Katy Perry’s Pre-Wedding 5-Factor Workout

Katy Perry workout and dietKaty Perry pretty much has to look awesome all the time, but for her wedding to Russell Brand, she’s kicking it into high gear. She’s following the 5-Factor diet with the help of the regime’s creator, Harley Pasternak. He’s the same trainer behind Lady Gaga’s body.

“She’s getting in shape for everything…wedding, music videos, touring, etc.,” said Pasternak of the star. “She works out as often as she can. She’s a busy woman but her goal is five times a week.” The 5-Factor workout is a five-station circuit that works each part of the body for five minutes. The intense workout only takes 25 minutes, perfect for a girl on the go.

Perry also switched to a healthy pre-wedding eating plan, which meant giving up her favorite fast foods. “My fave things include barbeque chicken chop at CPK Chinese, chicken salad at Chinchins” and “my beloved double double at In-N-Out Burger,” Katy told OK! Magazine. Now she’s cutting down on fatty, fried foods.

With the 5-factor diet, she’s eating frequent light meals throughout the day for maximum energy. “She eats five small meals a day, each containing healthy fats, lean protein, fiber and a non-sugar drink,” says Pasternak. “A typical day’s diet would be an egg white omelet with a bowl of berries, an apple cinnamon smoothie, a chop salad, three-bean BBQ chips and finishing off with a seafood stir fry for dinner.”

Via RadarOnline.com.

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