Lisa Mosley: Biggest Loser 10 Contestant

Eliminated Week 10

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Age 30

Hometown Norman, OK

Occupation Stay-at-home Mom

Height 5′ 8″

Starting Weight 288

Final Weight 191

Total Loss -97 / 33.68 %


  • Single
  • 2 Children – 12, 7

Mini Bio

At the young age of 18, Lisa Mosley became pregnant and had to raise the child on her own. She attributes her weight gain to the anxiety and struggle of working through that time. When the recession hit, Lisa was left without a job and a home, currently living her children’s father until she can get back on her feet to support the three of them. She’s finding the job hunt difficult as people are unwilling to hire someone who appears to be unable of caring for themselves physically. Lisa’s goal is to lose the weight so she can re-start her career, fall in love and continuing caring for her children. Lisa refuses to see surgery as an option, believing she’s able to lose the weight in a healthy manner, and prove to herself and her children that she can do anything to better herself.

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Other Spellings

Lissa, Lysa, Liza, Mostly, Mosey, Moseley

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