be happy. I do believe that good eventually triumphs over evil. Right defeats wrong. The mill of justice can often turn slowly, but it grinds exceedingly fine.


Vicki and Brady could win $350,000. Brady has a great chance to win 100,000 and Vicki could win the 250,000. That’s a great deal of money. I hope you guys realize that they now have the key to losing weight. They know what they need to do. The only thing now is to win the money. The weight is coming off. They have those calorie bug things that you wear on your arm that tells you how many calories you can eat. Don’t be stupid this is a game. I can tell you that Vicki or any of the other contestants didn’t sign up to make friends. This isn’t a sorority. This is a competition. Personally I think Michelle is pretty behind that cute little fake smile. She was whining about Vicki stealing her thunder. Was a whiner. Anyways, I think it’s all fake now, because I can’t see Vicki not wanting to jump down 12 feet. Come on. To all who think that everyone should have tried out for the show to make friends and not even think about the money, should keep wishing for world peace and santa claus to come over and have coffee.

Carol says:

I cannot believe that Vickie is a nurse!! She doesn’t seem to have a caring bone in her body. I’m also even more surprised that she holds a masters degree. She seems very uneducated to me. Its not her country twang I’m referring to, but the way she carries herself, her grammar etc. She seems like a person who has never spent a day in a college classroom. That bothers me. She must be a first generation college graduate and hasn’t worked her “kinks out” yet. LOL

TC says:

Yes, it’s a game, a competition. Yes, they are all playing it. Yes, whenever there is money involved people will do whatever it takes to win. However, some are playing the game a little better than others. Vicky plays hard and her comments, actions, facial expressions and body language has turned a lot of people off. Heba, and I guess Ed because he’s on the blue team and is married to Heba, aren’t making a lot of “friends” outside the ranch either. Michelle on the other hand is playing the game too, but it seems she has more fans. Hmmm, I wonder why??? Could it be because she is presenting herself better than the blue team members? She has Vicky’s number and has caught onto what Vicky is all about. And her one comment about Vicky stealing her thunder doesn’t even come close to what Vicky has done all season … editing or not. Seems to me Michelle is playing the game too, only better than the rest!

LA says:

Here is to all of you “ANAL MORALISTIC MORONS”… GET A GRIP, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE… This is a “COMPETITION”… and not just for $5 or $10, but for $250,000…Viki may be a but she knows how to play the game. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. Believe it or not eliminating the competition is part of it. After all, do you think politicians care about hurting their opponents feelings? Heck no!!!! I say, “GO FOR IT VIKI”!!!! SHE “DEFINITELY” DESERVES TO WIN IT ALL!!!! And, the rest of you need to “GET OVER YOURSELVES”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phil T. says:

We all understand it’s a COMPETITION. It always has been. But do all of you Vicky supporters not see the utter mean spirited nature of this show (specifically Vicky) versus the previous seasons. Thanks to Vicky this season has turned into a season of the Real World, which is a perfectly fine show where people can watch egotistical brats fight with each other. But that’s not the reason for watching TBL. It’s to watch the uplifting stories of these groups of men and women lose weight and gain confidence in their lives, while still participating in a competition for money.

I think the show has run its course because we can see the nature of people who will try and get on this show. And it’s a shame if NBC keeps promoting this.

Of course, I will still watch it tonight so that I can enjoy in the fact that Vicky may get kicked off. One can only hope.

susan says:

I will also still watch tonight because Michelle is still in this game. It’s a shame that the evil will triumph with the good in this situation. Some of us are tuning in for the deserving players – the Michelles and Colleens but it’s the Vickys and the Hebas that will get the attention. I have been praying for Michelle and hoping she is one of the top two. Vicky gets my vote to go. Keep Heba and Ed in the finals and neither can win anything if Michelle takes it. Then Vicky and Brady can only end up with $100,000. One can only hope. My world won’t end but I’ll know what pharmacist and anesthetist to say away from.

TC says:

I too will watch tonight and root for Michelle. It will be interesting to see who falls below the yellow line. And by the way, I don’t think I’m an “ANAL MORALISTIC MORON” as those of us who are NOT rooting for Vicky were called by “LA” today and “Leslie” yesterday.

