Maxim Editor’s Tweet Causes Chipotle to Make Bacon Menu Correction

Restaurant menus are getting better and better all the time. More and more establishments are including ingredients and nutrition information for their consumers. One chain that has appealed to the health conscience and the fast food addicts alike is Chipotle. Chipotle has always offered fresh, high quality ingredients and allowed the customer to make their meal tailored to their desires. They have also been very forthcoming in their products, helping the health-conscience make informed decisions. However, a recent  food faux pas has required the CEO to make some necessary menu changes.

Chipotle’s pinto beans have always been prepared with a small amount of bacon. This is not advertised clearly on any menu. However the staff has always been instructed to inform customers of this fact if they aren’t ordering any type of meat, just to insure the assumed vegetarian isn’t consuming meat. The web site always advises vegetarians and vegans to choose the black beans over pinto as they are vegan. Recently a flaw in this plan was exposed.

While many skip the bacon because it’s meat, the fact that some skip bacon because it’s bacon wasn’t considered. Maxim senior editor Seth Porges has eaten many Chipotle meals with pinto beans and chicken or beef. Therefore he did not receive the warning that the beans contained bacon. Porges does not eat pork “for religious and cultural reasons.” When he discovered he’d been eating pork for several years, he spoke out on Twitter. Chipotle CEO Steve Ells quickly responded and informed Porges that the menu would be changed to include the fact about the bacon in the pinto beans. If Porges was upset, the swift and professional manner in which the issue was handled seemed to change his tune.

As Chipotle is somewhat of a maverick in the fast-food industry, offering fast, affordable, yet very healthy food, it’s good to see that the head of the company reflects that high quality standard, too. As this menu change prepares to take place, Chipotle is gearing up to add a few more great items to their order boards. Brown rice, breakfast burritos, and vegan-friendly garden blends are just a few of the great new items they will be offering. Even though most restaurants are offering more information about their food, few of those places can boast about their details like Chipotle. Therefore, it’s safe to think consumers will forgive this little mistake.

Via: Huffington Post


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