41 Days to Say Yes to the Bridesmaid Dress: Blogging It Off with The Digest Diet

By Jill Sandberg

I’ll admit that I’ve always been on the chubby side. On average, my closet contains clothing anywhere from a size four to a size ten.

A few years back I lost a significant amount of weight and was down from a size 16 (the heaviest I’d ever been) to a size four. But after a breakup and some sheer laziness and overindulgence on my part, I’m back up to a size 10 that’s knocking on 12’s door.

To make matters worse, I’ve struggled with hypothyroidism and PCOS for years. A common symptom of both is to have the metabolism of a slug. Knowing I have these issues, I should understand how easily weight gain can happen with me and to be more disciplined with my diet. And yet, pizza and beer keep calling my name…sigh.

Forty-one days. That’s the amount of time I have to lose weight before I’m shoved into a ball gown to walk down the aisle as the best person in a fabulous wedding. I’d like to be down a dress size by then. I’ve tried a few diets lately, but nothing has stuck. Brandi from DietsInReview invited me to try The Digest Diet. I thought “why not,” as this would force me to be accountable for my actions since I’d be taking before and after photos and writing about it along the way. Public accountability does wonders for a girl’s figure.

I’ll be part of the Blogging It Off team for Digest Diet, a group of people blogging about their experience with the new weight loss book from Liz Vaccariello. They tell me I’ll lose weight in 21 days; with 20 to spare for the wedding! I’ll be sharing my journey twice weekly, as will other bloggers. You can read all of my updates here each week, as well as follow Tweets on #DigestDiet. As well, everyone will be posting to the Digest Diet Facebook page.

The Digest Diet sounds like a pretty good plan. The first few days start with a rapid weight loss section and then the diet slowly incorporates regular meals. I think this will be good for my metabolic issues and jump start my weight loss in order for me to say yes to the dress.

You can count on me to tell it like it is every step of the way on this 21-day journey.

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