TB says:

HAHA, I garantee vicki will be back to being a fat @ss after the show…garanteed…no questions asked!

TC says:

Can they have any more commercials???? This show could be over in 1 hour. Isn’t Michelle a breath of fresh air?

Myrna says:

That better get booted off tonight, and I wish I could be the one to do it. It’s always about her, she is always the one that states that she works out the hardest over anyone and me me me. God I hate her.

Not understanding says:

Um, did Vicki say that she hasn’t learned anything? I could be wrong — my son told me that — I was putting dinner on the table.

susan says:

Bye bye Heba. Too bad it’s not Vicky but this isn’t over yet!!!

susan says:

Get on the phones now, every phone you have and vote for Ed to stay, not Heba.

Vicki's co-worker says:

Vicki is a wonderful caring person. Vicki’s patients love her and all of us do too. We are very proud of Vicki. Vicki is an amazing person and extremely intelligent. That’s pretty hatefull to say she seems uneducated. That is so not true. And I hate to burst your bubbles but I think Vicki won the whole thing. She has lost too much weight since the last taping for anyone to touch her. She will never gain the weight back, because she has changed her life. She is a beautiful person inside and out!!!! She won’t drop below the yellow line again!!!

Vicky Vulcan says:

Glad to be able to vent. Vicky is thoroughly disgusting. I just hope the audience is allowed to vote because she will definitely be the biggest winner — of the Troll Trophy.

Jami says:

Vicki’s co-worker… I am sorry, Vicki is a horrible, nasty person. I am all for game play, but she totally ruined the show and I hope & pray that she does not win the million dollars. The money should go to not only the person that lost the weight but also is a role model for the young and old.

Not understanding says:

Well, I’m not voting. I don’t dislike them, but I just hope Michele wins. It sounds like it’s going to be really tough from what everyone’s been saying about Vicki looking hot. I just can’t wait to see Michele and Heba.

Oh please says:

To Vicky’s Co-Worker –
Read her blog, where she claims that she didn’t make those faces, she didn’t say those words. It’s on tape, baby, she said it, she did it. That’s the real Vicky.
She probably does show you a better side; she has to work with you. But under these conditions, she showed her true colors, and I’m sorry to say they aren’t pretty ones. (And she is just the calculating type that would think “I don’t care how I act around these people because I don’t have to spend every day of my life with them, just these twelve weeks.”)
Although Heba and Ed haven’t done themselves any favors either, Vicky has done the most singlehandedly to make this show an unpleasant experience. Sure, I’m watching (because I keep hoping one of these nasty blue team players would be voted out and because I wanted to see how the black team did), and I’ll be watching the finale next week, but I won’t be watching next season. Why? Now that the game players have taken over, we can expect more of this type of behavior from future seasons’ players. I skip most reality shows for exactly that reason. Now TBL can be added to the list of ‘what I don’t watch’.

Even if she wins the whole pot of money, she’s already lost something she can’t spend money to recover – her reputation.

Anonymous says:


Haliomatic says:

I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only person who thinks Vickie is the Devil incarnate. I have been rooting vehemently agains her since day one. MICHELLE..YOU GO GIRL!

LJ says:

I’m so glad that I’m not the only one that really doesn’t care for vile Vicki. I have been so uninspired by the show this season, I usually love it, but since the blue team made their pact it has made me feel gross just watching. I caught a glimpse of the end tonight and I am so very thankful that Michelle is a finalist. The blue team has been pretty scheming and I hope they aren’t rewarded with that behavior. Goooo Michelle!

darlene says:

I think Ed has to go, he will lose the most weight next week.

wondering says:

I don’t know about Ed. He wants Heba to be in the finals so bad. They won’t know who will until next week just like all of America so I just wonder what he’s been up to these last months preparing. He and Heba are getting their meals so they don’t have to worry about that but Heba was still a pretty big girl. Ed didn’t always lose so much weight. I think Michelle has been consistent enough to take it all. She has just as much weight loss potential as Vicky, (if not more) to win. And I’m sure she sees it as going one on one with Vicky and that would be motivational enough for me. And regardless if it’s Ed or Heba with her and Vicky, if Michelle wins, that’s nothing for Vicky (yea!) or Ed/Heba. The only chance Vicky would have after that is if Brady wins the $100,000. Someone mentioned she was on crutches. I’m sure that slowed her down. Can run with crutches can you? I don’t know these people, but the only one I would want to know out of the four is Michelle. She seems the most genuine.

