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10 Pounds Down in 21 Days with The Digest Diet

By Jill Sandberg

First of all I’d like to say thanks to Brandi at DietsInReview.com for asking me if I’d like to participate in the Blogging It Off Challenge. I think she knew I was struggling to lose some weight and needed a push. I’d also say thanks to the team at Digest Diet. They’ve really done an excellent job in creating an easy-to-use diet that has made me a believer.

OK, so the final day of the 21 day Digest Diet was here. I was dreading this weigh-in a bit because I went out to eat twice this weekend. With that said, I was pleasantly surprised when I stripped down to weigh myself (yea – you know you do this too), I had lost a total of 10 pounds in 21 days. *golf clap* *taking a bow*

Of course the majority of this came from the first 4-7 days. Going to a low-sodium / low-carb diet flushed out all the excess water weight I was carrying. (more…)

Weight Loss for the Long Haul with The Digest Diet

By Jill Sandberg

What is the saying, cheaters never prosper?

I have to admit, the tail end of week two on the Digest Diet didn’t go very well for me. I had done well all week until Thursday when a friend brought over a loaf of fresh baked bread. I hadn’t had bread in almost two weeks and it was so warm and fresh, I just couldn’t resist. Then the weekend came, which included a dinner party AND a bachelor party. I just couldn’t stick to the diet.

I’m actually not as upset as I thought I’d be. I didn’t lose any more weight, probably from the uptake in sodium from eating/drinking out two nights in a row, but haven’t gained any either. I fit into a pair of pants I couldn’t before, and was actually more than relieved to get back on the diet today.

I have also noticed a couple of things: bad food makes me physically feel bad, and I am really enjoying the Digest Diet. I have tried many diets in the past – from grapefruit to Jenny – and have always gotten bored/starved and quit. With the Digest Diet, there is plenty of variety and I don’t feel like I’m deprived. The biggest part of that has been the Slim Down Shakes. They fill me up while satisfying my sweet tooth. (more…)

Throw Away a Past of Crappy Eating with The Digest Diet

By Jill Sandberg

I can honestly say I can’t remember a time I’ve ever lost this much weight in a week. Sure, most of it is water weight, but still…eight and a half pounds in a week is kind of a big deal.

The first week on the Digest Diet was so easy. I read through the book and it seemed like any other diet – low carb, high protein. Things we all know to do, but so hard to do in real life. Being a bread addict doesn’t help.

The first four days consisted of eating pretty much the same things – which was so easy to do since I could make one batch and eat off of that for several meals. It was a liquid-based diet for the first four days so that was some getting used to. Day one was particularly difficult as I had to watch my daughter eat leftover pizza while I ate kale soup. I had to have great reserve with not slapping the pizza out of her hand and screaming like a petulant child “CAN’T YOU SEE I’M ON A DIET?!”

Day two went a little bit better. No screaming and no tantrums, but more surprisingly, no hunger pains. I was completely satisfied with the shakes and the soup. The kale soup was such a simple easy recipe to make and so tasty. By day three? I had already lost four pounds. I was more than happy to continue on with the diet once I stepped off the scale. Water weight? Most likely, but I’ll take it. (more…)

41 Days to Say Yes to the Bridesmaid Dress: Blogging It Off with The Digest Diet

By Jill Sandberg

I’ll admit that I’ve always been on the chubby side. On average, my closet contains clothing anywhere from a size four to a size ten.

A few years back I lost a significant amount of weight and was down from a size 16 (the heaviest I’d ever been) to a size four. But after a breakup and some sheer laziness and overindulgence on my part, I’m back up to a size 10 that’s knocking on 12’s door.

To make matters worse, I’ve struggled with hypothyroidism and PCOS for years. A common symptom of both is to have the metabolism of a slug. Knowing I have these issues, I should understand how easily weight gain can happen with me and to be more disciplined with my diet. And yet, pizza and beer keep calling my name…sigh.

Forty-one days. That’s the amount of time I have to lose weight before I’m shoved into a ball gown to walk down the aisle as the best person in a fabulous wedding. I’d like to be down a dress size by then. I’ve tried a few diets lately, but nothing has stuck. Brandi from DietsInReview invited me to try The Digest Diet. I thought “why not,” as this would force me to be accountable for my actions since I’d be taking before and after photos and writing about it along the way. Public accountability does wonders for a girl’s figure. (more…)