Escali: The Body Weight Scale that Tracks Your Progress

escali scaleDo you have a love-hate relationship with your scale? What if you could design a scale that worked with you as you meet your weight loss goals, rather than just spewing out a number that either makes or breaks your day?

The Escali bathroom scale is as close as you can get to helping you stay on top of meeting and keeping your weight loss goals. The company, which also makes digital scales for the kitchen and for professional use, let us sample one of their sleek and slim Track & Target scales.

The glass digital scale allows you to program in yours and up to three other users’ desired weights. Once you hop on the scale, it calibrates your weight, shows you how much weight you have lost (or gained) since your last weigh-in and how much more weight you have to go before you reach your end goal. The display panel is super easy to read and it even tells you to “Get Off” once the scale has completed determining your weight. It’s pretty darn precise too, measuring a loss or gain of .2 pounds or 0.1 Kg.

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This is probably the thinnest scale I’ve ever used, but after using it, I do have a two caveats: The scale must be placed on a flat and hard surface – bathroom rugs, even a small bathroom mat, will give an inaccurate reading. Second, the scale comes programmed to read either pounds or kilograms. Even though the instructions note that there is a button to toggle between these settings, I never saw one. But somehow through my pressing of the few buttons on the display panel, I was finally able to switch from kilograms to pounds. The whole set-up process takes about five minutes. Mine took about eight given the weight mode issue.

Escali doesn’t just make one body weight scale, but a whole menu of devices such as their Body Fat/Water scale, which measures the difference between actual weight and water weight, a Body Mass Index Scale, the Glass Health Monitor Scale that provides weight, body fat, body water and muscle mass data, and a selection of other sleek-looking designs.

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While Escali provided a scale for review purposes, this review and Heather’s opinion remain her own and were in no way influenced by the brand.

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