sandy says:

I just can not stand Vicki or Heba, They are just down right rude and nasty people, neither should win anything….they are just bad people….!!! Their husbands are stupid for not seeing it. And as for Bob I have lost respect for him, for not standing by the real reason for this show, loosing weight not encourging nasty behavior…..!

Jodele says:

Oh No!!!!Vicky is not the devil!She is really Aileen Wournos twin sister!!!Thank God we don’t have to see her on NBC after next week!!!Go Michelle!!!!!

RQ says:

I just hope Michelle takes it all. I have watched this show ever since the beginning and I have to say that this has been the worst season for backstabbing and game playing. In fact I think it is the first season that not one person lost 100 lbs before the finale. I think last season their were a couple of people that lost. It would be an understatment for me to say that I don’t like Vicky or in that fact anyone that was left on the blue team

jr says:

Vicky misses the point of the show. The money was supposed to be incentive… but the contestants where supposed to figure out that the money wasnt worth SQUAT compared to what they were really getting out of the ranch/trainers… geeze, its not about the destination… it was supposed to be about the journey

Patti says:

I think Vicky is truly a mean spirited person who needs some serious counciling!!!

BB says:

I know Vicky and she is as ugly in person as on tv, anyone can lose weight but you cant lose ugly and she is that inside and out..all the money in the world cant help that ugly face.

Not understanding says:

BB – I think your the first person that knows Vicky that has admitted she’s not nice. Everyone who knows her has been saying she is so sweet and how dare we make comments considering we only get a glimpse of what NBC chooses to show us. It’s hard to believe that she’s really nice and that NBC has made her look evil. None of the other contestants came off as horrible.

webgoddess says:

[proud to be canadian] money is not the root of all evil. It is the lust for money that is the root of all evil. Money itself is simply a tool and like many tools it can be used for good or for evil. Lusting for money in the way that Vicki has is what is being referred to, but don’t think that someone winning $250k is a bad thing…if Michelle wins I hope it goes to further her advancement in life as opposed to her just giving the money away. It’s a good chunk of change but $250k is not the kind of money that one can retire on or live high on the hog with. It is the kind of money that can pay for college, buy a car, and put a downpayment on a house…to live a normal life with a bit of a leg up. Vicki’s tactics are crazy…I’d not trash my own reputation by being vindictive and evil for $250k…one’s reputation shouldn’t have a pricetag.

I agree wih what everyone is saying! I hope Michelle wins the who pot and her mom wins the 100k. Despite how horrible these contestants are I will still watch the show in the future. I’m just hooked on it. The only other downfall to this show is Allison Sweeny! she talks to everyone as if they are 5 years old. It’s obvious your going to get kicked off if you get so many votes. She has to keep throwing it in your face after each vote is read that if you get 1 or 2 more votes you will get booted. She is not anywhere near funny as Caroline Ray was, but what can you do. She is better on her soap opera! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! One last question, how do I access Vicky’s blogs on MySpace?

Kelly says:

My last posting was taken down and I’m not sure the reason. I observed that at the weighing for week 12, Michelle and Jillian clapped for each contestant who got weighed. Michelle congratulated Vicky when Allison announced that Vicky had made it to the final two.

Michelle was the last person to weigh in. After Michelle weighed in, only Jillian and Allison congratulated Michelle. Ed, Heba, Vicky, and Bob said nothing nor did they clap for Michelle.

Vicky’s MySpace page has the current message: “Biggest Loser Vicky tried on her heels for the finale and still can’t walk in them from the broken foot. Bummer!!! I refuse to wear a “hot” dress with a cast!”

