Ricki Lake Finds Weight Loss Motivation by Signing on for Dancing With the Stars

Ricki Lake is a celebrity known as much for her up and down weight battles as her talk show and acting talents. Ricki has been revealed as a contestant on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars and she appears to be keeping her weight in check from recent photos. Ricki says that she agreed to do the show after being inspired by Kirstie Alley during the previous season – rightfully so since Kirstie managed to shed 38 inches from her body over a 12 week period.

Although Ricki looks great, she says that she hasn’t been maintaining her weight. She fell in love last year and she admits that she’s “gone on a love binge” and hasn’t been hitting the gym like she usually does. Ricki may have been missing her gym time, but now that she’s on Dancing With The Stars, she won’t have any trouble getting in a very rigorous workout everyday to the tune of about six hours. Contestants on Dancing With The Stars train hard and for several hours each day to master their routines.

Ricki has dealt with weight issues for her whole life and wants to make sure she’s careful when it comes to losing weight on the show. She wants to lose about 15 pounds, but also make sure she’s not depriving or starving herself. Dancing With The Stars will be a great way for her to reach her goals. Going into this task, Ricki already has a plan to stay healthy. She knows she will be working out hard every day and plans to be conscious of her eating habits as well. This sets a great example for others that want to lose weight. Perhaps those watching at home can be inspired by Ricki Lake, the same way she was inspired watching Kirstie Alley.

Via Us Magazine and People

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