Jillian Michaels Fesses up to a Nose Job

By Alicia Rose

Best known as a trainer and coach on NBC’s hit TV shows The Biggest Loser and Losing It With Jillian, Jillian Michaels is an amazing motivator, personal trainer and guide to nearly 15 million viewers every week. However, before she was a successful television star, Michaels struggled to maintain her weight and admits that continuous teasing by her peers about her appearance led her to undergo plastic surgery.

“In eighth grade, I weighed 175 pounds and my nose was the size of a softball,” Jillian Michaels told Parade’s Healthy Style. “Once, I was sitting at lunch and got surrounded by a bunch of kids who let me have it about how ugly I was: my uni-brow, the size of my nose, the fat rolling over my jeans. It was pure hell. My mom had to pull me out and put me in another school.”

Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job, seemed to be a remedy to the vicious teasing from her peers.

“I had my nose done,” she admitted, “I felt much better about myself. Plastic surgery is a very personal decision.”

Michaels did not reveal when the rhinoplasty procedure occurred. She also said that the cosmetic surgery alone did not remedy her self-esteem problems completely, that a combination of therapy, starting at the age of 5, and weight loss, from martial arts, aided in her process of finding self worth.

“I was a very anxious kid. I had night terrors. I couldn’t breathe, I had a very strained relationship with my father, especially when my parents got divorced. I still try to go to therapy at least twice a week. It has given me the confidence to pursue the things I love, and it’s important that I don’t end up playing out my own pain and insecurities with the people I’m trying to help,” said Michaels.

At the age of 36, and at a height of 5’2″ and a fit 120 pounds, the petite trainer is hoping to soon have a family.

“I’m hoping I’ll have the motherhood thing figured out within five years. I was an only child for a long time, and it was lonely, so I would like to have at least two kids,” Michaels said. “As long as children have love, that’s all that matters, but in an ideal scenario I’d want them to have a father.”

Via US Magazine

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