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MyTrak SlimCoach Replaces BodyBugg on Biggest Loser

Since Biggest Loser season six we’ve seen Biggest Loser contestants wearing a gadget on their forearms. It was a BodyBugg, and it tracked their calorie burn against their calorie consumption and helped them know precisely what they needed to do to meet their daily goals.

Look for a new gadget this season, the Biggest Loser SlimCoach from MyTrak. It’s far more simple and you can even be a bit more reactive to your progress during the day. Clip it on your clothes and it will track your movements in real time! It syncs with an online database that lets you see long-term progress to goal, which you set when you start your SlimCoach.

Want to know how you’re doing after breakfast, after lunch, or before bed? Simply press the “health circle” in the center of the SlimCoach and it will light up. A fully green circle means you met your daily goal; any percentage of red shows you there’s still work to do. (more…)

Biggest Loser Wipe-off Boards Help You Plan for Healthy Eating and Fitness

When you think weight loss you think food and when you think food you think kitchen and when you think kitchen you think refrigerator. So what better place to visually keep yourself on track than with a meal planner right on the front of your refrigerator? The new Biggest Loser White Boards from Expo do just that.

I’m a big proponent of this tactic, and have shared here the benefits of weekly meal plans. You’ll save calories, money and time that you can’t afford to lose. I personally use a tear-off pad with seven spaces that stays on the front of the refrigerator and revise it each Sunday.

So in that spirit, these new wipe-off boards from Biggest Loser and Expo could be just one more simple (and affordable) tool to eliminate the excuses and start holding ourselves accountable for making healthier decisions. (more…)

Garmin Forerunner is a Stroke of Genius

Every phase of life has some tool or product that could make it better. For me right now, since I am training for a marathon, my focus is running. I have found some great tools to help me in this and one of my favorites happens to be a Garmin.

Watch now as I explain what the Garmin Forerunner is and why it’s now a part of my fitness regimen.


Foobi iPhone App Helps Balance Your Diet

Keeping track of your food intake is the mainstay of every diet and weight loss plan. We are all familiar with the low tech version of food journaling– carrying a notebook and pen with you wherever you go in order to jot down each morsel that crosses your lips. I did it for a long while when I was actively losing weight – but often, I forgot my notebook and I’d either have to remember the meals or write them down on a scrap and then remember to transfer when I returned home. However, I always have my iPhone with me, and the new Foobi app would have been just the answer to this struggle.

Billed as “A refreshing, fun and effortless way to track and balance your meals,” Foobi is a colorful application designed to help you keep track of your food intake with the flick of a finger. (more…)

The Gruve is a Valuable New Weight Loss Gadget

The Gruve Solution™ is a new weight loss and weight management gadget that encourages you to increase your daily activity. It was developed by a medical doctor in concert with research funded by the Mayo Clinic.

Similar to the FitBit, GoWear Fit and BodyBugg, the Gruve is a healthy living tool that encourages you to be more aware of behaviors like what you are eating, how much you are eating and how much you are moving.

But the Gruve is also very different.

It was created on the principle of NEAT, or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, the concept of burning calories and expending energy aside from clocking 30 minutes on the treadmill. Given our desk jobs and overall sedentary lifestyle, the lack of NEAT in our lives is a large contributing factor to the obesity epidemic. (more…)

Escali: The Body Weight Scale that Tracks Your Progress

escali scaleDo you have a love-hate relationship with your scale? What if you could design a scale that worked with you as you meet your weight loss goals, rather than just spewing out a number that either makes or breaks your day?

The Escali bathroom scale is as close as you can get to helping you stay on top of meeting and keeping your weight loss goals. The company, which also makes digital scales for the kitchen and for professional use, let us sample one of their sleek and slim Track & Target scales.

The glass digital scale allows you to program in yours and up to three other users’ desired weights. Once you hop on the scale, it calibrates your weight, shows you how much weight you have lost (or gained) since your last weigh-in and how much more weight you have to go before you reach your end goal. The display panel is super easy to read and it even tells you to “Get Off” once the scale has completed determining your weight. It’s pretty darn precise too, measuring a loss or gain of .2 pounds or 0.1 Kg.

Continuing reading to learn more and receive an exclusive 15% Escali coupon. (more…)