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Age 30

Hometown Lawrence, MA

Occupation Medical Assistant

Team Color


Height 5′ 4″

Starting Weight 244

Final Weight 173

Total Loss -71 / 29.10 %


  • Divorced
  • No Children

Mini Bio

Elizabeth Ruiz was an athletic, active child and teen who was part of the mediation team and student council. She was engaged to be married during her junior year of high school, and now divorced, Elizabeth associates her weight gain with her ex-husband.  His possessive and jealous behavior created a lot of family issues, and it wasn’t until a traumatic stabbing that put him in a three-month coma that she was able to start the beginning of the end.  He awoke with the mind of a child and his health changed drastically, which put Elizabeth in a caretaker position. She ultimately stopped caring for herself, putting Elizabeth in the tough situation of having take the steps toward leaving that unhealthy environment. Elizabeth now works primarily from home with the goal of becoming a physician’s assistant. The health of her future patients starts with her own, which is why she has embarked on this crucial Biggest Loser journey.

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Other Spellings

Elisabeth, Eliza, Liz, Beth, Ruez, Ruaz

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