Dancing With the Stars Brings Major Changes for Contestants

Dancing With the Stars Season 11 premiered on Monday, September 20th, 2024. If you still don’t know, the contestant lineup is as follows:

  • Bristol Palin
  • Audrina Patridge
  • Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino
  • Michael Bolton
  • Kurt Warner
  • Kyle Massey
  • Rick Fox
  • Brandy
  • Jennifer Grey
  • Margaret Cho
  • Florence Henderson
  • David Hasselhoff (eliminated first)

The talent and dedication on Dancing With the Stars amazes me. Most contestants have to make major lifestyle changes in order to get into shape and build their talent for the show. Audrina Patridge recently spoke about her journey to do just that.

The Hills star has reportedly switched to a higher carb, high protein diet and eats approximately every two hours. It’s true that an abundance of carbohydrates are typically frowned upon in the diet community. The exception to this comes when you’re working your body as hard as she is! Athletes often stock up on carbs in order to fuel their bodies with what they need. She’s nearly given up alcohol (although she still enjoys the occasional glass of wine) and has substantially increased her water intake. These new habits have, no doubt, taken a hit on her social life. She tells OK! Magazine, “I’m focused on dancing, and that’s it.”

Have I said that I’m really inspired by the cast on Dancing With the Stars? Aside from getting permission to eat more carbs, it makes me want to get up, get in shape and get dancing! It’s no secret that Dancing has a tendency to facilitate major change in the health of its contestants- not to mention, major weight loss. I can’t wait to see who will drop the most weight this season.

Another Monday is around the corner, so pick a favorite and grab some (pre-measured, no butter, no salt) popcorn. Tune in with the rest of the world each week on ABC.

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