Zac Efron’s Diet and Fitness Routine

With his charming good looks, Zac Efron is one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars. And he has the body to prove it. According to People magazine, being physically active is just a natural part of this High School Musical star’s daily routine.

“I definitely love to stay active. If it gets me outside and gets me moving, then I love doing it,” says Efron.


The 23-year-old actor works out regularly with his personal trainer. His dedication to ab workouts is very visibly reflected in his chiseled six-pack abs, which he often shows while hanging out on the beaches of Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens.

When he goes to the gym, Zac hits the strength and resistance training workouts hard. He engages in heavy weight-lifting while also getting enough of the proper rest in between workouts for lean muscle growth and recovery.

Zefron is also rumored to be an avid outdoor sports fan. Surfing, trekking, running, swimming, basketball and tennis are just a few of his favorite go-to sports that give him a total body workout as well as an enviable tan. Plus all of those months spent practicing dance moves for High School Musical doesn’t hurt either.


Efron takes what he puts into his mouth just as seriously as he does those rock-hard stomach muscles. Even though many young men his age are taking advantage of their speedy metabolisms by feasting on burgers, beers and burritos, Efron ascribes to a clean-eating plan. Packaged foods, sugars and refined flours are out. Instead, they are replaced by lean proteins, healthy carbs and tons of fruit.

His go-to breakfast favorite is poached eggs on whole-wheat toast with ketchup, oatmeal, and a fresh strawberry and banana smoothie. Being young, active and fit, this young star needs his calories, but he is very cautious where they come from.

Here is a look at some of the other diet secrets from Hollywood’s fittest:

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