Brendan Donovan: Biggest Loser 10 Contestant

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Age 32

Hometown Boston, MA

Occupation Special Education Teacher, Wellness Leader, Coach

Height 6′ 0″

Starting Weight 362

Final Weight 245

Total Loss -117 / 32.32 %


  • Single
  • No Children

Mini Bio

Only recently as Brendan Donovan begun using his weight as an excuse. The finisher of three marathons, all run at more than 250 pounds, this former high school athlete now battles a host of obesity-related diseases, including sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and swollen legs, due to his more than 350-pound body. Brendan’s weight has become a real problem professionally and personally. He attributes losing his fiancée four years ago to his weight. While Brendan is a special education teacher, football coach and wellness leader, having created an after-school weight-lifting program in Boston’s inner city that teaches kids how to eat and exercise, he feels he can’t be a proper role model at his morbidly obese size. Walking away from his dream of being a police officer, he now feels he’s living life as a hypocrite.

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Other Spellings

Brenden, Brendon, Brandon

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