TC says:

Barbara Baker: To find Vicky on my space, go to and up at the top click on “Find People” then type Vicky Vilcan in the find friends space. Scroll down and you’ll see “Biggest Loser Vicky” and click on that. That will bring you to her page and on the right are her blogs. Click on “View All Blog Entries” and you’ll see all her posts.

SYDNEY says:




Thanks TC. I found them. Quite shocking! If she is wearing a cast will she still be able to weigh in?

This message is for Vicky. Since I can’t post this on your MySpace page, I will post it here: Why arn’t you talking about Brady more? Are you guys headed for splitsville? All you talk about in your latest blogs is your kids and job. Did you just use him to get on the show? You said earlier that you wanted to win the whole thing. Well the only way you could have won all the money is if either you or brady got kicked off. Well Brady got kicked off so I thought you would be a little bit happy that now he would have a chance at the 100k. Do us all a favor and don’t try out for any more reality shows again. You were a bad role model. And despite your attitute I will still continue to watch this show.

Not understanding says:

I agree with you Kelly. I was disappointed in Bob too this season. He seemed inconsistent. One time saying Vicki was maniacal, which considering he was her trainer, is a pretty harsh word and then he’s saying how she’s just playing the game. And then during the last show he said he didn’t think Vicki truly got why they were there — to change their lives, their habits, lifestyle. He said it seemed like she was only there for the game and he was worried she would end up gain the weight back just like the person from season one and then at the end of the show he says to her “you got it, you really got it”. It’s almost like he had to redeem himself to her. And it didn’t make any sense why if Amy C. kicked Brady off so she would have an opportunity to win, why she didn’t kick Vicki off when she had the opportunity. If she was going to try and go for the whole thing, it would have made much more sense to kick Vicki off.

Whether or not Vicki “gets it” or not, only time will tell. I don’t wish her illwill, I hope she does change her life, but I just think she embarrassed herself, ruined her reputation (no matter what her fans say), and even though I don’t wish her life to be ruined, I would love to see Michelle win b/c I think she’s just presented herself as a much better person over all.

susan says:

I read on Vicky’s myspace that she did/does have a cast but it doesn’t exactly say she will have it at the finale. Just something about not putting on heels with a cast. A few of her “friends” asked how she ended up with the injury but I didn’t see a response anywhere. I agree that even if she ends up winning the big prize, she really doesn’t win. Money isn’t the answer to her problems.

Amy says:

As far as I can tell, there aren’t many Vicky supporters. And I know why – she might loose a ton of weight and end up winning the whole thing. But we all know she is evil inside her heart. She doesn’t deserve to win. She is just awful and so is Heba.

Go Michelle, you deserve to win the whole thing. I hope Phil wins the 100k!!! YEA!!

poor Brady says:

Brady’s cute, Vickie’s not. Girls let’s give Vickie a challenge that’ll wipe the smirk right off her face. Just expect to be a step-mom…

TBL watcher says:

My prediction – Michelle – 250,000 winner
Amy P – 100,000 Winner
Vicky, Brady Ed and Heba – 0-

cj says:

Looks like NBC is setting up a Vicky Victory, unfortunately. They’ve portrayed her so horribly, as they should, that no one wants her to win. She is the only one who has been shown getting on a scale – what’s up with that? I haven’t liked Heba, but she did an amazing job. Go Michelle!!!

cj says:


Phil says:

I will throw up if Vicky wins…

Phil says:


TB says:


Phil says:


cj says:

Sweet Justice

Phil says:


mac says:

How appropriate. Vicky and Brady – $0.

Michelle fan!!!! says:

Yes!Yes!Yes!You backwoods people didn’t win a dime!!All Vicky managed to do was get a large portion of America to hate her because she is such a witch!!!!

Myrna says:

The bitch didn’t win. ya ya

Yay for Michelle says:

Uh-oh, Vicky. Guess you learned something about karma tonight. Nada for both you and your husband. Hope you got a bus ticket home.

kayone says:

Who won? missed the last 5 min.

psyched says:


Roz says:

I’m so happy for Michelle. Vicky won NOTHING. Poor Ed really thought someone was going to vote for Heba…HAAAAA HA HA. I’m glad Heba won kinda…just because she represented one of the biggest women ever. But she was as evil and controlling as Vicky. I don’t think NBC will let this happen next year. I was ready to STOP watching. Heba and Vicky destroyed the integrity and real challenge of the show

cj says:

Hey, Michelle Fan: I don’t like the way Vicky acted on the show, either, but you don’t have to refer to her and Brady as “backwoods people”. Who are you, frontwoods people?

