Biggest Loser 8 Premiere Giveaway

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended. Renee and Jeff were chosen as the two winners! Congrats!

We promise we’re as anxious as all of you die-hard Biggest Loser fans for this season to get started. Between the fall and spring seasons, we only have to wait a couple of weeks. But after the confetti falls at the spring finale, we have all summer to wonder what awaits us, and the contestants, in that famous gym.

biggest loser prizesTo prepare for Biggest Loser 8, we’re encouraging you to sign-up now for our Biggest Loser Newsletter. After this season’s premiere September 15, we’ll draw two newsletter subscribers to each win one of the following prize packs:

Prize One: Biggest Loser Cookbook, The Biggest Loser book, 10 packs of Extra sugar-free gum, and a Dan Evans CD (Biggest Loser 5). Total value $44.

Prize Two: Jillian Michaels Master Your Metabolism, Jillian Michaels Hot Bod in a Box, 10 packs of Extra sugar-free gum, and a Dan Evans CD (Biggest Loser 5). Total value $42.

Plus, all Biggest Loser Newsletter subscribers are eligible to win a Brita/FilterForGood prize pack each week. We’ll draw one subscriber to receive a Brita pitcher and a FilterForGood Nalgene bottle!

The Biggest Loser Newsletter from is delivered each week, and provides fans with:mike morelli

  • Exclusive episodic video recaps by season 7’s Mike Morelli
  • Interviews with eliminated contestants
  • Biggest Loser recipes
  • News, videos and other updates from the Biggest Loser campus
  • Contestant weight loss tracker

Sign-up now to be eligible to win all of these prizes – and you won’t miss any of our Biggest Loser 8 coverage.

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