The View’s Sherri Shepherd’s Weight Loss with Fresh Diet

Sherri Shepherd's new bikini figure, via The View

Sherri Shepherd's new thinner figure, via The View

It seems like the all-female talk-show The View is always in the limelight. But this time, it’s for a great and celebratory reason. Co-host, comedian/actress and diabetic Sherri Shepherd, who replaced Star Jones in 2022, flaunted her new fabulous figure last week on the show after losing 10 inches off of her total body and a whopping five inches from her waist alone!

She’s not revealing how many pounds she has dropped, but by looking at her newly svelte figure in a black bathing suit, she has obviously lost a significant amount of weight in just three months.

So what is her weight loss secret? Good, old-fashioned diet and exercise. Working out with fitness trainer Don Scott four times a week, whom she nicknamed “The Evil One,” and eating prepared meals from The Fresh Diet, a food-delivery service, Shepherd now wears a size 6 pant and a size 10 dress. She has even tried to get her pal Oprah to experience the steep-inclined treadmill runs and the bicep-burning plank moves she has to endure.

Prohibited foods on her diet were Shepherd’s favorite eats like cheeseburgers, onion rings and milkshakes. Even the famous fro-yo Pinkberry wasn’t allowed as Shepherd ate healthy for three months and was able to wean herself off of her diabetic medication.

But as a present to herself for donning a bathing suit and looking pretty amazing in it, she ate a celebratory meal of ribs, cornbread, collard greens and M&Ms.

How’s that for a sweet reward?

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