The “Hey N Sync, Please Reunite at the VMAs” Gym Music Playlist

*N Sync is back, but unfortunately, this time around there are strings attached. When Lance Bass posted an Instagram photo of himself and former ‘syncers Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick at a Justin Timberlake concert, someone, somewhere on the Internet typed “reunion,” and the social media rumor mill began churning. Given the fact that JT will be accepting the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award at Sunday night’s MTV VMAs—which have already been shrouded in mystery—we’re saying there’s a chance.

nsync reunion photoimage credit Lance Bass Instagram

Since anybody under the age of 35 holds a special place in their hearts for JT’s backup singers—they were our British Invasion after all—we decided to find out if and how the Grammy winners were staying in shape. No longer able to rely on youthful metabolism and free from the pressure of sex symbol status—just kidding, JT—it would be understandable if the group of 30 somethings had let themselves go.

As you might have heard, Timberlake—perhaps the most famous dude on the planet right now—still looks good in a suit and tie. He gets plenty of exercise performing in arenas all over the world, is big into pick up basketball, and eats five small meals a day; tons of chicken and eggs. Everyone’s favorite Bass has a mantra of “health is wealth,” works out on a Bowflex machine, and takes frequent hikes. (The guy once trained for a space flight, so I’m sure he knows his way around a workout.)

The Italian Fatone, who has battled weight fluctuations, hasn’t seen his star dim too much since *N Sync sank, hosting the fairly popular “The Singing Bee” and performing on “Dancing With the Stars.” There’s not too much out there on his fitness habits, but the naturally large Fatone is looking pretty solid these days. He now hosts a show called “My Family Recipe Rocks,” where he tries to find the best home cooking and investigates new diets.

JC Chasez briefly tried to go solo, which didn’t float, and when I investigated his current health and fitness habits, all I found were five year old pictures of him entering/leaving gyms. He needs this reunion. And then there’s Chris Kirkpatrick. Some say he was the dullest or most awkward member of *N Sync, but let’s call him jejune, because it sounds better. The only thing I unearthed on his fitness habits was a 2001 interview in which he claimed to stay in shape by doing “a lot of cardio and stretching.” He needs this reunion.

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*N Sync’s image was never about chiseled abs or bulging biceps, it was more about denim tuxedos and Sun-In. But Google image searches will reveal the ole boys have aged fairly well, and the recent reunion rumors remind us that *N Sync has a catalogue peppered with perfect tunes for banging out a sweat sesh at the gym. Cut the strings from your usual gym routine with our 2020 *N Sync gym playlist. Listen to it with caution; you have these dance routines memorized, and DIR cannot be responsible for any embarrassment suffered after you bust a move in the middle of your gym.

DIR’s Totally Relevant, Please Reunite at the VMAs, *N Sync Gym Playlist

1. Bye Bye Bye

2. Just Got Paid

3. Pop 

4. Tearin’ Up My Heart 

5. It’s Gonna Be Me

6. Here We Go

7. Space Cowboy (Yippie-Yi-Yay) 

8. Girlfriend (The Neptunes Remix featuring Nelly) 

9. No Strings Attached

10. The Game is Over 

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