Denny’s to Put Amy’s Organics on the Menu

Amy's Veggie Burger at Denny'sIt looks like restaurant chain Denny’s is trying to atone for the nutritional sin of serving up the super-fattening fried cheese melt sandwich. Denny’s announced that it will be partnering with Amy’s Organics to offer a healthier sandwich: The Amy’s Veggie Burger. Announced this week, the organic and vegan burger will soon be appearing nationwide. Denny’s does currently offer a veggie burger, but it’s not vegan.

The burger will be served with fresh spinach, tomato, grilled mushrooms, and melted Pepper Jack cheese on a wheat bun. We assume that vegans can order the sandwich without cheese, should one venture into a Denny’s in the first place. We can only hope that the other ingredients will also be organic.

Amy’s is a national leader in pre-prepared organic foods. They’ve created a wide variety of meals, from pot pies to canned soups. In fact, Amy’s Indian Vegetable Korma is on our list of the best healthy frozen dinners.

Via Yahoo Shine.

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