What Did You Just Say? Bingo Wings and Mommy Muffins as Slang for Lost Weight

According to Shakespeare, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. However true that may be, we think that extra weight being called muffin tops or saddlebags is a lot funnier than just calling it extra weight. We bring you this tale from the Fit Crypt with hilarious nicknames people have attached to their excess poundage. Maybe they’ve gotten rid of it, maybe they haven’t, but either way we are glad they can laugh about it.

One mom knew that baby belly wasn’t enough for the swell of skin that was left after the arrival of her two darling children. In her book A Laugh Out Loud, Pee In Your Granny Panties, Guide to New Mommyhood, Katie Vale Kinder apologizes to the women who became moms before her for judging their postpartum bodies. She came in to the fold of moms with a little extra padding as well, and came up with name FUPA for her extra weight. “It is totally dirty and stands for fat upper pubic area,” she told us. “It isn’t your vagina and it isn’t your stomach, but your FUPA! It’s the extra body part developed after you have a baby!”

We knew Katie wasn’t the only one poking a little fun at the new look of her body, so we set out to find a few other people willing to reveal their weighty nicknames.

Bingo Wings – the flabby skin on the upper arms.” – Jason Maxwell, fitness expert, jmaxfitness.com

“Dunlop Disease…When your belly done lop over your belt!” – Mike Pascale

“Droopy man boobsSpaniel’s ears or fried eggs.” – Ian McKenzie

“We call the extra skin left after weight loss Shrinkles – Antonia Namnath, CEO for the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America

“I used to call my extra baby weight my mommy muffin.” – Brandi Koskie, Managing Editor for DietsInReview.com

“It’s not extra fat, it’s extra storage.” – Jessi Ward

Whether you have or have had cankles, thunder thighs, a talking tummy, or love handles, it can’t hurt to poke a little fun at yourself, or your extra weight. Still, the important thing to remember is to live a healthy lifestyle and learn to appreciate yourself for who you are. We here at DietsInReview want every person to find that balance between continuous self-improvement and having a healthy self-esteem and image of themselves. And really, sometimes, it helps to just laugh about it.

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