Carol says:

Congratulations Michelle for being the Biggest Loser and the Biggest Winner. You won everyone over by being nice. Not hard to do with Vicky and Heba around.

Michelle fan!!!! says:

Frontwoods!!Absolutely!!!GO Michelle!!!Americas choice!!!

tom says:

michellle looked like a princes. I hopr you and your mom still get remain together in love

huskiemom4 says:

I just wish Amy P could of held on and bet Heba, that would have been an even better justice than Vickie not winning. I was so happy for Michelle. It goes to show you that being nice does pay off.

Scarpia says:

This was the very best result that we could have hoped for. Heba’s percentages were larger than Michelle’s so if she’d remained in the game she would have won the $250,000. By taking her out, she only won the $100,000 which she would have won anyway. (Maybe she sould have lost less weight if she would have been sent home earlier in the game).

However, America didn’t vote for Heba America hates Heba almost as much as America hates Vicky. I thought it was funny that both Vicky and Heba almost fell on their butts as they walked onto the stage. I also thought Heba needed to find a better bra. She looked like a female in a newly discovered primative tribe being exposed in National Geographic.

I’m incredibly happy for Michelle. But most of all I’m happy that Vicky didn’t get a penny. I think you could see that Heba knew the reason that America voted for Ed is because she’s hated. I think Vicky knows that she’s hated also. I wish that Phil would have won the $100,000 not because I liked him more than the other contestants but because Heba and Vicky hated him so much.

Some posters have said that we’re “moralistic”. You’re damn right we’re moralistic. We like good guys and hate bad guys. We hate coniving, whining, selfish, manipulative bitch’s. We hate Vicky and Heba.

Rosie says:

Good Karma won over! Congradulations to the WINNER Michelle! Michelle is beautiful inside and out.

Dynagirl says:

I just wanted to say that I’m very glad you didn’t win, Vicky. I found your behavior to be offensive and I was actually embarrassed for your kids who will obviously watch the show. The example you set for your children was sad. I’m not a small or mean enough person to say that I hope you gain your weight back, but I do think that it would be well deserved if you did.

chuckie says:

How sweet to see Michelle win! She really deserved it. But honestly, I can’t help but feel sorry for Miss Vicky. This is a woman that is crying out for more help than a wt.loss program. Seriously this is a woman that needs some assistence from NBC to get her the therapy she needs to be an effectual human being and a responsible mother to her children. I really hope NBC does not abandon her now after seeing her handle this whole wt. loss the way she did. They have allowed the public to veiw and criticize her, this is unhealthy and unethical. They could turn this whole thing around and have the perfect follow up for next season along with the next biggest loosers, ‘Follow Vicky into Rehab and see with therapy how she crumble’s and humble’s to become a better person’. If NBC doesn’t take this opportunity then they are no better then the character Vicky portrayed, only out for the money! Vicky needs to understand that its not all about being a ‘supermom’. As for Heba, well, she has to live with her own concience the rest of her life for how she won. One more thing…I think Renee is the best Role Model of any Mother I have ever seen. She is a quiet inspiration to her daughter Michelle. Obviously so to have influenced her daughter so deeply to have the strong determination and will to be the best she can be… Renee is my hero!!

Lily says:

There’s no doubt in my mind that the producers emphasized any negative qualities Vicki has. When she got her makeover, the artist deliberately gave a very harsh white base to her foundation that visibly did not match the tone of the rest of her skin and made her face with all the other makeup look clownish. Evil clownish. Vicki was clueless enough not to realize this, perhaps.

That said, as many people have noted, Vicki apparently spoke and did all those mean things unprompted. She could have refused to say such things. She could have applauded other people. Being cranky is one thing; being a vicious bully is another. America may have been played a bit by NBC, but we’re not stupid and we can see that Vicki is not a nice person at all.

