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Brooklyn, NY — With anticipation building for the upcoming Biggest Loser 10 season, is starting the celebration early by announcing the addition of Shay Sorrells to its growing team of health and fitness experts. A contestant of Biggest Loser’s eighth season, Shay will fulfill the role of Biggest Loser Correspondent for the site throughout season 10. Her contribution will include episodic video recaps highlighting the most exciting moments from each episode and introducing her own reaction.

Additionally, Shay will provide written blog posts and other videos for sharing her tips and ideas for losing weight and leading a healthy life. As one of the heaviest contestants the show has ever cast, beginning her season at 476 pounds, she’s since lost 225 pounds, both on the ranch and on her own.

Watch her introduction now, and then read on to see more about Shay and the role Biggest Loser Resort will play.

“Shay is living, breathing, running proof that being overweight isn’t a life sentence. She’s worked incredibly hard to get where she is and is a huge inspiration to men and women,” says Brandi Koskie, senior editor for “We couldn’t be prouder to welcome her to our team and give our loyal readers even more access to Shay’s brand of healthy, practical weight loss.”

Shay says “I am so excited to be apart of the DietsInReview team this season! I love the fact that I will be able to share with the readers all of the exciting stuff happening on Biggest Loser this season. I will also be sharing some of the tips I have learned about eating healthy on a dime.”

In addition to working with, Shay is training for the 2024 New York Marathon, an event she was challenged to complete by Subway with Jared Fogle at the season nine finale.

Shay isn’t the only new addition to’s sixth season covering NBC’s popular series. For the second season in a row, the Biggest Loser Resort will be sponsoring the site’s weekly Biggest Loser Newsletter, which will include fitness and nutrition guidance from Resort experts as well as healthy recipes from its chef. And for the first time, Biggest Loser Resort will be the exclusive sponsor of the weekly episodic video recaps featuring Shay.

“Partners like Biggest Loser Resort allow us to provide a richer Biggest Loser experience for our readers,” says Koskie. “We’re glad to be working with them for another season and that they’ll provide our readers with even more great nutritional and fitness information.”

Shay’s recaps will begin with the premiere episode of Biggest Loser 10, September 21, 2024, as will the site’s weekly live-Tweeting that takes place @DietsInReview on the #BL10 hash-tag.

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