Venus Williams’ Workout

Venus Williams StrechingJust in time for the US Open, Venus Williams reveals her workout secrets. Of course, the tennis star spends two to three hours training on the courts, but it takes a lot more to stay in top-performance shape. “It’s kind of a nine to five thing with a full day of working out,” she told FitSugar. “I do anything like ride the bike, the elliptical, swimming, or sprinting—things like that.”

Venus loves to swim: “Swimming is my favorite cardiovascular activity. Lately I have been swimming in the ocean too. The water has been real calm in Florida this summer and it’s real flat.” But the tennis player confesses that she hates doing elbow planks, also know as prone holds, that work the core muscles. “I don’t like planks,” says Venus. “I don’t like slow and tedious exercise. Ones that you have to do on both sides. Those really get me down.”

Eating a healthy diet isn’t something that’s hard for Venus, a quality that’s easy to envy. “I am one of those people that eats to live and not lives to eat.” Although it’s hard for her to pin-point a favorite recovery food, she does like beans and rice with blackened chicken.

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