Throw Away a Past of Crappy Eating with The Digest Diet

By Jill Sandberg

I can honestly say I can’t remember a time I’ve ever lost this much weight in a week. Sure, most of it is water weight, but still…eight and a half pounds in a week is kind of a big deal.

The first week on the Digest Diet was so easy. I read through the book and it seemed like any other diet – low carb, high protein. Things we all know to do, but so hard to do in real life. Being a bread addict doesn’t help.

The first four days consisted of eating pretty much the same things – which was so easy to do since I could make one batch and eat off of that for several meals. It was a liquid-based diet for the first four days so that was some getting used to. Day one was particularly difficult as I had to watch my daughter eat leftover pizza while I ate kale soup. I had to have great reserve with not slapping the pizza out of her hand and screaming like a petulant child “CAN’T YOU SEE I’M ON A DIET?!”

Day two went a little bit better. No screaming and no tantrums, but more surprisingly, no hunger pains. I was completely satisfied with the shakes and the soup. The kale soup was such a simple easy recipe to make and so tasty. By day three? I had already lost four pounds. I was more than happy to continue on with the diet once I stepped off the scale. Water weight? Most likely, but I’ll take it.

I have to be honest, I continued using the fast release phase for the next two days because of our busy schedule it was easier for me to grab a shake or some soup. I’ve just now started on the Fade Away portion of the diet, incorporating greens and lean meats. I have really been surprised at how easy the recipes are in this book. I’m excited to try the different ones and to continue on this diet hopefully long term.

Sunday evening marked the first day of the Jewish new year. Rosh Hashanah is a time where we reflect back on the past year and look forward to the year to come. It’s a chance for us to blow the shofar, eat apples and honey, but most importantly, to let go of the past. We do this by taking pieces of bread that symbolize our sins and throw them into flowing water. I find this especially relevant right now as I’m throwing my beloved bread off into the water for some lucky fish and maybe a turtle to have for dinner. I think, for me, this represents me throwing away a past of crappy eating, and looking forward to a new year and years to come of something healthy and exciting. Shana tova!

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