The Aaron Rodgers Burger – Nobody Should Tackle This Gut Bomb

The National Football League, the most profitable and popular professional sports league in America, kicks off regular season play in less than a week. Six years ago, the NFL put its massive appeal to good use, founding the Play 60 program to tackle childhood obesity and encourage a more active generation of children. Most NFL media coverage is centered around head injuries, Fantasy Football, murder charges and twitter rants, but the league continues to make strides fighting the obesity epidemic with national activities for kids. However, when a few members of the Green Bay Packers had the opportunity to design their own hamburger recipes to be sold at Curly’s Pub in Lambeau field on game days, they did not have health on the brain and undermined the efforts of Play 60.

A Rodgers Burger

While Play 60 aims to get children to play for 60 minutes a day, anyone who eats the Aaron Rodgers burger will need to play for 120 minutes after they wake up from their food coma. The Aaron Rodgers burger does not come with an artery brush, but it should. Here’s what you get: bacon, swiss and havarti cheese, avocado, pickles, jalapeno, onion rings, mayo, ranch, and PEANUT BUTTER—all with a side of fresh Wisconsin cheese curds. Just like mom used to make—if she hated you. Peanut butter is a trending burger topping, but next to ranch, mayo, and avocado, it seems like a flavor rainbow from hell.

Among the other Packers who were lucky enough to build their own burger, bacon, avocado, and onion rings seemed to be popular toppings. Packers coach Mike McCarthy’s burger is loaded with a whole ham hock, while receiver Randall Cobb’s burger is smothered with BBQ sauce. This is not a good example for the hordes of little Packers fans who will flock to Lambeau for a ballgame this year. Even though 10 percent of the food sales will go to a charity of the player’s choice, these 2,000 calorie burger bombs are a travesty. If Burger King debuted the new Double Cheese, Bacon and Ranch, Peanut Butter Jalapeno Burger, and served it up with a side of squeaky curds, the entire nation would cry foul.

Everyone from the FLOTUS to Pizza Hut has been reforming the status quo in an attempt to create a more food-conscious society but the NFL seems to be above all that. Fortunately, the waiting list for Packers tickets is about 100 years long, so only a select few thousand people will have access to these nauseating burgers.

To learn more about the NFL Play 60 program’s 2024 Super School contest, click here.

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