Paula Deen Endorses 100 Percent Natural Chickens

Paula Deen is a Food Network star known for her delicious southern cooking and her famous restaurant in Savannah, Georgia, Lady and Sons. Lately, Paula has been getting some press coverage for a new food endeavor. Deen has partnered with Springer Mountain Farms to endorse their 100 percent all natural chicken. Their chickens will not only be endorsed by Paula Deen, they will also have her face on the packaging.

Paula Deen released a statement saying:  “Chicken is a very logical line of food for us to have. I’m particularly impressed with the way Springer Mountain Farms raises and feeds its chickens, producing an especially tender and delicious product. I’m proud to put my name on these items and encourage everyone to give them a try.”

For meat and poultry to be labeled all natural, the Food Safety and Inspection Service requires there be no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. These Springer Mountain Farms chickens have never received steroids, hormones, antibiotics or animal bi-products in their lifetime, eating a diet consisting mainly of corn and soybeans.

Having a spokesperson like Paula Deen can be helpful for encouraging more people to seek out natural meats which can be healthier. When considering if you should purchase natural products, note that the term natural is only regulated when it is used with meat and poultry. This means that other foods can use the designation without any true guidelines. Most products that include a natural designation are minimally processed, but that may not always be the case. Keeping this in mind will help you make an informed decision on what types of meat you purchase.

Via FitPerez and Livestrong

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