Julia Roberts Doesn’t Regret Gaining Weight for Eat Pray Love

Julia Roberts Eat Pray Love is in theaters today, so we all want the scoop on how Julia Roberts felt about eating all that Italian food. In the movie, she appears to have lived on a diet of gelato and Neapolitan pizza.

Although Roberts confesses to having a sweet tooth, she eventually got tired of eating pizza all day. The actress didn’t use a “spit bucket,” that age-old Hollywood trick to stay trim on set.

“That grosses me out,” Roberts told Entertainment Weekly. “If you look at any of the scenes of eating, by the end of the scene, I’m done eating. Like in the scene with the pizza, by the time the scene is over, I’ve eaten the entire piece. When we were in Naples, we started shooting at 8 in the morning, and I think by 8:45 I’d eaten 8 or 10 pieces of pizza. Pizza was what I ate all day that day.”

The actress gained between seven and ten pounds while shooting in Rome. Roberts doesn’t regret it because she feels that she stayed true to the character, Liz Gilbert, the author of the true story behind Eat Pray Love. “By the time Liz got to Italy, she was so underweight that the weight she put on really got her back to normal and then a little bit more,” explained Roberts. Neither woman gained an unhealthy amount on a Mediterranean diet, but the actress did notice the difference. “I could’ve used a bigger pair of jeans when I went off to India!”

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