Jesse Atkins: Biggest Loser 10 Contestant

Biggest Loser Finale Interview

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Age 28

Hometown St. Paul, Minnesota

Occupation Appellate Law Clerk

Height 5′ 8″

Starting Weight 369

Final Weight 203

Total Loss -166 / 44.99 %


  • Single

Mini Bio

Jesse Atkins was the child who received everything he asked for from his parents.  This included food. And while he doesn’t recall many trips to McDonald’s, he says his collection of Happy Meal toys is proof of the frequent fast food meals. Admitting he’s never known what healthy eating is, he says he doesn’t even know where he’d begin. He was a heavy kid in high school, and although he lettered in football and weightlifting, he was still picked on, and earned the nickname “Pumbaa,” which he has maintained to this day. He calls his high school years the worst of his life; but things wouldn’t become easier college where he quickly gained 50 pounds his freshman year due to his discovery of beer. Today, Jesse works as a law clerk. This job is not impacted by his weight, but he knows the future of his career is. People consider him to be lazy, unproductive and assume he’s incapable of doing an efficient job. Jesse is ready to end a life of torment and judgment, he just needs help finding where to start.

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Other Spellings

Jessy, Jessie, Jessey, Akins, Atkens

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