I’m glad her co-workers like her, but look out if she wants something that you have or you want. And I still say she’s in the wrong job, one that does not give her the scope to use her drive for power and manipulation. Which is probably why she got fat in the first place. It’s a shame that she apparently put no thought into the whys. She’s likely to end up back where she started because of that lack of confrontation with her inner self. She spent all her energy confronting others. A mistake, and very unpleasant to watch.

Cajun Jack says:

Vickie almost makes me ashamed to be from Louisiana, but that’s how everyone is from that side of the state!!
GEAUX MICHELLE !!! Congrats!! hook’em horns!

Carla says:

I am glad Michelle won she was my vote 1/2 way through the show. But most of all I am glad that Vicki was last on the final 3. I watch the show because of their achievement but most of all folks have been nice to each other. Not this time what Vicki did and how she acted she should have been voted off when she was one of the two sitting in the hot seat.

LL in USA says:

I’m so glad that these two evil spirited people (Vicky & Brady) did NOT win. She is as ugly on the outside as on the inside.

sc says:

I live in Houma and read an interview Vicky did while home, before she went for the finale. She said she emailed and called NBC after every show to find out why they were portraying her that way. She said it was all one sided. She admitted to co-workers that she did leave the revenge note and said that Phil and Amy were not has nice as they seemed on the show. The network portrayed them to be the good guys while she was the villian. She also offered to help her community by giving advice on dieting, exercising and weight loss. Now she claims she was on the show to lose the weight and live healthier for her kids. She said something very similar to Michelle in an interview that when she decided to lose the weight for herself, it was easier for her to do. Michelle said the same exact thing before. I don’t know where she’s coming from, but if she does stay in Houma, everyone will see if she lives up to her “true reason”.

From and old friend says:

I knew Brady and Vicky way back when, and despite all of the evil things they have been accused of or perceived as being, I find it hard to believe they could have changed so much. Yet even if they have….for every one of you who criticized them here so harshly, I have to say to you, your behavior is no better than theirs. We are all at different places in this journey of life, and if this event in the lives of the couple I knew as down-to-earth, very big-hearted and sweet, intelligent and extremely fun…..causes them to grow and become better people, then they have not lost at all. All of you self-righteous, judgemental people who wrote in should ALSO take heed of the notion of “karma”…….and lastly, I want to say, if these two people I remember as humble and beautiful have really reached such dire straits spiritually–hateful bloggers, watch yourselves–and remember, “there but for the grace of God go I.” As humans we are all subject to any manner of weaknesses, experience failures and triumphs, and can ALWAYS change and grow. To Vicky and Brady, I want to say, I still love you, I believe in you and my prayers are with you and your families.

Nikki says:

I watched the finale and actually just saw the rerun episode. Again, I was struck by how PERFECT it was that Brady (the tool) and Vicky (the witch) received NOTHING. They can say it was about so much more than the money, it was for their health, their children blah blah blah. I call crap! For them – Vicky especially – it was about WINNING, pure and simple.

That family got exactly what they deserve. And because Vicky is such a vile, mean-spirited person I have no doubt the weight will be back rather quickly. Fancy editing she claims? Nah. You can’t make up evil like that. It was real.

Pat says:

Old friend:

Did you hear some of the foul lamguage that came from her mouth in her interviews? That was not perceived… that actually happened. She said the things she said, and so did he, NBC didn’t “portray” anything. They are the people they are. Sad.

From an old friend says:

To Pat:

