J. Lo is Off to the Races

Jenny From The Block has committed to running a few hundred of them. That’s right, Jennifer Lopez, the new(ish) mother of twins is going to take part in the 22nd Annual Malibu Triathlon next month.

jennifer lopezLopez apparently made the commitment during her pregnancy. And it’s not just some sort of look-how-fantastic-I-am publicity stunt, she’s raising money for the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Self Magazine has crowned J. Lo the Most Inspiring Woman of 2023, so I guess she’s making sure she earns her title. ABC News has a video interview with the singer/actress/dancer/and now, fitness guru.

One Response to J. Lo is Off to the Races

Descygna Webb says:

Too bad J. Lo also believes that her story of participating in this event should eclipse “that swimmer” that everyone is talking about. Someone on the set of her interview overheard her say that her participating in a triatholon after giving birth to twins should be a mainstream story…but everyone is too busy watching “that swimmer” in the Olympics to care. Are you kidding me…is she that much of a diva that she thinks what she does should surpass the international Olympic games and Phelps busting through world records??? That’s right Jenny…his name is Michael Phelps!

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