Jessica Delfs: Biggest Loser 10 Contestant

Biggest Loser Finale Interview

Keep up with Jessica Delfs’ journey during Biggest Loser season ten. will update each contestant’s weight loss, as well as accomplishments, videos, and more following weekly episodes.

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Age 26

Hometown Tucson, AZ

Occupation Substitute Teacher, Wedding Planner

Height 5′ 7″

Starting Weight 282 pounds

Final Weight 190 pounds

Total Loss -92 / 32.62 %


  • Single
  • No Children

Mini Bio

Jessica Delfs is a native of Tucson, Arizona, where she’s live her entire life, with the same people. Jessica rebelled against the poor relationship with her mother during high school by eating, which lead to her growing to 100 pounds heavier. Today she’s overweight and has reconciled with her mother. Her emotional eating didn’t just occur in relation to her mother, she also used it as a deterrent to men after a close physical encounter with a male acquaintance in college. Eating was her protection. Despite this, Jessica has enjoyed a successful career for being only 26-years old. At 23 she launched Shelf Bridal, her own event-planning agency, and she also works as a substitute teacher for elementary-aged children. She will no doubt take this successful spirit to Biggest Loser, where she is ready to be introduced to new challenges, surroundings and adventures.

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Other Spellings

Jessika, Jessi, Jess, Jesse, Delphs, Delts

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