This old friend, name “Denise”, who worked several years with Brady when he and Vicky were newlyweds–you missed my whole point, which was–judge not, lest ye be judged. And for everyone else, as I worked all day today in my yard, in Houma, Louisiana, processing all of the hate mail I read this morning…..I couldn’t help but wonder….what are you people who watched this show and became so emotionally involved, actually “doing” in your own lives??? Get a life, for goodness’ sake!!! It’s a TV show!!! I applaud Vicky’s perserverence despite what may be her shortcomings. Having known the two of them, I am sure they have come to see the mistakes that were made….and at the same time, I have to wonder, could part of all this hatred from across the U.S. perhaps exist because Vicky WAS such a formidible opponent?…I am not saying that everything that Vicky and Brady said and did (which I admittedly didn’t catch all of, because I do not sit myself on the sofa on ANY night to watch reality TV, which is far, far from reality, and transparently edited to increase ratings) was “right”…..but it doesn’t matter, because the truth of it all is that they are human, they were under extreme pressure, and they are fallible, as we all are. If you didn’t like the show, then you shouldn’t have continued to watch it!!! You are crucifying them for not being what you apparently needed them to be, but I pose this question to all of you who felt the need to judge before a national audience–are YOU who YOU need to be? We are ALL works in progress. Lighten up!!! None of you who didn’t go through this grueling program could possibly know how it may have affected YOU–so as we say in the so-called “white trash” South–get off of your high horses, tend to your own business, and if you want to truly voice your opinion with class, STOP JUDGING OTHERS.

Phil says:

Old friend: Be wary of the notion of ‘karma’?? This is a message board. Get off your high horse.

From an old friend says:

Phil: I wrote to “take heed”, which means, pay attention if you are one of those who wrote such hate-filled things and allowed yourselves to become so emotionally involved in this. I do believe the things these people wrote will be reflected back to them. “Be wary” connotes danger may be involved– words I did not use and a bit strong for my intended message. And I am getting off of my high horse–I appreciate the admonishment–too much anger and hatred here for me. Vicky and Brady, I just want you to know that not everyone hates you or judges you so harshly, and I am very proud of what you accomplished despite all of the adversity inherent in the game, and despite all of the ugliness for which you were called down yet people on this forum seem to think is okay for them to visciously throw out at you. May you and your children be shielded from all negativity and may you continue to move in a positive direction in your lives. As I said before, I believe in you and know that you will take the best things from this experience and use them for your own continued well-being and the good of others–as we who read the local papers know you’ve already begun to do. Godspeed, my friends.

wake up! says:

old friend-

your friends vicki and brady opened themselves up to this sort of exposure/response from viewers when they signed up to be on a television show. They are not victims. They signed up for this, and greedily so. My guess is that they are going to be doing public speaking on weightloss- in which they get paid, nothing out of the kindness of their hearts.

The fact that so many of us have been disgusted with their behavior should actually be an eye opener for you, as their friend, that something isn’t right here. All the editing in the world can’t erase the expression, words, and actions of these two clowns. Gods speed to you, if such negative and manipulative people are in your life, my sympathies go out to you

wake up! says:

Also, I’m sorry, but quoting religious statements ie” there for but for the grace of god I go”, is inappropriate and self rightous. It places a tone in which you are preaching/speaking down to the rest of us children here, who, shock of all shockers, aren’t all catholic or even religious for that matter. Instead of preaching, you should be the one learning

From an old friend says:

Doing a little preaching of your own with that last statement…we’re all learning, hopefully. Too bad we’re not all loving, forgiving, and understanding as well. It all just makes me sad, not just for Vicky and Brady, but for all of the people who wrote in with such anger, hatred and visciousness and evidently didn’t begin to see it in themselves. Sad for all of the people who spend time watching these contrived “reality” shows and become so emotionally involved in them. I don’t need your sympathies at this time, and I’ll keep my rose-colored glasses, as they’ve worked quite well for me in my 45 years, showing me on a daily basis that giving one’s best to others brings out the best in others–period. I never said everything was “right” in the way my friends behaved–but I trust that they will do their best to fix whatever was wrong.

Rosie says:

To and old friend~ So, honey what do you do with your time since your don’t sit your fat in front of the TV to watch reality TV? Oh! I know, you sit in front of your computer, defending your so called friends?! And you have no idea how they acted on the Episodes, since you didn’t watch? HELLO. maybe you should get a clue and stop juding all of the bloggers at this site, since we did watch and you did not! Vicky, Brady, Ed and Heba, AKA The evil four were really nasty to all of the contestants on the program, and I do not believe that it was edited to look that way. Vicky herself ( the most evil one) stated at one time that she was going to take home the $250K and Brady would take home the $100K, now isn’t MONEY the root of all EVIL???

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