Meet the Biggest Loser 8 Contestants

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We’re just weeks away from the September 15 premiere of Biggest Loser season 8, as the show introduces the newest group of contenders to battle the bulge on a national stage. This season, it’s all about second chances, and we’ll see 16 people who are ready to take everything this chance has to offer.biggest loser 8 contestants

Trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper will join host Alison Sweeney once again at the Biggest Loser ranch, and work with these 16 contestants to overcome emotional, physical and mental barriers that helped put on this weight and kept them from taking it off.

Without further ado, meet your Biggest Loser 8 contestants!

Daniel Wright – 20, Willow Spring, NC. Sound familiar? He should. He was a participant in Biggest Loser 7, and still has plenty of weight to lose!

Rudy Pauls – 30, Brooklyn, CT. Works as an engineer.

Allen Smith – 43, Columbus, IN. Works as a firefighter/EMT.

Amanda Arlauskas – 19, Butler, NJ. Patient Care Tech/RN Student. During the season 7 finale, America voted for Amanda to participate this season.

Antoine Dove – 23, Dudley, NC. Works as a Health Insurance Physician Contractor.

Liz Young – 49, Lewisberg, TN. Comfort Consultant.

Dina Mercado – 27, Commerce, CA. Works as a custodian.

Shay Sorrells – 29, Newport Beach, CA. Is a social worker and studying her MBA in social work. Will weigh-in as the heaviest contestant in the show’s history, at 471 pounds.

Mo Dewalt – 55, Louisville, KY. Works as a youth mentor.jillian michaels bob harper alison sweeney

Abby Rike – 34, Mabank, TX. Works as a teacher.

Sean Algaier – 29, Tulsa, OK. Works as a youth pastor.

Rebecca Meyer – 25, Des Moines, IA. Is a student and works as a nanny.

Danny Cahill – 39, Broken Arrow, OK. Works as a landscaper and musician.

Tracey Yukich – 37, Allen, TX. Works as a homemaker.

Alexandra White – 20, Harrisburg, PA. Is a college student.

Julio Gomez – 39, Algonquin, IL. Works as a mortgage loan officer.

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