Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper is a Vegetarian

Bob HarperIn the latest edition of Vegetarian Times, Bob Harper, best known as the tough but friendly trainer on The Biggest Loser, spoke about changing over to a vegetarian diet. I myself have given up most meat sources as well, eating a diet rich in veggies and fish, which depending on who you talk to might have you calling me a Fishetarian or a Pescatarian.

I’ve enjoyed many health benefits that have come with eating a more vegetable focused diet, which include lower risk for high cholesterol, lower risk for cancer, and potentially living longer as backed by the China Health Project, which found vegetarians live on average 7 years longer. In addition to the health benefits we can also impact our environment with less waste and air pollution that is generated from the farms that output hundreds of animals every day and this waste in turn can end up in our water system.

In a 1997 study by the Senate Agriculture Committee, it was found that 60 percent of American waterways were polluted with the major contributor being animal agriculture.

While each person’s diet can, and in many ways should, be unique to their type, there are many universal reasons that make a vegetarian diet appealing. If you aren’t quite ready to give up your hamburgers, why not try going vegetarian once a week? You’ll be surprised at the yummy food you can be eating through whole grains, vegetables and fruit.

Bob Harper quotes several books as leading to his change in diet including Skinny Bitch. To read more about Bob Harper check out the September issue of Vegetarian Times on stands now.

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