Find and Track Your Runs with MapMyRun

logo_mapmyrunWhen I recently moved to a new area I was having a hard time finding good running routes outside of the gym, having been spoiled living close to a park in my old neighborhood. I was recently introduced to MapMyRun, which allows you to search your city for running routes, which all list the distance as well as have a map with the route for you to follow.

Our very own fitness expert Matt has been blogging his series “Best places to run” and this is a great addition for those of you looking for additional resources for various cities across the country. 

What I love about the program is that it doesn’t simply limit your search to larger cities, you can drill down to smaller towns and find runs that are in your area or you can even create your own. When I was training for a half-marathon I ended up driving through my neighborhood and mapping out 4, 8 and 12 mile routes using the mileage marker on the car. I can now map where I would like to run and determine the length through the mapping functionality.

If you aren’t a runner but enjoying biking, hiking or simply walking there are tools for that as well and it is a nice way to track your progress and mileage along with calories if you enter in your personal information and log-in regularly.

Check out MapMyRun and other associated tools here.

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