Best Gyms In Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is the capitol of Oklahoma and is known for its top livestock market. Oklahoma City is the largest city in Oklahoma with a population of almost 600,000. The metropolitan area population is just over 1.2 million people and it is the eighth largest city in the nation by land area.

Oklahoma City has a humid subtropical climate and the average yearly temperature is around 60 degrees. Fitness in the midwest isn’t as booming as fitness on the coasts, but Oklahoma City does have plenty of elite exercise facilities. Check out the best gyms in Oklahoma City below!

Best Gyms in Oklahoma City:

  • Shape Fitness: With six premier locations, you have no excuse not to check out this amazing facility today. This facility offers state of the art fitness equipment, MMA (mixed-martial arts) training facility, open twenty-four hours a day, huge kids play area, and low monthly membership rates. Check out Shape Fitness today!
  • Red Rock Fitness: This club offers fitness at its best. From a friendly and helpful staff and experienced personal trainers to tanning, group fitness, and a basketball court. Visit Red Rock Fitness as soon as possible!
  • OAC Express Fitness: Located in Bethany, this facility partners with Red Rock to provide you elite fitness. This facility offers amazing fitness equipment and a friendly and fitness-oriented environment. Don’t miss out on the OAC Express Fitness low membership rates.
  • Aspen Athletic Clubs: With over a hundred pieces of fitness equipment, you can’t go wrong with this facility. Located in Penn Square, this amazing gym has it all. Check out Aspen Athletic Clubs today!
  • Southern Athletic Club: This club has seven racquetball courts and a 50,000 square foot room strictly used for strength training. Check out Southern Athletic Club at

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